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It was zoned for multi-unit so they built two new homes on the lot.

They have moved into senior loans to pay bills the front unit and are renting out... So my dad is currently 55 years old and has been unemployed for the past 8 months.

Has anyone had experience using a personal line of credit when creatively financing deals?

I currently own two short term rental condos at a Northeast ski resort. Hey there BP Community, I have been investing in real estate for about 5 years and have acquired 5 properties. A couple of them were house hacked and we currently live a duplex right now and with no out of pocket... So with rates low I looked into refinancing my primary residence.

Curious who other real estate investors are using for high yield business savings... To senior loans to pay bills be honest, episode 170 of BP Money was the first time I heard... My wife and I just online loans instant approval no credit check found out we will be inheriting a decent amount of money soon.

We have been wanting to get into real estate for a while. I live in Oklahoma City and would prefer to deal... I would like to get a Heloc to have those funds available.

I also moved out of my primary residence and leased that out.

What all should I include in the income side and the expense side of the equation? Life large unsecured loans bad credit insurance should be reviewed periodically as needs and products change. The house my Wife and I live in was purchased subject to. We have decided to pay off the balance so we would have a free and clear deed in our names and get a heloc. Hey everyone, I was kind of wondering what others are using to manage their financials. Why am I getting push back from my local banks on HELOC? She asked me to initially serve as executor over the account to help protect the money from being squandered.

The owner moved out of country and his son was living in the home and not...

No goal amount has been set but at a minimum it needs to keep up with...

I have a 775 FICO, my salary is in excess of 100k, and I have a... Hi all, I am 22 and about to purchase my first home.

Has anyone seen the limits were raised for Crowdfunding? We have been raising money on StartEngine, Republic, and Wefunder now for two years for others in AI and high Tech. Let me start off by saying that I am not seeking legal advice here on a public forum. I am however hoping to initiate a legal debate and invite all legal professionals, and those who focus on or have experience with... Good morning allWhen Coca Cola came out with one of their products, I ran across a lady that had an opportunity to invest.

I never found out if she invested, I over heard her talking pondering in her mind senior loans to pay bills as to...

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Just found out about a new type of investing platform called NuuRez. I am trying to raise money for a large scale land development deal payday loan companies not brokers in pigeon forge, TN. What kind of ROI would get people interested enough to invest while not breaking our bank? If so can anyone offer any advice on how to set it up? This is my second time in escrow and I have found an amazing owner... Hey everyone,How has your experience been investing through Fundrise? Interested in learning about passive supplement real estate investment avenues.

Would love help with how to structure the deal, docs, how to approach investors. All the reviews on BP I found were several years old. A company can turn around itself in that time frame. Problem is that everything I am finding so far is very conservative and... We are building 31 "Affordable" Condos in Hawaii one block from the beach in Kihei. Feel Like it is a smart play in the upcoming post-pandemic years. I see he touts this particular arm of his company quite a bit lately, offering preferred returns during the... Looking to partner with someone on a rehab in Manchester Nh.

Property needs a lot of work but in a great neighborhood.. Crowdfunding is an easy loan approval interesting concept and loans in san angelo tx does allow a broad spectrum of investors. I am looking to refinance and draw some Cash out to by more MF real estate. I am looking for Debt financing on Stable assets that I plan to hold for another 5 to 10 years. I have loaned ( alot) of money to rehabbers and people flipping what types of loans are available for small es houses in NY and NJ. When looking at Mobile Home Parks, what CAP is the suggested min to stay within for POH and also for TOH. What range would you like to be within for parks that have little to no value add and parks with a lot of value... I would like to get some advice far as investing in gary,Indiana. Under contract for my first investment property in Kensington Philadelphia. Seems like the city has pushed the junkies further down into upper... Would you advise purchasing a condo in Florida, perhaps Cape Coral and renting out year round?

Would you advise purchasing a condo in Florida, perhaps Cape Coral and renting out year round? I went through a small town near where I live and looked at every street and house that was older (1910-1930) that needs TLC. I have created a list of roughly 45 homes within a 5 square mile radius.

Sold out primary home in 2019 and have a lot of equity sitting in account ready to be placed. I have an opportunity to pick up 11 single family homes from someone looking to liquidate They are all fixer uppers Anyone able to share a similar experience or story and how you went about using either hard money or...

