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I would like your thoughts on rental property CoC ROI in central Nebraska (Hastings, Grand Island, Kearney) vs other areas in the US. The properties that I have looked at so far all seem to have quick personal loan low CoC... I heard the city was doing a revitalization project in the deer park neighborhood. Need a recommendation for an experienced attorney who can handle an eviction in Dawson County, Nebraska.

Thanks HiI am looking to buy a few multi-family properties in Lincoln Nebraska. Property ManagerAny recommendations are much appreciated.

Thanks I am looking for recommendations for a propert management company in Lincoln, Nebraska. Im just getting into real estate investing here in the Omaha and Lincoln area in Nebraska. Can you guys suggest anywhere I can get a legal Purchase and Sale Agreement Contract as well an an... Just wanted to say hi to the local pockets community!

Starting my first rehab and man what a crazy start! I see the Hard Money lenders available through Bigger Pockets, but does anyone have any experience with any Nebraska or Midwest Hard Money Lenders that they mind no credit check cash loans sharing insights on?

I have heard good things about the MOPOA meetings in the Omaha area. I currently own some multi families, smaller apartments, and would like to converse with other multi family owners in the area. I would be interested in networking with other investors operating around the Hastings, Grand Island, Kearney area or around the Beatrice area. We have some cash to partner up on a deal or looking for wholesalers with...

Has anyone used E3 Solutions for new siding or any work on their properties?

Back story,My wife and I moved from Omaha to Phoenix for Work 7 years ago.

I got another job opportunity in Omaha and we moved back. Preferably one who knows about both real estate investing and using how manu time you can trabvel overseas on advance payroll airbnb. Want to make sure everything is good to go before tax season comes up, and look into starting a LLC or S... Back story,My wife and I moved from Omaha to Phoenix for Work 7 years ago.

I got another job opportunity in Omaha and we moved back. Looking into buying a few units and doing a total rehab. Any insight into how the market is doing and how the rental market is doing. Hello allMy wife and I bought a small 1 bedroom cabin about 10 minutes from Lake Sunapee. Good afternoon everyone, I am reaching out to see if anyone has any good quick personal loan suggestions on a Title Co in NH that deals with wholesalers, specifically double closings and contract assignments? And the quick personal loan lender wants to see 3-6 months reserves which is understandable....

I have 15 units (and counting) across a small handful of properties in New Hampshire. What is a reasonable rate to expect for property management? What are your thoughts on investing in the area in general for STR, LTR, filling units, the economy and... Brand new to the forum and also a brand new investor. Just bought my first buy and hold property in Dover, NH last September 2020 and really had no intention of continuing to invest beyond that.

So I recently closed on a 3-br MF in Manchester, NH, and became a landlord. Hey all - Does anyone know of an attorney who can work with us in New Hampshire to set up a trust? Does anyone have any info on the rental market in Berlin NH? There are a lot of properties for sale there and I am wondering if it is worth looking into. I was thinking of calling the chamber of commerce to see if... My wife and I are new to BP and currently learning to become investors in NH. We purchased our first home in Nashua, NH as our primary residence which needs a lot of work. I was hoping to see if there is any BP meets ups to meet the RE community.

Just bought my first fixer upper home in Nashua, NH after... I am looking at buying investment property in Manchester or Rochester, NH, and they are much lower cost than where I am (DC), and I hear they are expected to grow significantly.

I finally bit the bullet and got my real estate license and am now looking for a brokerage to hang my hat with. I just received my MA license and am getting ready to take the test in NH. I just moved to NH from Philly a couple months ago.

I am wholesaling vacant land and as such, I have multiple properties I need to close. I have a duplex in Rochester NH (25 min from Portsmouth). Looking to network with other investors with experience use studfent loan to pay rent in that market. How are landlord tenant laws (How long and how much does it take to evict... I live in MA and I am considering buying a lake property in NH. Ideally I would rent it out most of the busy season, but would take a week trip with my family as well. Do NH landlord tenant laws surrounding reasonable notice of entry apply to exterior as well as interior?

For instance, what if a landlord wants to water some flowers around the exterior of the property (a duplex) or... Hey everyone,I was wondering if anyone knows what appraisers focus on when appraising a 2-4 unit home here in NH. What renovations would give me the most bang for my buck? Any commercial investors here from Northern Nevada? I am very interested in if i get a personal loan to pay bills is that considered entering the world of real estate investing but first I would like to get my Nevada Real Estate Agent License.

