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So I would make a spreadsheet and build first column as all of the risks. And so list all of them and then assign a dollar value to it that would be like the worst case scenario.

So we say okay this is a risk, we can over construction. And I think what Palak here is pointing out is that certainty is sometimes more expensive than risk, that you being locked in that job at having comfort, making your 80K a year with your two weeks of paid vacation and no risk actually comes like, in some cases, a prison. So the first step I would say is understand that while risk is going to cost you something, certainty almost always costs more. Brandon:This is one of the reasons I really like house hacking as well, because house hacking is a low risk way to get into your first deal.

Think about that, what is the smallest, lowest risk way? Justin Stamper:In my opinion, the most important thing we can do right now, aside from be community, stick together, and quarantine so we can beat this, as an investor and a businessman, one of the most important things we can do is still continue to pay our vendors on time, and also pay our investors on time. So I love that advice about reputation mattering so much more than even profit in this time.

The integrity at which you handle it is going to help you the next five, 10, 15, 20 years of your business. This is a refining year for real estate investors and for business owners. It refined who had the right systems, who had the right processes in place, who had the right integrity. And when something like this happens and it shakes, the tide will go down. Brandon:What do you think about the advice about not trying to catch a falling knife? How do we balance that, at the same time saying, we want to keep growing our portfolios, even in bad times, good times, we want to do whatever? You shift your strategy and you start buying properties where even if the value kept coming down, the profitability or the cashflow of the property would be good or over a 10, 15, 20 year window. Like I caught a falling knife when I bought my first house in 2009. But taking that big picture approach is a really big way.

But I might take a small piece of my portfolio, a small piece of my disposable income and put that into like Bitcoin.

And I might put into a few other things as well like gold, for example, potentially as a… It may go to zero. So for our next clip, we actually asked in using a personal loan to pay bills episode 376, we went and talked to 12 real estate, just rock stars, people who were really good with finance and real estate, asked them their advice on what they should be doing during a recession or during the hard, difficult times.

He co-wrote Bidding To Buy that we came up with here at BiggerPockets recently. You say 10 years ago today, we had this crisis, this coronavirus, the entire economy came to a halt. And because it was such a deep, sharp crash, that recovery was long and lasting, and there was a lot of money to be made.

So David is basically saying here, of course, keep an eye on the long-term perspective. Same thing happened on that very first deal where my tenant took advantage of me. We documented that in the BiggerPockets Podcast, I think 169, I went over that. Almost everything that I look at from an overall perspective, a longer term, it feels so much different than it did when I was in the moment.

Think about the first house you bought, what the escrow process was like. That was a three-month period out of a 10 year chunk of time. But yeah, we signature loans in las vegas talk a lot about this vivid vision about like, where do you want your life to be? Because I had this clear vision, I think I was able to navigate 2020 better.

Thach was on episode number 395 of the BiggerPockets Podcast. Normally, payday loans dallas we talked a lot about leverage, but he pays off a lot of houses and the peace of mind you get from that. Once I accumulated the number of doors, then I called it phase two, which is, I started to pay them off. Once I got that out of the way, now I am out of fha loans for vacation home the rat race.

But then the beauty of having them paid off is that nobody can come take it from you. Dave Ramsey all day long would fight for pay them off as quickly as possible or just buy them payday loans dallas for cash. So in my opinion, what I learned from my mentor is, figure out how much money do you need to live comfortably if everything was free and clear? Then after that, if you want, payday advance loans with no credit check you can grow how much more passive income you want, but your house is free and clear. In Seattle right now, a lot are scared to shit right now or even just in anywhere through America, but in Seattle, we are the hot city right now. So I think at some point the peace of mind is worth a lot of compare personal loan money. So what I learned from my mentor is, figure out how much money I need to have to be out of us bank small dollar loan the rat race, and then get that out of the way, get my house paid. So that advice from Thach, his idea of peace of mind, something like that just resonates in my soul so much. And I think this year was a good reminder of why leverage, leverage, leverage, leverage is not always the best advice. Because from my perspective, having paid off properties, it causes me anxiety.