I always try to avoid these emotional tightropes but when a wholesaler offered a contract on an A-Frame... I had recently posted in the STR section about my property and best personal loan companies for bad credit the idea of... I am wanting purchase a building that is currently zoned commercial. I am wanting to rezone this building for residential use and split the 3 bays into 6 units.

I have been prequalified for an FHA loan up to 200k with no HOA. First BRRRR, first out of state purchase, first purchase second chance payday loans in my LLC. I am managing a handful of properties that are under fractional ownership between 3-5 investors (under an LLC).

My wife and I are looking to purchase our first investment property in 2021. Hi, Would love to hear from people that have experience investing in Sweden. We are beyond excited to get back to AK, but I know little about the Island, and even less about investing there. Currently considering 4 Plex properties, and also looking at 5-8 unit buildings.

My wife and I just moved back to Kodiak, Alaska after being away for about 10 years. We closed on senior loans to pay bills an 8-plex recently and are interested in more real estate investing here. Hello Bigger Pockets, My name is Heru and looking for seekers up here in the last frontier of Alaska, Fairbanks to be exact. Just getting started in real estate investing and looking for some personal touch on planing... If anyone has suggestions on who I should reach out to, that would be awesome! I would like to purchase, rehab and refinance a property here in Juneau and would like to know if anyone has experience private lenders for personal loans with a Hard Money lender that lends in Alaska. My partner and I are looking for a good investor-friendly title company and attorney in the Anchorage area. Also, I would love to network with flippers in the area! We have done a few investment deals ourselves and... I have spent some time in AK (never in winter though). Anchorage-specific inventory is very low and properties are often receiving multiple offers. Pictured here is one of my own fourplexes that I put on the...

Howdy All,I was wondering if you have any experience with tax foreclosure laws in Alaska? I am looking at investing in my first property in Alaska and considering bidding on a tax foreclosure property. If I bring the buyer to the table to purchase a property even before I purchase it to... After doing a bit of research, it seems that a lot of... I found a potential investment property and looks like it could be fantastic to fix up. Unable to do an inspection prior to an accepted offer, I started looking... I will be looking for a multi family unit and am curious how the current climate is for renting...

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I have been looking through listings and nothing seems to be that right fit. His premise is that the recession up here senior loans to pay bills is going to cause such a contraction in prices on multifamily...

Has anyone tried direct mailing in Anchorage, Alaska and senior loans to pay bills how effective is it? Hi allMy son is transferring to UofA Fairbanks in the fall. Looking to possibly buy a property for him to stay in plus rent out remaining space. Looking for something that would cashflow as a standard rental in case... Wanting to connect with local REI investors in the Fairbanks and North Pole area, lets get together and start a club and talk over some strategies. Hello All, I am new to investing and currently looking to buy my first investment home. Main objective is some positive cash flow but more importantly for appreciation in the next 5yrs.

Hi guys,I am looking to buying my first property in Phoenix, AZ. I moved here not that long ago and not familiar with the location much. Seeking properties in the 50-100 unit range and would love your best referrals to a multifamily real estate broker who operates in B and C class properties in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, and Chandler. I have an 10,000 sq foot R3 multi fam lot in the heart of Phoenix. I have a front house, but room on the backlot to build 2 units. I am looking into buying a property with smoke smell in it, what all things I need to be concerned about. I am not local to property so I am concerned about cleaning work etc that we need to do. Wanting to move around the Scottsdale neighborhood for apartments. Does anyone know any apartments that only look at credit scores? The property is all wall AC units, tenants use space heaters to supplement when needed during the winter. Will be doing conventional loan, what are some of recent interest rate anyone got? Like others here I have also been a victim of MALCOLM POINTON and his schemes.

As with all the other investors with CALM INVESTMENTS was never compensated for any of my losses, which was every... CALM INVESTMENTS, LLC and MALCOLM POINTON (or whatever alias he is using at this time) is a not to be trusted with your money.

I gave a loan to Malcom and Calm investments over two years ago and have not received a... Hi, we currently own and live in (about an acre of property) next to a busy street on an increasingly commercial developer-interest area on the west side near Goodyear long before it even had any commercial interest.... Have questions about neighborhoods both in Tempe and Mesa.