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Collin Schwartz shares the amazing story of how he built an impressive portfolio on the foundation of direct mail and networking through meetups. Collin also earns income managing properties—and even leverages that business to find deals too! Brandon and David sit down with Chad Doty, a one-time businessman who ditched corporate life and moved on to real estate, now owning 3,000 units! Chad gives great advice regarding overcoming high barriers to entry, getting brokers to take you seriously (even what are payday advance loans as a newbie), and adding value to properties in order to generate big profits. Brandon and David sit down with top-producing real estate agent andinvestor Graham Stephan as he spills the strategy he used to build massive wealth at such a young age. He also discusses how skipping college helped make him a millionaire and how he used his grandma to fund his first deal! Brandon and David interview bestselling author Robert Greene, whose latest book is titled The Laws of Human payday loans shreveport Nature. He also shares valuable insight that will help you positively impact the emotions of others around you, put yourself in a peak state of performance, and activate the power of your own emotional connection to things you are passionate about.

If you want to become the investor who gets deals first, gets the best prices on rehabs, and is less likely to be fooled in a transaction, download this episode right now!... Andresa excels in an area many of us find extremely challenging: managing rehabs. In this episode, she pulls back the curtain and shares tips for how you can do the same. Andresa is able to skillfully manage several rehab projects at a time while also running a side Airbnb business and gives great guidance on how you can do the same. But you also want fun, adventure, and time for yourself and your loved ones. Jesse shares his plan for 4x-ing your productivity, what he learned from living with a Navy SEAL (and writing a book about it!

This show is packed with wise counsel for anyone who is or wants to be a hard-charging entrepreneur, but also craves more balance and bliss.

Download this episode, and share it with a friend or family member who would enjoy it! He offers tips on planning for CapEx and dealing with the dark side of real estate investing, too. Plus, you won t want to miss his advice when it comes to building funnels to find deals, as well as just what to look for when interviewing real estate agents. J Scott, author of The Book on Flipping Houses and How to Estimate Rehab Costs shares his valuable insight when it comes to predicting market changes, adapting to shifting markets, and changing your strategy to adapt to a changing economy!

Jenny Bayless is a real estate investor in Colorado who is using long-distance investing principles to systematically build a portfolio of cash flowing properties using the BRRRR method!

Steven shares several of his tips for success, including just what he does to keep his pipeline full of deals, how he follows up with qualified leads, and the strategy he used to get good at closing deals working for someone else! This episode is chock full of specific, actionable advice that will apply to newbies and experienced pros alike.

How he finds his deals, where he is consistent and wins the long game, how he flips 75 houses a year, when to grit and when to quit, how to know when it s time to ramp up your business, how to build and scale your business, the order in which you should hire, what makes up an all-star team, why repetitions are so important, and what to look for in a partner to help grow your business...

Now imagine you can grab a beer with each of them and casually chat about failures, successes, motivations, and lessons learned. When most people think of professional athletes, they usually think of superstars being paid millions every month (or even every week). That too, is what Hakeem Valles found out after being signed on by the Cardinals. After one season with the team, he decided to go on BiggerPockets and ask around for agents and leads in the area. Hakeem ended up with a LOT of responses and found a great agent who helped him close on a fourplex, which he house hacked while practicing with the team. Doing this can help reduce some awkward encounters you may have.

After retiring, Hakeem went on to do bigger real estate deals and partnered up on a 40 acre farm! He also owns Perspective Global Media, where he counsels other real estate professionals on how to grow their reach through social media platforms like TikTok and LinkedIn. Hakeem drops some gems towards the end of this episode on how you too can use TikTok to gain followers, clients, and partners! Hakeem:And I credit… Overcoming that traumatic experience is why and who I am today. Stay tuned and be sure to join the millions of others who have benefited from biggerpockets. David Greene, joining me in the sea shed live in Hawaii. David:And I feel like this podcast is going to make a lot of our listeners some money. Hakeem was an NFL player who got really into real estate investing as well as business. And everything we talked about today was so… I felt like we could make a t-shirt and a book out of every topic today.

So, as you listen to this, as you think about your plans, ask yourself, what else could I use this property for other than just renting it out in a residential way? All right, Hakeem, welcome to the BiggerPockets Podcast, man, it is amazing to have you here. Hakeem:I was always just that lifelong entrepreneur kid and my uncle had properties when I was super, super young, and I was cutting grass at one of his properties, and I thought that was like the coolest thing in the world. And once I made it to college, I figured, I wanted to get into real estate.

