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But I really like this idea of investing in companies, and I want to know how to get started doing this.

Happy to have your listeners in my syndicate, and I can also point people to other syndicates that I like as well.

Two things about that one, you should align yourself with people who have access to the good deals. Then two, this gets back to diversification thing, you want to be in as many deals as makes sense, because even the people who do this professionally for the last 30 years, never know which company is going to be the company. Even then… By the way, when they first write those checks in those companies, they all have the potential to be trillion dollar businesses.

I know that if things go really poorly, I might break even, or make a little bit of money. But when I go and do an investment in an early stage startup company, for example, basically every time I read a PPM, a prospectus, or I get involved in a syndicate, I will read the words, you are going to lose all your money. But in the early stage company investing world, making 50 or 100 or 1000 times your money, it happens.

You can make 1000 or even 5,000 times your money if you happen to pick the right company Uber, Airbnb. Can you talk to us a little bit about that whole risk versus returns in the angel investing personal loan for people with bad credit world. Can you talk to us a little bit about that risk and reward? Actually, AngelList does a lot of good research on this. I think you probably want to be in at least 20 to 30 to have enough diversification there. By the way, with diversification as… By the way, with public equity stuff and probably real estate private equity to, the absolute best performing funds are going to be concentrated in the winners. By the way, the absolute worst performing funds are going to be concentrated in the losers. In my estimation, and I think the math backs all is it worth getting a school loan to pay rent this up, the best chance of having a very good performing portfolio is to be in a lot of deals.

All I know is you can look at historic performance. The average VC investment goes to zero, the top, top performing funds are literally stupid. One goes to two… Here, one went to 10 over that exact same time. Typical multifamily deal is going to be four to six years before you buy, renovate, stabilize, and then resell the asset. Is it a two-year investment, a 20 year investment, somewhere in between? Jonathan:I think you should assume five to 10, and the longer, the better, right? How many deals do you invest in per year, and how do you find them and what are the types of things you are looking for that gives your fun confidence in a company?

The three things that matter with the venture investment is team, product and market. In inverse order, is the market big enough to support a venture sized business, right? What secrets does this team know that nobody else knows? Why are they able to build a product instant personal loan approval better than anybody else? For me, personally, the things that I have to be vaguely interested… More than vaguely, I have to be interested. Lucky for me, I think, or lucky for the types of companies I work with, a lot of things interest me, especially when it comes to real estate. What is on the horizon, and coming up for your AngelList syndicates, for your prop tech fund, what is coming up in your world? I never had this 10 year vision when I sat down 10 years ago, like 2010 going to business school saying, I want to wake up 10 years from now and have these three things. The nice thing also, sorry, I know I went on a tangent there. For me, all three of those things, which really is just two things, which is SquareFoot, and my angel investing are extremely symbiotic.

I have seen tremendous returns, not necessarily from a dollars and cents perspective, but personal loan for people with bad credit also from a dollars and cents perspective with me doing both.

Me investing makes me better prepared when we go through our financing processes, because I know what investors look at and what their hot buttons are and what you need to be speaking to. Thankfully, for me, my hobby makes me better at my day job. Here, doing all my angel investing actually does and vice versa, running SquareFoot makes me better angel investor. We could talk about 10 examples of historic market dislocations and the fortune that were made coming out of them.

But when I walk into my office, real estate is still payday loans in columbia sc done another way. I mentioned we have PivotDesk and FLEX by SquareFoot which are options that help services and product that we have here at SquareFoot only, that bring flexibility to the market. Well with that said, I think this is a good place to jump into the final segment of our show, which we call the four more.

Jonathan, what was your very first or your very worst job and what lessons did you take from it that you quick poor credit loans still use today? I was 15 or 16 and I delivered pizzas for a summer, and then part of whatever a year after that in high school was. I think the challenge that a lot of people have, by the way that I had until pretty recently, actually unfortunately is not recognizing that was part of it. Yeah, that was a good one, especially for real estate cash advance loans next day loans to apply for brisbane folks.

That was the four part of the four more, now for the more personal loan for people with bad credit part of the four more, can you tell our listeners where they can connect with you, where they can find out more about SquareFoot, your company, maybe where they can find out more about your syndicates or your prop tech fund, anything you want our listeners to know?

Actually, you can make it even easier, we can also move it the show notes. But in my Twitter bio is a link to both my syndicate and my fund. Would love to have any of you all along for the personal loan for people with bad credit ride. We appreciate you being here with us, and this has been a great topic. So, I know our listeners are really going to get a whole lot out of this. I look forward to having you back in a couple of years to talk about both how your fund is doing and how SquareFoot is doing and growing. Absolutely loved all of his discussions about SquareFoot as well as AngelList.

Jay, I think there was one thing Jonathan said… There are so many things, of course, but one thing that resonated with me so well in terms of real estate and prop tech, he said that because of technology, everything in our life has changed so substantially, but real estate really is just done the same.

We are at this time right now, where we are on the cusp of prop tech just exploding, and there is so much opportunity at this time.

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