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Ryan:To go back to what you were saying, I think teaching children how best online payday loan lenders to start businesses would be something I would want them to learn.

You see these little kids who just have stupid confidence.

I could never go talk to a stranger, a grown up, at eight years old, man. I think the language we tell ourselves, and the language you use, is very important. Is that really the case, or are you making it up to save yourself and keep yourself protected? Other than the six-pack fairy, building the business thing… I want to go back there, Ryan, before we get out of here… what have you learned, therefore? I see your Instagram pictures and you guys doing cool i need a personal loan now stuff in your barn. We brought on somebody else this year to help me with podcast outreach, so she helps me get introduced to other potential guests, she helps me get on other podcasts. Ryan:The other one is a little bit harder to quantify, but what I found is that people want to belong to something. Let me let you guys in on choose 20 or 30 year loan for vacation home a little insight on that. I think another best online payday loan lenders thing that helped you lock-in people, like Walker and I, was your vision. It applies to everything across the board is have that vision, have that thing, create something, create movement, and people will follow. The person who just started following our Instagram account 15 minutes ago is part of us.

And people who are listening are just as much a part of it as me, the guy who is securing the guests, and making the investment, and putting up the capital, and taking the risk. Well, this has been fantastic I mean really, really good. Brandon:Ryan, we want to throw a final four questions at you here. Brandon:We alter them a little bit here on the weekend episode to be a little less real estate focused. What we hear about a lot is morning routine, planning out your day, very important, but very rarely do we hear about the recap of the day.

Ryan:I do it at the end of my workday, like this specific thing, so 10 minutes before I get done. If something pops in your head, you create a task in the CRM.

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David:And we just found that your brain is terrible for RAM. Brandon:I like that new first question for the weekend episode I might even add that into the Thursday episode. John Eldredge just has… that transformed me as a man. We were talking about Jacko, Extreme Ownership, which it can be definitely a business book, but that extreme ownership concept is so powerful. Maybe not exactly business, but those are three direct loan lenders for bad credit books that I recommend all the time. Ryan:Iron John by Robert Bly, I believe, and he talks about the wild man. So, jiu-jitsu has been big, and archery, and hunting has been big for me as well.

Ryan:You know, interestingly enough, I was thinking about this the other day, I think the reason I like both of them is twofold. I love the ability to just focus, hyperfocus on the one thing without anything else distracting me, and the other value that I derive from this best online payday loan lenders is immediate and instant feedback.

Brandon:Last question from me then: what sets apart successful people, in your mind? If you had to really name it, what sets apart successful people from those who give up, fail, or just never get started? In the connotation of maybe an entrepreneurial journey. Ryan:I think that successful people find meaning and joy in the process. But if you find joy and purpose and meaning in just showing up and doing the work… and like we were talking about earlier, having faith that if you do that well enough and for long enough, then the results will just take care of themselves, and they will. Whatever you want, it will happen, if you do the right work and you do it long enough. Whatever your thing is, define winning by the activity, not the result that it will produce. Simplify real estate for investors large and small. Be sure to join the millions of others who have benefited from BiggerPockets. Help us reach new listeners on iTunes by leaving us a rating and review!

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Due to an aggressive goal of reading 60 books a year, Daniel picked up a book that many of our listeners have heard of, Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money next day loans for bad credit online Down from our very own Brandon Turner.

This unlocked the potential of investing in real estate for Daniel. He took advantage of FHA loans, using equity as down payments, and building his credit to get loans from small credit unions and banks. Daniel stresses that his success comes from systems. He also has some tips for new investors trying to acquire a lot of real estate, in a small amount of time. Daniel:One constant across all of the different banks and financial institutions is that you are the best online payday loan lenders customer. And no matter where you go, they are always trying to get your business and sell you a loan. Stay tuned and be sure to join the millions of others who have benefited from biggerpockets. Do you have a good team in place to help you best online payday loan lenders buy stuff or do you still looking for a CEO of your life to help you build your portfolio? And then I also want them to help with acquisition. Are you guys doing pretty well with both your acquisitions and your management? And speaking of Alaska, our guest today is from Alaska. And then the boat starts to tip over there and you run really fast to the other side of the boat and it starts to tip over there.

Daniel is a real estate investor from the far North, and he is really good at explaining what it really takes to get started building a portfolio quickly. I think he built a million dollar portfolio in the first year. Plus he covers a lot of other stuff, everything from credit cards to how to get his no money down deals to other cool things like that. So yeah, you got a big TikTok following and you said you put a thing out there like, hey, help me get on the BiggerPockets podcast. And I got all of a sudden blown up from people being like, you should get this guy on the podcast. Daniel:And actually I loans in los angeles wanted to test something out with you guys.

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TikTok is by far one of the most underrated platforms out there right now. And just as a test to prove it, I had a video that did well yesterday, last night when I posted it and this morning it has 213,000 views. Daniel:Just to prove to anyone still doubting TikTok, it is definitely a platform to be reckoned with. Between being able to collaborate with the brands that I really love and that I use myself or that I hope other people can benefit from. But on top of that, also just being able to make incredible connections with other people who I get to learn from and benefit from in this space. Because it is so much more than just some teenagers dancing around. If you spend more than an hour on the app, I promise you, you will find something other than teenagers dancing on the app. The danger of social media is getting sucked into the constant scrolling and I just lost my whole life to watching payday loans no teletrack direct lenders 18 year old kids show off their abs. And I just actually moved recently from Fairbanks Alaska to Palmer Alaska. And actually, Alaska fact for you, last year was the coldest winter in 40 years best online payday loan lenders in Fairbanks where I was living.

Daniel:So the average temperature between December and February was 10 below. So the whole thing is about them going through the North Pole area in frigid temperature. So you can leave the house and enjoy it in the outside as well.

And I would guess majority of our audience is really unfamiliar with how Alaska real estate works at all. Can we maybe start off getting a broad understanding of, if Alaskan real estate is different than other types of real estate? What the unique challenges are, and then maybe hear about your portfolio? Alaska is actually very similar to real estate down in lower 48.

But we do have to have a few small changes to our properties to make them better insulated for the very cold winters, fuel delivery to make sure that the house can stay warm in the middle of winter is also really important.