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Hello, I am wondering if someone could recommend a CPA in the Athens GA area that is experienced in working with payday advance direct lenders RE investors. I am looking for a trustworthy contractor in Athens GA that has worked with investors and can perform in the most cost effective way. I have a few projects coming up soon and would love to hear what you guys have. I recently relocated to the Atlanta metro area (Powder Springs for now)! If anyone has had a great experience with a company they like can you please refer me.

Looking for someone local in the Atlanta area (30328) to analyze deals with for practice. Already have done one deal but looking to clean up my strategy etc.

Does anyone know of any CPAs in the north atlanta area (Sandy springs to Acworth) that can advise a... Aloha Everyone,It is an honor to introduce myself to you all. As a new real estate payday advance direct lenders investor, I wanna know if its possible to meet up with a Wholesale Real Estate Investor here on oahu. I have two investment rentals of my own so I know the business a bit.

We have a place in kailua and want to check a few management options out.

Just wondering if other RE Investors have done any flips in that area? I was looking around at apartments in Honolulu today, and found a group of really cheap studios. Hi,Any local wholesalers on Oahu or folks looking to partner on a deal?

Thanks and aloha,Raffy Currently own a condo in Ewa Beach HI. I want to sell in order to use the equity in other investment opportunities in my current location. We will be visiting Hawaii for about 3 weeks in Jun-July 2018. Can a seller seek legal resolution (short sale) if the seller has delayed signing the closing documents and has traveled out of the country?

Have also made arrangements for the seller to go to the U. I am looking for to buy a property (condo) in Oahu. I read there are various taxes: GET and Transient Tax. Hi I am new to this forum and would like to get more information on real estate investment here in Hawaii. Currently I have 1 property being rented out and I am renting out rooms in the place where i am living in. HiWe are contemplating buying a plot of land and have a builder who wants to build a house, and sell it and split the profit. In this case ownership is two of us who have an LLC and other is solo and is a builder. Hi BP Community in Hawaii, Are there any real estate investors living in Hawaii available to meet for a cup of coffee to chat about investing in real estate in and out of Hawaii? The BP community has been very helpful over my first few years of investing in Milwaukee so I am hoping I can get lucky again here.

My girlfriend and I have 4 rental properties in WI and will be moving to Oahu... Aloha Honolulu BP Fam,I know a lot of you have been asking for this... There is going to be a Jam Session for Hawaii real estate investors.

No cost, no sales pitches, no upsell, just a networking and coaching session... Hey BP world, I am a newbie looking to getting into flipping here in Hawaii, then doing this in Texas. Hawaii market seems tight but I just started the game.

Built in 1920, 4 beds, 2baths, 2016 sq ft, master suite.

I am about to purchase my second duplex and am wondering if I need an LLC for every house I am going to buy. Hello I was wondering if anyone in the Idaho, Treasure Valley area had any recommendations on local REIAs to get involved with.

My wife and I are exiting Active Duty military service and calling Idaho home. We have been investing for about 8 years now and have invested in buy and hold multis, and STR, flips on SFH... I continue to be stunned by the prices in the area. I think the home I purchased (new construction) has appreciated 6 figures already! What do you guys think is going to happen in the Boise area? There are a lot of properties that are very overpriced. Is it worth to try to buy in this market or better to move to a different one? A little about me i am a real estate investor in Austin Texas and commercial construction superintendent in San Francisco. I am looking to purchase property in Boise mostly multifamily and would like to connect with... My wife and I have been running a small property management operation here in Boise, specializing in taking care of short-term rentals for out-of-town investors. My partner and I will be living in Boise for 6 months from California temporarily and are looking to find our first investment property during that time. Hello, Does anyone have reccomendations for good title companies that work with wholesalers in Boise and surrounding areas in Idaho? My current broker in Michigan takes no commission split and just charges me a low flat monthly fee to hang my license... I am new to BP and looking for some advise on whether Boise would be a good place for REI. I am a california resident and looking to make my first out of state investment. Looking to get some recommendations for architects and builders I can start building relationships with in regards to new residential developments. I have a couple deals in the works, and one I want to get... Hello Boise community, Do developers payday advance direct lenders build in the inner core (urban area) of Boise? Do they california cash advance tear down old homes in mature neighbourhoods and intensify by building towns or semi-detached dwellings? However, my mom, who lives cash loans austin tx in Meridian, ID, is getting older and my wife and I are thinking of buying a second home in the area. Hello All,I am planning to make my first investment on a Multi family property in Meridian ID. So online loans for no credit I am an out-of-state investor and Boise was on my radar recently. Several lots were in negotiations until my due diligence informed me of a local problem - the Terra Nativa subdivision settlement from sliding land... Hello All, Not sure if there are any commercial multifamily brokers in the Boise forum, but I was wondering what the B and C class market cap rates were currently.

I am interested in possibly purchasing multi family properties (2-4 units) in Boise and payday advance direct lenders would love to connect with anyone that is doing so to get a lay of the land. Thanks,Matt Meeting Topic: How to Wholesale Properties with Dan ClartonWholesaling properties is one of the most popular can you take out a loan to pay rent strategies for new investors to get involved in.

