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I have also not received any income for two years and also been given many promises.

Sent an email last weekend but no reply one week on. Any details of the action group would be welcome anyone give me contact details of any other CBH investors? I have not been paid anything for 2 years and no response from Crowngate or Joe McCormack I am also an investor in CBH and the same story that I have not been paid for the last 2 years. I would like to get in touch with other investors to file a legal claim. If there is an action group which already exists, could you please put me in touch with them? I think the UAE govt is taking the right steps - such as scaling back projects and in some cases - cancelling them - thus reducing projected supplies to help stabilize the market. In addition, they are proceeding with the infrastrcuture - which are often the first projects to be shelved during these kinds of crisis..

However, there is one issue that the govt can re-address that will help - and this is the visa issue and I am sure in the coming months leading-up to Oct - you will see some positive changes... Insofar as RERA goes - well, of course they could be operating better and faster but are simply overwhelmd and they lacked the proper legislation and mechanisms for enforcement... Did you think, that there is an Emirati travelling the Indian countryside recruiting labour making unrealistic promises???? The agency in the country takes a huge a cut as well as the agent that reps the company text loans instant taking his cut - then the camp mangager tries to cut corners out of the operating budget so he can line his pockets... If there is any angle - they will loans in an hour find and exlpoit it... I know so many people in Dubai that made tons of money and when the marketing was booming - it was the best place on earth... No one forced you to write the check - neither at gun or sword point - so - deal with it. The country waiting for the monthly subscribtions text loans instant from foriegn investors... Starting from next week, for any Rera-approved project, there will be an independent progress monitoring report, text loans instant which investors can access online and see the progress of their projects, said Marwan bin Ghalita, best low rate loans CEO of Rera. This is a monthly report for every project in Dubai.

It instant approval payday loans direct lenders is costly for us, but we cannot compromise on transparency and trust of Dubai. That is why we are taking this step and collecting all information. For the projects that are missing from the list, Ghalita asked investors to write to them and within 15 days the agency would ensure the project details are uploaded. According to Ghalita, the agency has seen a sharp decline in the number of developers, which came down from about 870 when Rera was established in 2006, to 427 to date.

When we started Rera, we had more than 870 developers today we have only 427 developers. Ghalita said while some people have come and asked to be removed from the list as they are not launching any project, some merged their text loans instant companies under one name and yet others were registered as developers but do not find the project feasible so they have asked for their names to be removed. He said: The reduction is a good sign for me as a regulator because we can give the market the required number of units. We, as a responsible body, will control the supply coming into the city in consultation with other authorities. According to Rera statistics, 29,319 residential units were delivered in 2008, with 31,003 and 43,880 units set to enter the market in 2009 and 2010. Rera statistics reveal that of the 875 projects registered with it, 695 have escrow accounts.

Another 25 per cent will be consolidated, as developers will move investors short term bond funds from one project to another.

The other 25 per cent may be rescheduled based on the contract between contractors and developers.

And the last 25 per cent, we expect to be completed on time and those will be the ones that will have collated for our unit supply for 2009 and 2010, Ghalita said. Asked if Rera was looking to take action against master developers for failing to meet their commitments, Ghalita said Rera was working side-by-side bbb payday loans with master developers. That is why they are consolidating and have stopped increasing service charges. When the market was shifted from the Land Department, it was chaos, but now everything is back to normal. When the market is what is an unsecured installment loans booming, people make mistakes, now is the time for re-planning and putting things in place, he said.

One of the problems that we are facing is people are not coming to register their rights with us. People earlier used to trade without registering their rights. Today, most complainants want money back and we are here trying to solve their disputes. According to Mohammed Sultan Thani, Assistant Director-General of Dubai Land Department, the department is busy rescheduling payment for investors. A Dubai Land Department official had told Emirates Business earlier the decision of any extension or rescheduling would be taken on a case-to-case basis and a reasonable time would be granted to buyers for arranging the money. People have just started registering on ejari website with us and from the ejari software we will know how much have rents dropped, he added.

