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This has the potential to bring in a lot of new businesses to the area. The track and field is supposed to be nice enough to hold national events. Looking to join the local Louisville KREIA group and curious whether I should do an individual membership or add my property management company as a business membership? Any inside tips of the trade you think could help other investors in Louisville?

The governor said the new round of assistance will help people pay past and future rent, which was not allowed during the first relief package in the spring. Excited for all the opportunity 2021 will be bringing! Local industries such personal loans for bad credit in nj as Humana, USPS, Amazon, and the bourbon industry have been thriving! Restaurants and short term rentals have taken a massive hit.

I am searching for a property manager and general contractor.

Good Morning Everyone,I am from Gorham and new to RE investing.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any groups that meet in our area? I can never find anybody decent, so I end up doing it myself. To my fellow BP colleagues in the Maine area:I have primarily been investing in the South Portland market the last 10 years, but in the last 18 months have been expanding into new Maine markets. I gutted half my home and put an addition on, and as I tore everything apart, it became... So this happened at one of the personal loans for bad credit in nj properties we managed. Accidentally Throws Away the Neighborhood Drug Dealers Stash BagYou may think...

Anybody have any experience with food cart pods or know someone who does? My wife and I are born and raised in Portland Oregon and just started our REI journey. This past August we acquired our first rental property and inherited long term tenants along with an existing lease....

Since the start of COVID-19 has anyone had a difficult time understanding the eviction moratorium? Maybe Westbrook, Scarborough, Gorham, Falmouth, south portland. Can we get a recommendation for a person or company to manage us? I am interested to hear form GCs or investors who have worked with the City of Gresham on new construction. I am looking to buy my first rental property - highly considering multi-family units. I just had a conversation with a real estate pro today. The vibe I got from my conversation this morning was that the loans poor credit Portland... Hi there - Does anyone have any recommendations for a Portland area RE attorney? Looking for someone to help us set up an LLC and provide how to get approved for a loan with bad credit council on deals. Hi All,I wanted to reach out and see if any property managers out there might have a client or clients looking for temporary furnished housing in the Portland areas?

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We are planning our first trip to main February 19th to visit for 3 days. My question is I want to do real estate buy and hold and flipping is Maine capable of this? Now I know the same story that everyone says you can... Does anyone know if this is also available on investement properties? Rising Labor CostIncreased Government SpendingProlonged housing shortages all equal the main pressure pointsInflation is picking up and looks like it will increase over the next 18 monthsa half of a percentage point... I recently decided to look at investment properties in Southern Maine to Portland. Now is the time for anyone thinking about getting started in investing in multi unit housing....... The principle pay day online behind Multi Family investing is growing stronger and stronger... Looking to turn a 2 family into 2 condos and sell each off in VR zone. Then you need to know about Question 1 on the ballot this November 7th. Hey looking for an architect who works in Somerville. Preferably someone loans online bad credit who knows their way through the Somerville zoning department. Lots no credit check signature loans of big changes to Somerville zoning but would love to talk to someone who has...

I have a single family rental that I am trying to do the brrrr strategy with. I have the property under an LLC which seems to have complicated the Refinance part to pull out some of my equity so I can do the repeat...

Looking for some insight on my current rental property in Cambridge, MA.

Do landlords in this market charge for storage space?... Hi BPP,Looking for some assistance here in Cambridge, MA. Doing lots of research, currently live in milton area, moving to Southie in the fall. Any general contractor recommendations would be appreciated. Please let me know why you are recommending the contractor and... Fellow submarine officer and I luckily got stationed in Boston together at the same time. We bought a 2-family in Somerville equidistant from both Davis and Porter squares. Connect with investor-friendly agents who can help you land your next deal. As local experts, they know the Boston market inside and out and can evaluate properties from...

I have bought 2 houses in the past (one sfh in Texas, payroll loans with bad credit one multi in Roxbury) but both were via house hacking and... I am trying to obtain a property through wholesaling. It comes with an extra lot and I am not sure how to calculate the value for that. The area around is pretty developed, so I am not able to a comparison.... For the folks who invest in the Northeast, more specifically Boston, how do you feel about the outlook for 2021? Do you expect any dip in the prices of multis or apartments?

