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I have sold 2 homes this year so I need some capital gains tax strategy for 2021 on top of some advice on how to structure... Louis investors with experience with older multi-family properties in the city might have some thoughts for me. I went to the previous property auction from the city and I was astounded at the amount of people there. I know there is a large amount of due diligence needed for these properties due to possible liens. Closing on my first multifamily next week and plan to ultimately increase rents to market rates as they are well below right now. All units are occupied and all are on month to month terms. I am looking at a property that makes sense with numbers although I am running into some installment loans how do they work folks that say it is a bad area. Does anyone else have experience investing in that area and how did it go?

Need some help help with what should I use as estimate for utilities. What is usually paid by the owner and what is usually paid by the tenant? I currently have no income (left my engineering job to move to...

Hey fellow investors, I figured it was about time that Missoula payday loans in dayton ohio had an area where we could post potential deals that we are looking at and have other people look at it and contribute thoughts and ideas. I just wanted to put some feelers out there and see home repair loan baf credit what sort of people we have interested in real estate here in Missoula. I just recently moved to the area and have been looking at a lot of properties that I could...

Does anyone know of any active wholesalers in Missoula that are actively doing marketing of some no credit check online payday loans sort? Guys that are finding off market properties to sell. Or really even wholesalers in any of the major cities around... First off thank you in advance for all for the great advice already on this forum. I own a rental property free clear and obviously have equity. What are peoples thoughts on the latest moratorium extension? Do you believe it will be continued Until end of year which would inevitably push it until 2022 or do you think this will be the last one? Hello all, my name is Casey Connors and I have been an REO and note investor for the past 5 years or so. The investor group I am involved with, all partners within Voltron Capital and NoteTradeX have been trading... Here is one where I have reviewed this with 4 attorneys and none of them have seen this.

A HELOC on a property whereby the seller sold the property and the lender agreed to a short sale. We have so many exit strategies for real estate notes.

Here are some of the strategies we use broken down into Performing and Non-Performing Notes. The borrowers have passed away and no credit check online payday loans no heirs have showed up to take care of the estates.

Hey guys,I have been buying tax liens for a few years, and recently three of them passed the redemption period and I started the foreclosure process to apply for the deed. I am looking to purchase a note that was originated in Ohio. I will be holding this note in my 401k as an investment. Hello all,Does anyone have any experience in (or knowledge) of the difference between a quiet title action and using Tax Title Services (or a similar service)? From what I can tell, Tax Title Services is partnered with... Nathan Turner and I recently ran a FB Live with no credit check online payday loans a brand new note investor within our group.

We learned many of the different struggles many new note investors have with getting started and paralysis of Analysis. I hold a promissory note secured by a real property in California.

The owner is in the process of refinancing, and the refinance mortgage company is asking me for a Demand for Payment letter. Who here is in Texas and playing the "pay delinquent property taxes and then wait for the interest" game? I have had my eye on a distressed property (boarded up apartments) for a while, and the owner is in distress... I was listening to a webinar from Bob Diamond with Tax overage business training, does anyone know if this is legit? His arrearage exceeds his principle balance on the loan. I am in the process of moving to California, where the numbers do not work for me to continue to buy and hold. I currently own a note that I am considering to sell a partial on to help me recapitalize.

This will be the first time that I would have done this. I wanted to know if anyone is aware of any virtual zoom meetups occurring for the Henderson and Las Vegas areas?

Hello all, how fast does my loans get deposited into my account from marcuscom My partner and I are opening a Code Ninjas in Henderson.

We are no credit check online payday loans currently looking for a space to lease as well as a general contractor to complete the build-out of our center. Without going into the fraud and embezzlement by the judgment debtor, I will just go into the specifics of this unique collections situation. Would like to network with those in the Henderson Nevada area.

At this point they are pew charitable trusts safe small dollar loans project month-to-month and I only need 30-day notice to ask them to move. I posted this in the General Real Estate section, and then realized it would probably get more notice in the Henderson forum:This is my first time selling a piece of real estate, a property in a gated community in Las... Great article on the future and current projects happening in Henderson.

Great news for homeowners that live in communities along the Legacy Golf Course in Green Valley in Henderson, NV.