Hence, it is now working to get a more realistic figure through the online system We will come to know the exact number of cancellations next week.

Right now I have application of 27 projects that need to be cancelled with me, Ghalita said. According to Rera chief, the process of project cancellation is a tedious one, whereby the agency has to announce the names in media for at least 10 days to protect the rights of the investor. The average land sales price in Dubai has remained stable in the first two months of 2009 compared to same period last year, said Mohammed Sultan Thani, Assistant Director-General of Dubai Land Department, yesterday. The number of small quick loans transactions have gone up by 200 per cent to 5,400 from 1,775, while the average land text loans instant price fell to Dh1,373 from Dh1,375 in the first two months compared to same period last year, he said. Of this land sales dropped 40 per cent from Dh12bn to Dh7. The total value of transactions recorded by DLD during 2008 reached Dh280bn, corresponding to a growth rate of 59 per cent compared to 2007, which witnessed 184 per cent growth in comparison to 2006. As I mentioned 2 days ago - new a visa law is in the works - expect to see it before Cityscape Dubai....

As I mentioned 2 days ago - new a visa law is in the works - expect to see it before Cityscape Dubai.... When the construction boom was happening and the money pouring to Dubai as never seen before, they text loans instant should have concentrated on manufacturing and businesses not related to speculation.

They wanted and want to be like London - no chance, not In a million years. Dubai is not trying to be like London it has taken inspiration from across the globe and most of the engineers, projects managers, architects, quantity surveyors, accountants, and designers are from the UK, US, Europe, Australia, Japan, Singapore etc. I believe it to be very unique and very different from any other city in the world. It can never be like London, Hong Kong or Manhattan which many dvds and brochures have discribed the finished product to resemble.

Unfortunately for the misled and uninformed they were caught up in the bubble which has violently burst, reflecting an image synonymous with most major cities all over the globe.

Pictures of people losing jobs, going back to basics, losing the homes and livelihoods. Companies going bust and many people going to prison for acts of desperation or irregularities being uncovered by the storm. The truth is Dubai has done well to get this far and if it is to recover and grow from here on they really need to change their policies regarding, confidence, security, transparency and lack of informed government officials with a standard law and understanding of the same law. What you will find is a different interpretation of the same law with really poor credit loans each different official, followed by a different implimentation and execution of the law.

This then causing confusion and lack of confidence in Rera, Land Department, Rental Committee, Property Dispute Court and the Local Law Enforcement (police). My company was swindled out of millions by a rogue developer and nothing was done by any of the above mentioned authorities despite clear evidence of misappropriated funds in the developers case.

The CEO is finally behind bars however if the correct course of action had been followed 14 months earlier I would have stood a chance of getting my funds back. However we were passed around from department to department without the authorities having any idea as to what their responsibilities were or their colleagues responsibilities. This matter was even brought before the CEO of Rera who vowed to resolve the issue if a written request was submitted. Eagerly we submitted the written request the same morning of January text loans instant 15 and am currently still awaiting a written response from Rera. If this is the treatment being received from the Real Estate Regulatory Agency, The Land Department and the Police. How can we expect the developers to be more cooporative regarding investments made. Despite following up the issue with the Authorities nothing has been done and a narration of how they have hundreds of similar cases is brought up by each different official we face. Even after months of pushing the very individuals (government officials) responsible for handling how to get a quick loan the issues they are surprised when I confirm that the matter is not yet resolved!

Dubai is an amazing place and if they are to see the good times again they really need to revise Customer Care, Relations and adopt a sense of urgency. As a young educated blackman I have grown up with racism and despise the use of ethnic identity when referring to an individual or a collective group of people. To quote someone below the arabs believe they are better than anyone.

I despise the attrocities that have been committed by some people in Dubai and some of those people have been Emiratis. What you need to remember is the very people heading this frontier are all expats, British, American, idaho central credit union small dollar loans German, Australian, South African, Lebanese, Syrian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese etc.. Most of this people created the problems Dubai is facing today, and some stood by and watched in silence and did nothing until it was too late.