I currently have a BHA section 8 approved recipient looking for a 2 bedroom unit. The first step to acquiring your first investment property is to understand how much you can afford for said... I am can you get a personal using personal loan to pay rent loan with bad credit currently looking at 1,815 sq ft plot of land in Charlestown that is zoned as a 3F.

Here are what I believe to be the most important qualities of an exceptional realtor for your first house hack. Fellow New England property owners,I have a property in Dorchester that frequently gets water in the basement when it rains. I know this is a random request, but everything I have learned so far has been from my laptop or a book. While waiting for my exam date I want to learn about the common...

I believe you need at least 3 months of cash reserves (at least according to 1 lender). How I Run the Numbers on a House HackGood morning my sweet people. This is a real example of a property that I checked out with a client - and I believe it provides insight into how the numbers can look on these...

I have multiple off-market 3-family listings in the dorchester area. They all have extremely strong rent rolls and are in good condition, but they are not for the typical "value-add" investor who is... I am looking to join a brokerage in the near future! I would like to know payday loan bc what offices people have enjoyed being apart of!

Was reading more into Masshousing Conventional Loans this morning... Hi BP Community,Have a SFH, 2 bed 1 bath, that I am looking to install Luxury Vinyl Planking. Its only about 600 sqft of total space I need the flooring for (living room is refinished hardwood). Hi BP Community,I am working on rehabbing my first rental investment, SFH with 2 bed and 1 bath , that I plan to rent out for section 8 tenants in a small town near cape cod. I am looking to network with more Boston investors and I was wondering if you guys knew of any of these groups in particular. I currently live in NYC so this will be out-of-state for me but I grew up in eastern Mass and went to college in western... Hello Fellow investorsI am going through getting the 3 family rehabbed in Springfield MA.

The goal is to have it as a long term buy and hold cash flow property. I am looking into quotes for a large custom made window. I am looking into Jeld Wen, American Craftsman 70 and Paradigm 8300. Is it worth spending the extra cash on a more expensive window? Has anyone ever bought a multi-family that is split between two towns?

Hello, We just foreclosed a 960ft single family that needs personal loans for bad credit in nj work. Cheers,Mazin I have a lead on a property in Wilbraham MA.

I currently live in Newton, MA and the prices around here are crazy for multi... I read a recent article by one of the very best Economist in the Real Estate Business that anticipated growth of 4 to 5 percent occurred in the second quarter. So of coarse now I know lots of horrible information about... Does anyone out there know Rising Labor Cost, increased government spending, and prolonged housing shortages are the main pressure points.

Inflation is picking up and looks to increase over the next 18 monthsa mortgage rate jump from 4 to 4. I just wanted to take the time to reach out and say hello to other investors in the Western Mass area. Good Morning,I am an investor in Springfield, MO that is always on the lookout for SFH to BRRRR, multi-family residential, and commercial real estate. I have been doing this long distance (military) for years, and it... Does anyone know a good property manager in Springfield MA? I am looking for a property manager who provides personal loans for bad credit in nj good service to... Anyone investing in this area interested to meet over a cup of coffee and talk shop? I own 2 adjacent parcels of land on one deed in Granby, each parcel with a single family home on it. I want to do a shared well (private water supply), and everywhere I look on the Mass DEP...

Hi, can anyone recommend a good architect in Worcester MA, for converting 3 units to 4, and for getting permit to knock down a few walls. Also, looing for someone reasonable to draw a floor plan.

Hi there fellow Worcester folks,This subforum is quiet! Anyone have any new deals or have had deals in the past that they want... My partner and I are shopping around for commercial loans for a 5-family we have under contract. I am purchasing an older home (1938) that is stone foundation that I suspect personal loans for bad credit in nj will need some work. I was wondering if someone could give me an estimate for how much it costs to build a duplex in Worcester, MA. I am researching contractors for a rehab loan in the Worcester MA area.

My name is Kerie and I live in Worcester County, Massachusetts. I am a seasoned real estate agent with 12 years of experience.

I originally got into real estate 12 years ago while looking at investment... Hoping for a few recommendations for companies to reach out to (or ones to avoid! Hi all,My partners and I just got a house under contract yesterday in Worcester, MA, and am looking for general contractors.