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Meeting Topic: Meghan Tech, Trends and Tricks of Real Estate InvestingI am super excited about this months speaker. We are very lucky to have Megham McCullum, live and in person this month. Hello,I just wanted to let you payday advance direct lenders all know about our local meeting. We are a group of real estate investors in the Rockford area. Our purpose is to provide an open forum where both experienced and novice investors can ask... I am about a year away from being able to buy on my own, and was looking at contract for deed as an option. RE Investors and Professionals,Are you interested in BP meetups with the purpose of connecting with like-minded people, exchanging information, and developing mutually beneficial relationships? I am about to start a flip in Rockford and am having trouble locating a good roofing contractor. There was a hail storm this consumer loan services spring and evidently that has kept them so busy that even highly rated (expensive)... Looking for a good place to find a purchase agreement and additional contracts for Illinois. Hey folks,Recently acquired a 4 unit multi-family property in Signal Hill. We have a beautiful turn key property in Kissimmee ideal location near Disney that we are contemplating selling next spring once our current guests leave (we had a longer term renter book). Hi, might be going under contract on a triplex and was wondering what lenders people prefer in eastern Idaho? Does anyone have positive experience with property management companies in Pocatello? I am trying to decide whether or not to self manage up there. I live in the Salt Lake Valley and was wondering if anyone knows any great real payday loans in massachusetts estate agents that understand investors and have experience working with them in the Pocatello area. We have a hotel rehab project underway and are looking to fellow investors for support - the historic Monarch Hotel in Pocatello is getting revitalized! I am interested to know more about the Pocatello area and I am looking for an experienced person that would be willing to chat. Fact is for the past two years while attempting to... Would you purchase a property in Chicago with a non-conforming or illegal unit? What are your exit strategies if an issue comes up? I know I want to add an ADU, either in the basement or the back yard. Since parking is a bit sparse on our one-way street and we use the driveway,... Hello Everyone,I know that Congress just recently passed legislation providing 25 billion in rental assistance. I know this is being given to individual states to disperse.

My family and I are looking to invest about 3-4 million dollars in rental properties. We are deciding between a couple 3-5 units in the city or several (cheaper) SFR in the suburbs and outskirts. Hi all,I have had my condo listed for self employed loans rent for close to a month now. I have had two people inquire (without responding when I answer questions) and no applicants.

I believe I have priced it fairly based on the unit,... Looking for recommendations for contractors to help with a basement remodel. Looking to redo drywall, flooring, changing some light payday advance direct lenders fixtures, and redo bathroom and paint.

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Hello,I have an unmetered rental property in Chicago and my water bill is ridiculous. I am from the Milwaukee area and have interest in investing Multifamily properties in South Shore, Hyde Park, and Woodlawn areas. In past I have done this successfully with a old water bill but now the zoning office is not accepting DOW i need a payday loan immediately as a form of legalization. Hi there, I am working with a friend on a FSBO, I may buy that house. Are you still showing occupied rentals or have you gone full virtual?

I have 10 conventional mortgages mostly in Chicago. Can anyone recommend any local Chicagoland banks or lenders that will work with out-of-state residents in situations such as this? I recently purchased a property in Cook County that has a section 8 tenant, which is a first for me. Hello everyone, new investor here and was wondering if anyone has some advice for house hacking in Chicago IL or surrounding suburbs,cities ( Berwyn, Cicero, forest park, brighton park etc.. I recently purchased a 4 units residential on 18th street. And the basement (two separate entrances) is identical to the units... On January 15th my tenant with a (double lung transplant) decided to smoke in bed leading to burning my entire 4 unit building making it uninhabitable. I have insurance and have secured a public adjuster. Does any one know about how much it cost to connect the utilities to a new construction home or small multifamily in Chicago. Hi there, Any close estimate will be appreciated it. Assume a 3 level unit, 4 bed, 3 bad, level 1 and 2, 1,000 sf. What should I assume to have the place emptied by a junk collector? I thought I would post some of the numbers for Flips.

Some data that is missing her is the off market sales... Good morning,Was wondering if anyone here is a carpenter? Hey everyone - I have a tenant moving out of my Batavia rental property and the cleaner I used last year is no longer in business. Does anyone have any recommendations to pass along? I am trying to get a better understanding of owning properties in Naperville, Plainfield and Aurora, IL. If you own properties in these towns, please let me know the following for each towns:- do i need rental license?... Does anyone have a recommendation for a great real estate focused CPA in the fox valley area? Can anyone tell me what the CAP rate is on properties in the area? However, I see the school districts are not the best, and that has been scaring me away. Anyone notice that you must submit ALL Aurora, IL landlord addendums to Property Standards at time of registration and at the inspection of rental property? This is a new change from Property Standards adding... I see there are 2-3 properties over there car repair loan as a someone is clearly renting to students. I am looking to purchase a small multi-family property in Naperville, Aurora, Oswego, or Montgomery in order to househack. I have a property in Oswego, IL on which the gas meter has been removed. The gas company (NiCor) has told me that it may take 2 weeks to assess the job and then an additional 4 weeks to get the work done.