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Can you explain what was that like and how did you get out of that world, that pain and how did it develop you, who you are today? Marie:I started off as a psych major in college, I was actually, when I was a young kid, I thought I was either going to be like personal loan today an animator for Disney or some type of fine artists, the creativity was a huge part of me. But when I got to college, I made the shift and I studied business finance. Marie:They used to have these fold down seats that you could maybe sit on for a second, but as an assistant or someone new, you would never.

So I was on the floor of the New York stock Exchange and I was so grateful, a lot of job. Marie:And one thing that I started to notice though, is no matter how financially wealthy the people were around me, it was almost as if they were spiritually bankrupt. And unsecured personal loans bad credit ok many of them pined for these like two weeks out of the year that they could take vacation.

I was trying to be taken seriously and it was just getting hit on constantly. At one point, I literally cut off all my hair, had a buzz cut because I was trying so desperately to not like have an appearance be the thing that was taking the forefront. I was raised Catholic and I went to a Catholic University. So I ran to the church and I sat unsecured personal loans bad credit ok on the steps, and I was crying my face off, like ugly cry, like snap bubbles kind of cry. You know that cry that we all do from time to time? I learned one of the best lessons ever when I had started my coaching business, basically after failing at a bunch of other jobs after Wall Street. Marie:When I was bartending and waiting tables in order to keep a cash advance lansing mi roof over my head while I figured out how the hell to build a coaching business as a 23-year-old, which sounded ridiculous.

Marie:I was bartending and waiting tables sometimes eight, 10 hours a day, and I fell into that trap of being miserable at it because I wanted to be coaching clients instead of pouring drinks.

And I caught myself, it was a check yourself before you wreck yourself moment. Would you mind sharing with us a little bit about what your relationship with fear is? Many of us have heard a lot of the acronyms, like false cash register store evidence appearing real, F everything and run. And one of my unsecured personal loans bad credit ok favorites is face everything and rise. But when it comes to the different components of our life that are not necessarily life or death can you get money back with a harp loan to pay bills but can feel that way internally, it really does keep many of us playing much smaller than we should. Infants, all they know how to do really when they need to get your attention is cry. And so fear is in a similar way a one note kind of unsecured personal loans bad credit ok friend. We think it means danger, stop, move back, keep yourself safe. So I like to think of fear as a GPS for where your soul most wants to go. Again, this is in a context of not physical safety. Marie:If you start to look at your fear like a GPS for where your soul most wants to go, all of a sudden, that fear can be instructive, not restrictive. But there are ways to let your fear be instructive and also use your logical brain.

Or you buy a duplex, buy two units, two flat or duplex, whatever, you rent out one of the units, you live in the other one, worst case scenario is not too bad. I was afraid, it was so expensive, 10 times more than my last house was. As Brandon was talking, what I realized there, Marie is, he felt the fear. David:That was a very easy conversation for me to have with you because I was completely unemotional. What are all the potential positives that could come from you following this fear?

How are you going to become a better father, mother, leader, entrepreneur? And I think if anyone listening to this right now has something that is scary for them, and they actually did those exercises on paper and had the benefit of maybe talking to a dear friend or someone who really believed in them, someone who respected them, they would get a lot closer to making a decision that feels both empowered and intelligent.

And he mentioned three things that billionaires all have in common. And one of them is closely related to this, I just want to bring it back up again. I would say cash advance saginaw mi most entrepreneurs that are successful, do this. In other words, the loss that they could experience is significantly different than the gain that they could get. In other words, the gain is way, way better than what they could possibly lose. So just thinking that way, all of a sudden helps us relieve a lot of that fear. B-School is our online business school for modern entrepreneurs who want to make money and make a difference.

Basically, back when I started my business almost 20 years ago, I cannot believe it, digital business was non-existent. I was sending an email newsletter before anyone else was. So I started B-School because I wanted to teach people how to have a successful business using modern tools in a way that was completely aligned with their values and their highest vision of who they could be. Marie:If you want to give the link in your show notes, or people can go to JoinBSchool. Well, before we get out of here, we got four final questions we ask every guest every week for 400 and whatever shows now.

And so for me, meditation is a way for me to train my focus. Marie:I read it at least once a year, love picking it up.

And I love that book because you can pick it up and you can just read a passage and it will kick your butt, get your head straight, get you back in the game ASAP. Teaching Brandon and I are figure two about belief systems. And when we can be back in the world, roller coasters and theme parks. Last question from me, what do you think separates successful entrepreneurs and business owners personal loans phoenix az from those who give up, fail, or just never get started? I think one of the most important things is to constantly learn and train yourself to be a better marketer, to be really honest with you.

I think people business payroll loans fall in love with their products so much, but they forget that they need to fall in love with their customer and how they message them and reach them.

So many people hear that word, I was one of them for a long time, and immediately recoil at the thought of marketing because we have a bad understanding of this.

So would you mind clarifying for us, Marie, when you say get better at marketing, what are you really telling people that they should be doing? But some of the most important things are, how do you position your product or service in the marketplace? I think that many people can have a product or service that is like very me too. So some of the layers have to do with how you position yourself and your products and services in the marketplace. Marie:That for me, is some of the most important pieces of the puzzle because words matter. And so, so much of marketing, I think, has to do with psychology and compassion and empathy, and being able to communicate that in any medium words, visuals, videos, the whole combination, especially where we are technologically right now. I think a lot of people under price and under earn, and they never have the profit margins that they need to actually grow, to hire a team, to pay people effectively and to pay themselves effectively. Like I said earlier, your book, Everything is Figureoutable is amazing. This is David Greene for Brandon, face the fear and follow the fire. Brandon:Hey everyone, just a quick reminder, I know we just left the show, but reminder, a week from today that the show comes out, so episode 439, David, myself and Kevin, our producer, are going to unpack this episode on another, a completely different show.