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Ashley:What did the numbers look like on this deal? And then we lived there for two and a half years, we decided that we wanted to move on to something else. I went on the Facebook group and I asked, "Hey, what does it mean to be a landlord? It was before we really knew about capital expenses. Our mortgage is like 15-something, and we rented it for, what?

Sorry, you mentioned, Annie, that you wrote a love letter. And then in your mind, what are some of the pros and cons with going with a manufactured home? But now, they actually held them to a higher standard than regular homes. Now, you guys have continued to grow your portfolio since then. I guess, walk us through your journey since that first investment.

Trey:Well, first before the duplex, we bought a house in Snohomish, another area in Washington, just a single family home. We had some money from the deal that we did before, but we still wanted to be a little conservative. We looked in the Seattle area, but the risk was really high, low reward, it seemed like.

I still was trying to figure out what a syndication was. I knew that I could find people that would do a good job, charge a fair rate, and I could trust. So we went and found one in a little town right next to the Lake.

Ashley:So when you purchased this property, did you go and look at it? How many times did you actually travel to see the property once you bought it?

The first time I went, I actually met up with a couple of realtors, one in the Jamestown area, and then another one actually up in the Buffalo area and looked around a little bit up there. I got a long story about that, but save that for another podcast, but some shady stuff going on. And then when we went to actually buy it, I went back before we closed and checked it out. Trey:Once we bought it, we actually closed December 28th, it took a little while. So I went back for three weeks and worked like 16-hour days trying to flip this house. But I got it to a point payday loans in st louis mo where I handed it over to my contractor buddy and he finished it off for me. And then I had another guy do the siding and fix some of the roofing.

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I will definitely say that they just did one of my properties too. The guy that I would call him, because he carries the cell phone, call how to get a 5000 loan with bad credit him, schedule it and then they get their ride, and the guy sits in the van waits for them to be done. We had most of our furniture in our house built by the Amish, and they would send us a postcard when it was ready to be picked up. Trey:So we did get a mortgage originally, and then I used all my own money to flip it. Tony:You were scared early on, Trey, about being a landlord. You have the right team to help you rehab the property. Annie:We put in a cash offer on a duplex maybe five months after Trey started renting out the duplex, and it was in Jamestown. And then COVID hit and we got scared, because we were like, "Ooh, this is a lot of cash. And then a deal popped up on MLS last summer, and it was a single family no credit check appliances home in the area that we look in.

And it was on 10 lots, and so that made us really attracted to it. Ashley:And what are your plans for this property then?

I think we could sell the single family home pretty easy because there was multiple offers, but we had a cash offer so they picked us. So you guys plan to keep expanding in that same general area? You guys also have a really cool dynamic, because it sounds like you guys are each holding different responsibilities within your real estate business. Can you guys walk us through who does what and how that dynamic works? We attended two meet ups in Seattle right before COVID hit, and then they ended that in February when stuff was starting to shut down, and then we just missed talking about real estate. I think you mentioned, Ashley, going and having adrenaline or like a high after talking real estate, and we were just missing that.

Ashley:Keeping each other accountable and motivated to keep going. And so that was hard for us safe online loans to decide what market we want to live in and raise our family. So our goals for 2021 are building our home in Alaska and then adding an ADU to Airbnb.

Ashley:What goes into the planning process of building in a different state, especially Alaska.

What are some resources for maybe someone else that wants to do this or go into a completely new market, they want to build new construction and they want to have a short-term rental there? But we just put in the work and tried to do it and we got pre-approved. We contacted the builder, sent him our plans for the home we want to build. Talking to people there too and the real estate agents there and stuff.

Tony:Now, you guys have, I think, a unique journey in real estate. One thing I want to say is that how you said before you went into that just said, people have already probably said this a lot, but I want to say it again.

And sometimes it also takes the right person for you to hear that from. This is where we learn about someone who is a valuable player on your real estate team and has really helped you grow your real estate business. Ashley:Who has been someone besides each other that has really helped you grow your real estate business? Annie:Well, I wanted to choose the Amish just because they saved us so much money on our siding, but I think Trey could explain someone we really appreciate and why we appreciate him.

And most important question, how does everybody else find someone like him?

There is so many people in your line of people you know, somebody will be able to find somebody who you can trust and that you just got to keep walking that path until you find them. Some of the people that I talk to the most are real estate investors, it just turns out to be that way because we love talking about it.

So I love that advice, Trey, because you got to focus on the relationships if you want to be successful.

I want to take us to our next segment here, which is our Wiki Requests in line. You guys have some payday loans in st louis mo great insights and I want to give the listeners a chance to get their questions answered.

So for those of you that are listening, if you want your question featured on the show, give us a call at 888-5-ROOKIE.

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My concern is, the BRRR process, where should I go for financing the refinancing portion of the BRRR? Tony:I guess one thing to add, with the credit union piece, I struggle with that, with my out of state investing as well, but I was able to show that I had family in that city and that was enough of a connection for that credit union to lend to me. But I have used online banks, and one I used was Bank of Axos.

So they lend all over the country and I did it just for a rental near me in Buffalo, but they lend all over the country. What advice do you have for that spouse that might be holding back on jumping into real estate investing?

I need to see what I can do to help her build her dream.

You have to have the podcasts on when you guys are free loans online cooking breakfast together. You have to go to the meetups and invite your spouse along. Trey:I think just to add payday loans in st louis mo to that, I think the why, like you guys talk about, is really important.

I like payday loans in st louis mo especially the why are we doing it together too.

Well, thank you guys so much for joining us on the show today. We loved to hear your story and the advice that you guys gave. Annie and Trey, are you guys in the is it possible to be arrested for failing to pay a payday advance applying for a personal loan loan Facebook group? RentRedi is all about helping car repair loan with bad credit new landlords manage their business and be happy customers. Go mobile and manage your properties from anywhere at RentRedi. The team at Memphis Investment Properties provides fully renovated Turnkey properties in Memphis, Tennessee. With in-house property management, their Turnkey model allows you to passively grow your rental portfolio with properties in one of the best cash flowing markets in the country. Feeling stretched for time in your investing career?