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But my vision for what I want is much different then. He said you pay everything up, then you can do whatever you want. Then he goes and rolls the dice and he has a blast and he built an empire. I think knowing yourself, knowing how do i get money fast what you want and not just taking blind advice from some random person on the internet because they said to do this. They want to get that money working, they want to build faster, they want to grow faster. Again, that whole interview was fast for system like fire, he was just spitting so much good stuff on that show. Tarl actually was on show number 398 of the BiggerPockets Podcast. He actually learned from Thach, the guy we just had on the show a second ago, he learned from him. Tarl Yarber:And even though we did more deals, more production in 2017 than we did in 2016, I made the same amount of money on both years, personally, me. My company made more money, but we had more overhead, more stress, more hours into it, and at the end of the day, I personally had the same reward doing less work in 2016, if that makes sense. He had a little thing that he was doing and I went to it, to go hang out with him. I could have probably heard somebody say this 100 other times, read it in a book, and ignored payday loans no fees no brokers it completely, and I probably did, but he said it at that moment. My wife and I need to sit down for a second to figure out, what do we want our lives to look like?

At that point, me and my wife sit down for three Saturdays in a row with white butcher paper out and we started mapping out what do we want our actual life to look like just next year. Charles is a great example of that, he leads his life by his lifestyle at this point. What do he want his lifestyle to look like, and he builds his business around it. So getting away from it was a really big help for me. Riding out, these are the things that I like, being here in Hawaii, looking at condos.

Who do I need to let payday loans dallas fail a couple of times to let them grow?

How do you think this stuff applies to people who are just getting started? I just take the most of what I got and try to work with that. It took me several years to get to even this point. What are the things that are currently draining you? It is a process to identify those types of things and label them out. You have to be purposeful about it, but give it some time to play out. Have you earned the right to be able to go and move to Hawaii? And for many people you have already, and if you have, you need to start thinking that way.

Right now, Tarl was able to go diving in Hawaii for the winter, sound fun, so Tarl came out here.

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I was awesome, and we hang out like almost every day now.

But he had built up a business over the last five or 10 years to be able to be able to do that. So you might be listening to this in a different spot, still have the vision, start thinking, what do you want? And then build your business, start working toward that point. Oh, and this clip is with actually my performance coach, Mr. Jason Drees from episode 403 of the podcast, a very popular episode of our show.

But I think he said, the first step is deciding, are you going to do this or not? Are you pursuing financial independence to real estate investing? Have you been the opposite or which model have you followed?

David:I got very lucky when I was young that I got into basketball at a very high level, and I was athletic more than the average person, but not compared to the really good basketball players I was competing with. And I realized that my athleticism improved, my game improved from hard work. My brain made this connection between if I stick with something and put a lot of effort, magically, the results I get will come up. And then I just started applying that to everything else in life. And as a performance coach, I know Jason seizes this all the time.

And if we all adjust our expectations with, is this better than where I am? Can I move payday loans dallas the ball forward, as opposed to, can I get a touchdown on one play, progress starts to become a lot easier. Brandon:I love that analogy of moving balls down the field. But each of those things taught me a little lesson and we learned what better ways to do things and what not. And because of that now, is why I think we have grown so much.

Amanda Young was on show number 422, just a little bit ago. Amazing show, a single mom who lost her job, had no other options than to make real estate work.

Amanda Young:All my bills are paid through my rental income, my mortgage, groceries, gas. I do not live an extravagant lifestyle, my house is just a normal house, I drive an old beat up Toyota as a work truck. And what happened for me was the W2 income was really holding me back in a lot of ways, I did not have time to devote to real estate. Real estate was my passion because between the time I bought my second rental and then started my flipping business, I did have to go out and get another W2 job, and that really hindered my business in a lot of ways, but I had to do what I had to do. My boss at the time sat me down and she says, and Kristen, I love you. I was on the Discovery Channel for doing what I do.