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And Monmouth University was one of the few schools in the country that what are payday advance loans actually offered a degree in business with a concentration in real estate, so that was my major. And by my sophomore year, the girl I was can you take out a morgage loan to pay rent for an apartment dating, her dad had just started a house flipping business. And I honestly, called it… It was a real life Rich Dad, Poor Dad relationship. In over about a three-year period, we flipped around 10 houses. Me and his daughter broke up, that relationship kind of abruptly ended.

Surprisingly enough, actually, right before we broke up, he literally just started to offer me equity into his business, and I messed up too. Do you mind sharing a little bit about your background with how you got into the NFL, basically? And then, how you transitioned that into the NFL, and then what you did what are payday advance loans when you got there? In college, literally did not get my first catch until my senior year at Monmouth University. But I obviously redshirted my freshman year because I was a bench player, and moved to tight end. First game, I have my first catch, second game, I have my first touchdown, started every game after that. Hakeem:And that off season, as soon as that college season ended, my little brother, first, he got drafted, because he dropped out of UVA as a sophomore, 20 years old, and got drafted sixth-round to the Oakland Raiders. Hakeem:And got granted a fifth year that off season. But what really changed payroll loan check cashing for me that off season, and what honestly changes my mindset moving forward with everything I do is, that off season, I actually went on a missionary trip to Haiti, and our mission was to give out medicine in different churches and orphanages across the country. And while we were there, essentially, to what are payday advance loans make a long story short, our compound was ambushed by eight guys with guns, they shot through the front door. Hakeem:I was shot at point blank range, hogtied, blindfolded, came to peace with the fact that I was dead. It was a wildly traumatic experience, that happened in May 29th of 2015, and that happened short term cash loans no credit check on a Thursday. Monday, we started grad school and summer sessions of workouts for football for my next what are payday advance loans season, and I was a mess, PTSD, out of this world, and I credit… Overcoming that traumatic experience is why and who I am today. David:Any advice you can share on how you switched that from a debilitating experience into an empowering one?

And I think in a 2020 world, a lot of us have been close towards the bottom, especially in a mental state, just considering what everything is like right now.

I literally had 12 hour days of training and four to five hours of downtime every day.

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During that time, I listened to every single episode of your podcast.

But then, I also downloaded the audio books that every guest recommended- Hakeem:… during your Famous Four, and literally listened to the audio book. A lot of people have a short cup of coffee in the NFL, meaning just April through September and not actually play. So, I need to focus on making fast loan no credit check the team, and then figure out what my angle was into real estate. But what does the average athlete actually make when they get in? For the people that are not familiar with the sport world, how does that work?

The most popular guys are also making the most money, so everyone wants to hang out with those guys as well. It was the craziest thing to witness in first-person.

And so, they go and up their lifestyle a little bit. We call it the income creep at BiggerPockets, I wrote that in the book, How to Invest in Real Estate. You had to work to get in there, you had to strategize how to get in there.

That life should always be a downhill road, the wind should always be at your back.

But the process I think, is what we need to start putting on a pedestal. Brandon:Yeah, a lot of books and a lot of t-shirts being made. The cardinal inspired fear to the hearts of birdwatchers everywhere. So, you are playing for the little red bird, and you decide to get into real estate, what did that journey look like? Hakeem:Half of them wanted to pitch me some BS product or something to invest into, but it was… I literally spent January 3rd or 1st to same day installment loans mid February, every single day, I spent four hours at the same Starbucks literally people rotating in and out, and all these people just pouring value and bouncing ideas back and forth. He took me around his property tour of Phoenix and Tempe, and got me set up on the MLS.

Hakeem:I had to commute 55 minutes a day to the practice facility. I had Section 8 tenants living in the building with me, and I got to house hack a property, and it was my first property. I did not listen to you in your Managing Rental Properties book you and your wife wrote- Hakeem:… of hiding the fact that… I tried to hide it honestly at the beginning, what happened was, my car was… I bought a used car, but I matted it all black, so it looked pretty cool. Hakeem:Literally, the mother of my child and I, we had a miscarriage, which was awful, it was terrible. After getting cut from the Cardinals, I was doing the cash for keys with the tenant as well. Mother of my child is dealing with all of the madness going back on in Phoenix, plus you just had the surgery from the miscarriage, and then that tenant who we were doing cash for keys with, she tried to kill herself.