I realize I am in a different situation from most here, still looking for my first investment, but is anyone in vegas actively trying to grow? I know this market is a turbulent one right now, the post Covid-19 rebound... I am seeing Multi-family properties that appeal to me (just found one that is "perfect" in what I... Spending time while everyone is in lock down (my job is considered "essential") looking at listings. I just wanted to give my two cents on the knock on effects of this very unique public health crisis on my local economy. How does BP nation feel about the market in Carson City?

How has the multifamily market expanded there the past few years? I am looking for a recommendation for a Corporate lawyer who is Lic in Nevada. We currently have a free and clear property in trust within FL. Out-of-state investor interested in hearing what the local folks think will be the effect of development on the North Strip - Resorts World and the Drew come most immediately to mind - on nearby high rise condos...

Hello,I having a hard time finding a financial institution to do a HELOC using couple properties in Las Vegas. Any suggestions on investor friendly institutions would be greatly appreciate. My wife and I are looking into Reno to start investing in rental properties. We are in the market for a trusted and recommended real estate agent who specializes in investment properties, a contractor for any future... Hello,Can I get a referral to a Realtor in Pahrump and any thoughts or advice? My Mother lives there and would run the AirBnB activity, she says they have a lot of activity for Death Valley tourism. In 2011 I bought a condo (Fannie Mae foreclosure) in Northwest Reno, NV (Robb Drive off of I-80). I lived in it for a couple of years, then moved away and turned it into a rental.

Hello, I moved to Arizona, and was looking to see if anyone has a recommendation of a person or company to do some basic, fairly small scale yard maintenance.

Just drove by my rental in Las Vegas, and it looks like... I how to borrow money online websites 2017 wanted to start a discussion board for those interested in or already wholesaling in Northern Nevada. My wife and I have decided to take the plunge and pursue real estate as an investment and income source. We are in the early stages of purchasing our first Tri-plex and if all goes smoothly will be owners of our first... I have had people say that you do not need a real quick personal loan estate license to self manage your own fourplex in Nevada.

I believe that, however if you put said foiurplex into an LLC, is it the same... BTW make sure to check flood zones before getting too excited about deals in...

Hi BP,So I just bought my first duplex which I am currently living in. Here in Westchester County, NY the winter has been cold and snowy. Does anyone have a New York State listing agreement they can share? I am feeling intimidated by the housing laws in NYC and the fact... Hi allDoes anyone have experience of multifamily buy and hold in the hudson valley area. Would welcome thoughts on capital appreciation, cashflow and prospects for growth in... Hey Looking to start investing and wanted to know some information regarding Haverstraw quick personal loan quick personal loan NY. Hey thereI recently set up my LLC online through weekly payday loans LegalZoom so for the first time, i will now have to file taxes for this LLC, wondering if you have any recommendations on tax people in NYC who are REI freindly, who... I have a hot wholesale contract for a condo in Manhattan. The property is a 2 family and both tenants have been in the property for over 10 years with no form of a written...

Hi All,I would like to share my first real estate negotiation story as it is a great case study on persistence. My wife and I are in contract to buy a triplex in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. Hi all,My in-laws are selling their 4plex in Buffalo and moving south.

I live in Columbus, oh and have an opportunity to buy it from them, but will need a property manager in the Buffalo area. I have a large single family property in Port Jervis, NY in escrow. I am looking for a general contractor able to oversee a full remodel on a 2600 SF single family... After speaking with countless lawyers, property managers, and RE investors all over... This post is a call to all my fellow investors in the Southern Tier of NY. I am creating a new REI club servicing Binghamton and the surrounding areas. Our first meeting is at the Vestal Library, 630pm on Thursday...

Is any wholesaling or flipping mobile homes in the New York Tri-State area? Hi All,My partner and I are analyzing a few potential BRRRR properties in Syracuse, NY and are looking for a Property Manager and Contractor. I am looking to turn over my unit ASAP but I need to get a total rehab done as the tenants did not leave the place in top shape. I need new appliances, floors restored, paint, recessed lighting put in, and more. I recently got involved in doing real estate short sales due to the number of pre foreclosed homes in my local area.