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But this was the first year that a lot of those pieces came in place. First of all, I have to point out what an outstanding abundance mentality that is. Instead, you are approaching it from the opposite direction.

So that, like you said, people are realizing what that prize is like, what it feels like, getting them very emotionally engaged from day one.

It has quantifiable tangible results as well in that is what pushed you over the edge in the end of 2020 to expand your sales, the way that you did. Were there other things in particular that you were able to develop with your team members throughout this process that really set you apart, just like that abundance mentality, that mindset that you approach your overall operation with. David:Yeah, I think a cash advances for bad credit big one is that most teams, if I was to draw out what their structure looks like, it looks like a person on the top payday loans memphis and a lot of agents that are all horizontal. Could you grab a bunch of people and you put them underneath you and you just see who does well. They just hire a bunch of people, make it a body shop. They rely on another teammate to get them open to shoot. That would be for us like a closer, that person gets a client that wants to buy a house. I had some talented people, but I was not… I had all these great three point shooters, but no one could get them the ball that we were just turning it over all the time.

So another thing same day personal loan that I did is I stopped looking at real estate sales as a job. And I said, in same day personal loan this business, you are very good at this, but you are not good at that. How do I find someone who has maybe opposite skill sets? They each have 10 to 12 escrow each because I found people that were very organized, but not very sales many that had their license. And I went to the other people and said, you got to tee this person up. And that little figuring out like what you should be doing versus what you should be doing has had exponential results as well. Carol:So, David, it very much sounds like by us car repair loan running your real estate business through the lens of not real estate sales, but running it through the lens of building out a business with very distinct systems, processes, and same day personal loan incredibly efficient teams. You can take that process and launch it into other markets where you are not physically present.

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So that would be the next phase of what I want to do. And you can get some form of a similar experience for people no matter where they are and then scale it. Carol:Absolutely love, love, love that because of course, here on the BiggerPockets Business Podcast, we really like to differentiate our show by talking about how real estate people can be parts of these other businesses that provide consistent experiences that can generate passive income perhaps, in just overall that you are really approaching this in a manner that enables you to launch, not even necessarily just how to use a loan to pay rent in the US even potentially worldwide.

So you are clearly approaching it from the right angle. And as we all know, that is something near and dear to my heart. I would love to hear from a very successful real estate agent in team leader side, rather than just from the investing side, which is usually how I like to talk about it. I would love to hear the type of training that you offer, not necessarily the training, but the tips and tricks and those negotiation strategies that have worked really successfully for you. That you have taught your team members to use in their negotiations with other investors, with other retail buyers and sellers, just your overall negotiation strategies that really set the David Greene team apart. So would you guys mind giving me the ability to share my screen here?

And keep in mind that not all of our listeners have video, so we should probably talk through anything we- David:I know. I give the agents on my team, specific instructions, scripts to use, things to say, marketing material to put out, to do lead generation.

Can I set an appointment to give you a presentation, to show the value that we would bring to be why we should have the right to represent you?

I have them go through this over and over and over to get good at doing it.

Once that person signs a buyer rep agreement or a listing agreement, they become a client. These people have earned the right to ask you a lot more questions and get a lot more of your time. The tool we used to take clients and put them into contract is psychology. So one of the things we use is what I like to call like a baseline adjustment. That means they have a baseline set on asking price. When I was going through what you guys would analyze a deal with. And then maybe things like how long would it take to sale? So one of the easiest ways that an agent can help a client feel good about a deal is to move that baseline.

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And we do that same day personal loan by showing them comps in the same neighborhood that sold for much more. That little tiny adjustment can make your job so much easier. And I can tell that thing is 450 the best it could ever get. Do you notice that those houses are quite a bit bigger than yours? What are the houses on this thing that looked like yours look like? Like the market just is hurting us right now, which is a very nice way of saying, adjust your expectations on what you think your house is worth. So same day personal loan we set it up to own the frame in that relationship from the minute you walk in to meet with us, like I have a whole system of you coming to my office. When I come get you, I walk you through a labyrinth that is very confusing. Did you know property taxes are different in this part of town versus that? So what I did was I just screwed up with all these clients that I had. And I was like, why is it so hard to get this person to listen to me?

And it never have those particular points even crossed my mind in the terms in which you not only describe it, but systematize it and teach it. J:So for those of us that might be interested in building a team and we want to kind of bring in new people that we want to train. What did it come, some of those core personality or pro-characteristics that we should be looking for in people who we want to bring onto our team? David:The first thing, and this will go for any business that you own. I think part of what has made real estate sales really tricky is you had to be good at everything. So you had to be a sales person, charismatic lead generate, organized, a bit of a lawyer that knows the contract really well, bit of a counselor and a psychologist. But you are so smart when it comes to solving problems. If I pair that person with the organized person, the two of them can have a really good team.

Well, hey, I got a bunch of buyers that need a great experience.

Can you set appointments for somebody else on the team who can go lock it up and then you what are the closing costs on a home repair loan can get paid a percentage.

Can you get top ten payday loan companies in an environment where your weaknesses are sort of limited? And so, yeah, thinking about that is really important. You have a bunch of agents who are Keller Williams agents under you. You could have started your own brokerage David Greene Realty or whatever it is, and hired a bunch of agents that are now David Greene Realty agents.

What are the pros and cons of going one versus the other and moving… Have you ever considered going the other direction as opposed to being under Keller Williams? And so not only are you saving all the time and effort, but you mentioned liability. So just from a liability and a legal same day personal loan standpoint, it really… That makes perfect sense. We talked about Keller Williams, Keller Williams is a huge brand in the industry. And I assume that helps tremendously people trust Keller Williams, they know the logo. It probably helps you get some business, but at the same time you run a team within Keller Williams. And so I assume branding is important to you from a team standpoint. Do you promote more Keller Williams or do you promote David Greene team of Keller Williams? Where do you line up on your branding for your team versus the brokerage?

I think 20, 30 years ago, that was very important because it was a broker centered industry. When you speak to someone, do you give them the feeling that you know how to handle and you can get them the result they want or do you leave them with a feeling that I need to take the wheel and do this by myself. Really you got to kind of rethink the way you understand brand. I tend to try to advise them to move away from that and get more into your own reputation and how you personally impact people. If your Instagram is way more important than the name of the broker using.

So I can see the type of questions that they answered in the forums.

J:Love, love, love everything about all these tips. The first is that your mindset makes all the difference in the world. The number one payday loans from direct fast easy online loans lenders reason is they brought a W-2 mindset into a 1099 world. I got to fill out the order form to I do everything around here. So the problem when you become an agent is you have this W-2 mindset. There was a whole lot that someone did, literally a hostess that walked them and sat them in front of you and said, here are hungry people, give them a menu and ask them what they want.

When you want to be an entrepreneur, a full-time real estate investor, a real estate sales person, a loan officer any other form of business you are saying I will do everything.

Also understand someone was bringing you tuna and you were a house cat that just had to eat it.