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How was it different than Elliot or maybe along with Elliot? And so, whenever you enter into a partnership, you should think about it quite a bit before you do. But in this case, it actually started with a phone call that Elliot gave me probably a couple months earlier. Would you be willing to us sell it, essentially, through some sort of an affiliate relationship? And so, Cole is a very technical, analytical guy, the technology guy that can put all the pieces in place for a company like this to work.

They need somebody to really be the glue that holds everything together here. But I then filled the role of… I mean, I guess, you could call it CEO. He does most of our sales and a lot of client retention work.

How personal loan credit score did you come in and approach Elliot and Cole and figure out these are the types of things that we need to sit down and do to get this business off and rolling and out and just making it up to the next level?

What were the big initiatives you took up in front, and how did you get Elliot and Cole on board to start doing those things? I mean, as you guys know, podcasts could be personal loan credit score incredibly valuable for building a community, building a following, building trust with people. So I thought to myself, "Well, I have a lot of close connections with people via those things, and we can leverage those and introduce those people to the service. You got Tucker involved really early, but still you got Tucker involved after you and Cole had decided to pursue something. I assume you and Cole had talked about like how you would split the equity and how you would split the roles and responsibilities.

But the more people you add, the more complex they get and the more risk you add and the more personalities that are involved. How did you really just handle getting on the same page?

I met Cole through our mutual friend, Tarl, and we started doing this. And so he needed somebody to sell it, and I can sell it. We needed somebody that could do a lot of the more day-to-day stuff. So we brought on my kid, my operations manager, and we were going to give personal loan credit score him up some equity. I was trying to help him out with the equity on this thing to give him more things to do. Sometimes I might put more time in one week versus Tucker, payday loans victoria whatever. And then Cole and I went and spent a day with Tucker in his office with him. But Cole and I are so polar opposites, like my wife and I.

So we have disagreements on the way things should go.

We both bring emotion into things, and both of us are maybe a little naive and have some immaturities.

I mean, it was really an easy decision, looking back. Do you have specific roles and responsibilities written down on paper, for example? Did you get an attorney to drop a type of partnership agreement? Just what were the behind the scenes, more unsexy, if you will, things that had to be done in the partnership sense to get this business off and running? Fights happen on the other end when a business is worth a lot of money. And so, anyway, we got to a certain point and then it needed to be addressed. At the end of the day, that comes into play when things blow up. But the more important thing is just picking your personal loan credit score partners wisely. But at the end of the day, I knew that everybody just wanted the best for the company and they would continue to be. Money is important, of course, when you have a business, but building the business is the number one thing for all three of us. But to answer your question, yes, we do have a partnership agreement. And within that, it addresses the most important stuff in terms of if somebody crosses line or breaks the rules or I get hit by a bus or whatever it is. It sounds like Cole had something that was working. He had basically done the proof of concept and built out a model that was working. But now it was time for you guys to figure out how to actually scale this thing. And so, if I could guess, it sounds like you probably need… The biggest thing is you probably need people that can actually make those calls. It takes a really special kind of personality to pick up the phone and make a call to a stranger and try and sell something and get rejected. It takes a super special personality to be willing to do that eight or 10 hours a day.

What was your plan around finding people that could do the cold calling and training them and actually building out this piece of the business that I assume is personal loan credit score basically your core competency? Really where we fit is we fit on a scale, like a business that has a couple of people. They either have one sales guy and an operator and like a leads manager, or they have a realtor that they can put leads off to as well to monetize every side of it. Cole had the team out in the Philippines that was doing the cold calling and he had put that together. I want to do bigger projects and not do huge things. We want to be like the Apples or the Teslas of this business.

So what we really focused on and what I helped focus on is I hopped on with the callers. So really spending the time and making sure we have the right people best deals on loans in place.

This is where Tucker really comes in with all his knowledges.

And so, we had to really work on the foundation, and Tucker can really see that on how to plan out the vision for the foundation of this house. And so, my job has been, okay, how do personal loan apply online we really systematize this business, and how can we dummy proof it? And so, we hired a data scientist to run all these different lists from all these different companies. With the exact same list, we pull them separately and found out what tax anticipation loan are personal loan credit score open installment loans that we actually have the best data. So our callers can be the most efficient out there.

I want to come back, Elliot, to more information about your data scientist, how that all worked out in the testing. Can you give us a few examples, a few actionable tips of things that you have done in your business to begin to dummy proof it? But essentially, the biggest problem that we have is tracking lead delivery to gazillion different clients from different cold callers that are actually making the calls every day. And so, each caller is assigned to a specific campaign, and when a lead is generated, they have to deliver that lead to the customer. Well, the problem is, is that some customers have their own CRMs. And so, how how does a payday loan work in the world you keep track of who sent what, when they sent it, did the people get it?

But that one little thing will eliminate hours out of our week of chasing our tail and trying to get answers for people, and just make sure that these campaigns are running as good as they possibly can. To follow up on that, Elliot, you had talked about, earlier, and I think this might feed well into the dummy-proofing conversation as well. You had mentioned, if I remember correctly, that your calls have to be somewhere between three and a half minutes to four and a quarter minutes, something to that effect. What did you build out so that that process is always consistent and is scalable, and all of these new people that you have to bring in all the time can learn that quickly and know the right way to do it for Call Magic?

I have a different script for when I call people and I talk to people.

I have it timed in my head of how long it should take. I either then follow up myself or I have somebody on my team who follows up. The optimal time for them to talk is probably six, seven, eight minutes, so total of 12 minutes. The amount of leads that we get, out of a hundred leads, 70 to 80 of those leads are actually probably better suited for the retail market. Instead of my operate or my sales guy calling back as a cash offer, when that lead comes in, I actually put it in different buckets.

I put it either in Tony wholesale or I put it in Taylor listing. You talked to my associate the other day about your property at 123 Main Street, possibly selling and interested for selling for cash. So we can definitely give you a cash offer, but I can get you way more money listing this on the open market. Building that rapport so we can buy it from a wholesale side. That really comes back from the ethical perspective that my partner, Cory and I have always had. And so, you put people in the right bucket and you just give them what they actually need, and you go do the right thing for them. So everything comes back to, if this was my grandma in this situation, or my grandpa, or my wife, or my mom, where would this go? J:This is really interesting because that gave me a whole different perspective on your business now. But now that you put that spin on it, you have a cold calling business that can generate leads for potentially anything. So These guys that are really killing it right washington state payroll loans now, and not only in our business, but across the country, the guys, they have a real estate arm, agent arm, in their business so they can list their flips, list their properties. They have a wholesale operation in their business where they can go buy, fixing flips, and do wholesales. But on the realtor side, we see roughly a one and a half to three X return just from getting referral fees. So Tucker and I hop on calls with guys all the time, how do you grow your business? And then you start going down more to your sniper marketing here. Yeah, so I pointed out that you guys can be doing other things. You could be cold calling business owners for me, trying to get me leads on businesses.

Maybe I own a magazine and I need somebody that can cold call and get ad sales for me. You could be out there cold calling businesses and selling ad space.

I mean, in theory, once you have the infrastructure to cold call and cashnetusa payday advance loan to generate leads for whatever, lead generation, your customer could be anybody that needs leads for anything.

Do you spend the next five or 10 years focused on real estate or do you at some point soon start building out these other verticals? Well, the next stop for us, I believe, is mortgage loan officers. Generally, loan officers are very terrible at marketing. Maybe we go to insurance, maybe we go to magazine sales. Maybe we go to business buying, all those different examples you had, J. Tucker:The multitude of J Scott books that are out there.