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Courts ruled that the 50 year deed restriction on the land that states the land must be used for golf... Hello everyone,I am looking to invest in a property in Henderson NV primarily for renting out. Can I get recommendations for a good real estate agent?

Is there a way, other then yelp, to find out who is the best? I have more than 10 condos in Las Vegas and Henderson area.

May I have advice, anywhere that I can obtain portfolio loan on condo please? It is exhausting reading through all the posts and threads and status updates etc... I was just curious where or how can I find a local REIA to meet investors to get started out in real estate? I just wanted to share my frustration with people who try to pitch ideas, or no credit check online payday loans sell you some crap using techniques described in books,it is such a turn off and cause me to just stop listening the first second I hear...

Buy and hold, fix and flip, wholesale, among others. Hey Henderson, Nevada BP Members,BP just added sub forums for each how do online payday loans verify employment state and the largest cities within each state. I am looking to get started in Wholesale, have read a few books, attended a few webinars and had a discussion with someone representing Amplify. Hi, I received a Nuisance Note from LV Metropolitan Police Dept fast unsecured loans for people who dont have good credit for an incident last Nov 2020. Hi, I received a Nuisance Note from LV Metropolitan Police Dept for an incident last Nov 2020. I have a tenant that stopped paying the water bill and the water company transferred it to my name. In our lease agreement tenant is responsible for water. I know that finding a great contractor always seems like a miracle, but I also know that this forum is known for performing miracles. With that said, can you guys recommend a good rehab contractor in the Las... While searching I found an off-market property that does not meet my investment criteria.

Since it is off-market I was thinking of selling... Hi Las Vegas Investors,My name is Justin Yurong and I am a 23-year old real estate investor and Realtor in Central California. I have been involved in a little less than 10 residential flips, wholesale deals, and have... I am a Georgia based real estate investor primarily involved in wholesaling and rental property investing. I will be visiting Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon on a little vacation this Thursday, March... Own a few properties in downtown Las Vegas would love to connect with other bigger pockets peeps who are investing in Vegas as well. I wanted to know if anyone is aware of any virtual zoom meetups occurring for the Henderson and Las Vegas areas?

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Hi I recently went to Vegas and saw some condos in the area in the 100-200k range. I am currently looking for recommendations for buyers agents to help me with the purchasing process I am working with an agent at the... Hello all,My partner and I are opening a Code Ninjas in Henderson. We no credit check online payday loans are currently looking for a space to lease as well as a general contractor to complete the build-out of our center. Hello BP,private lenders for personal loans I will be moving out to the Las Vegas area in January! I am super excited to move back to the USA, especially Las Vegas! Currently, I own a few properties in Kansas however I am looking to network with you... Has anyone had any luck using owner financing out there? I am doing this to help my mom find an investment property that she may house hack. Hi All,Las Vegas Multi-Unit market has come up quite a bit over the years. I got hit bad in 2008 with values dropping but it of course rebounded now. Anyone else worried about buying right now in Vegas? First-time investor here looking at single family homes and small multi-family in Vegas for buy and hold. I have lived in the Las Vegas area for 7 years and recently obtained my real estate license. Looking for a property manager to manage a 4 plex in Las Vegas. This property is in a C-class neighborhood, so ideally the management company has lots of experience working with tenants from various assistance programs... I worry about it being near the peak especially in LV due to the looming recession. Has anyone in South Florida done either a traditional or streamlined FHA 203k renovation? If you have done this, would you be willing to share what 203k consultant and contractor you used and your experience with each,... Collecting some data and would greatly appreciate your help! It seems like the one thing you can count on is that during a rehab, something will go wrong that will increase your budget. Financed offers have been getting crushed in Reno these past few months. Has anyone looked at some of the new SFH in the communities around Reno, Nevada?

What do you guys think of them as a buy and hold investment?

Hi all, I am looking for a PM that is familiar with evictions in Cold Springs. Let me know if you know a good one, and Happy New Year! Always curious to see what our local investment community is working on! Any commercial investors here from Northern Nevada?

Hey there BP, long time lurker finally ready to get involved. The plan would be to house hack a single family home (rent out the...