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Hello BP, My name is Joe, married and I live and work in Edmonton, AB, Canada. I stumbled unto BP a few months ago because I was interested in real estate and wanted to educate myself more on it. I am new to real estate and own one property in Grande Prairie, AB. Due to COVID-19 and oil prices, Alberta economy has suffered badly. Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows of any investor meetups in Calgary, AB Canada. My partner and I are looking to get into the Calgary, AB market and we want to start building our network. If any of you have any referrals payroll loan collector jailtime for a good realtor, contractor, property... Anyone successfully doing BRRR methods in Calgary AB, Canada in the last couple years?

It would be amazing if you have examples of what you did.

What area, what the purchase price was, how much it appraised for, before... Hi All,I have been looking at the different platforms for real estate data and am curious if there is any real difference between them? Hi,I was wondering if anyone on here does rental by the room and where you got insurance? I am looking to rent out a 7 bedroom single family home by the room and so far have not found an insurer that will cover me.

Just curious to hear if anyones used any of these strategies and wants to share how it went for them. Im taking barry mcguires rapid cash flow program cheap interest loans right now so i hope to do some in the near future. So as a beginner with very payroll loan collector jailtime payroll loan collector jailtime little downpayment for an investment to flip.

I was hoping to learn more about this investing by 1st payroll loan collector jailtime maybe doing 10 paper deals to also grow my personal capital and if one or two look too... Hi there,I am super get a personal loan today new to real estate investing and am looking for my first rental property in the Edmonton area,I was curious to see if anyone has any recommendations on any realtors who have experience with helping... All,Looking very much like I will be going through my first rental eviction in Alberta (non payment of Rent).

Are there any Alberta investors who can share with me quick cash loans north augusta their rental eviction template? I was up there about 10 years ago I bid on a commercial property and got out bid by Canadian super store.. Hello all, I just want to gather some interest to see if any investors on this board would like to meet up in Edmonton? Also, I would like to use the condo as an investment property (i.

I am looking to do a flip in the Edmonton area either near whyte ave west of 99th st or walking distance to West Edmonton Mall.

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The Lrt will be there before to long and were looking to use Air B N B.

I just lost the contract on a deal as conventional financing let me down too late in the timeline to be able to recover from.

HI All,I am a Calgary Landlord and looking to evict a tenant from my property.

The issue is that I have entered into an option to purchase agreement. I am looking to liquidate the property ASAP and will return their...

Have you ever been unsure about how to analyze and evaluate a real estate deal? But I am a plumber by trade and have been plumbing for...

I have had real estate on my mind for about a year now and have been attempting to learn as much as possible before buying my first rental property... Share some stories about how you started out and where it has lead you! I come from a family of Entrepreneurs, I learned early on that working for someone was not going to make my dreams of financial freedome come true.... If any investors in Winnipeg area want to discuss real estate investing over coffee or after playing sports(I play volleyball, basketball or soccer) that would be great. I am relatively new to BP and trying to 100 approval loans grow my , business, and learning as I go. Hi everyone, I thought it would be a short term installment loan good idea to buy an investment property with two other partners... The place is a solid investment but one of the patenters went crazy and is being an unimaginable pain.... I was recently in touch with a sales rep from a MF development comprised of Townhouses and Condos that I have been looking to invest in. I was told that the condos are designated as "Market Rental" and cannot be owner... We personally have transitioned from purchasing Turn...

Hi,I currently own a home in Cloverdale and have built up quite a bit of equity in it and would like to buy a 2nd rental house.

Hey all, investor based out of Abbotsford, BC but also have holdings elsewhere in Canada.

Hello BP, I am looking for an architect in Kelowna, BC with experience in small multi family buildings that is reasonable in price. I am struggling to avoid a commercial loan, my local broker is not having any luck with a residential loan (he has 2 lenders that are still looking) on a 5plex and the fees are so that a commercial... What are the downsides of purchasing a mobile home... I am sure Victoria is expense and a bit tough these days, but maybe outlying areas? Hey Guys, I was wondering is it possible for us to get a foreclosure list like our friends in the south do or does it violate a privacy law? I googled it and some websites come up but its hard to tell if any of them...

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I would like to meet other people who are investing in the Surrey, BC area and hopefully learn from their experience. Seek advice on getting started and maintaining a long successful career in real estate investing. Hello all, I am a new investor that has been doing a lot of research into REI over the last 3-4 months. Currently I own the condo I live in in Surrey, BC, and am hoping to acquire my first rental property this year. BC Assessment posted updated property assessed values on January 1st, 2019, assessed on July 1, 2018. I use these values as a conservative value when calculating my networth. Since the active housing market resulted in ballooning prices should BC be prepared for a market correction in the coming months or years? Hi everyone,I am an investor in Vancouver BC, and am looking for recommendations for a mortgage specialist here. So far, all of my deals have been privately financed. Hello Everyone,My business partner and I have been working hard to put together a real estate meet up group in Victoria BC on Vancouver Island. We bring in monthly guest speakers from real estate agents, mortgage...

Single family (if the numbers are right), duplex to fourplex. First time posting, so please advise if more info is... Hello, I recently moved to NB and am looking to bad credit secured personal loans invest in small multifamily units in the Moncton area. I am investing mainly for cash flow with a budget of about 200-300k. I am new to investing in multi-family real estate and have been looking payroll loan collector jailtime in NB specifically Stain John.

The prices in Indiantown and West Saint John are very attractive for multi family even if the buildings are in need... Hello everyone,I and my wife are buying a house in Moncton, NB Canada and we got our first offer accepted.

Our agent recommended a guy named Chris Chapman from... My husband and I finally decided to make the move from BC to moncton, NB.

We have been looking for a good multifamily property, a duplex, with descent returns but starting to realize they are flying!!!... Hi all, I really appreciate all the wisdom that is shared so freely here on BP! Hey everyone, I am looking for more information on commercial investing in the 3 cities in NB. I have payroll loan collector jailtime experience with SFHs but want to take a look at something different.

I am currently looking for a multi-unit building to brrrr for my first investment. Looking to develop relationships with wholesalers in Sussex, Morris and Parts of Passaic Counties apply for payday loan online (West Milford, Ringwood areas) in New Jersey.

I am considering real estate investing in Newfoundland Canada. I will soon retire from the US military with a pension and we are looking for investment opportunities. Looking to connect with other Prince Edward Island investors. The PEI market has been very interesting over the past few years. But what would be my most important next step to finding out how to invest out of province? The purpose of this post is to create a localized source of knowledge to online unsecured personal loans provide solutions to the issues and challenges faced when investing in Nova ScotiaOne such problem of mine is finding affordable single family... Hi everyone, Currently in Halifax but considering investing in income properties in rural towns in NS (i. Hi I am new to investing in Truro NS and surrounding areas and, and looking to expand my network and make friends who are involved in real estate. Can anyone recommend a PM company that operates in the Truro area. I need to touch base for a long distance interview on a property I plan on possibly purchasing. In Nova Scotia ( Truro NS specifically) would Multiplex rental units be taxed at the residential tax rate or the commercial tax rate? In the case of the property I am looking at, the ad says that the property is zoned... I apologize for possible ignorance here, but has anyone seen the official details for the joint (federal and provincial) rent relief for commercial tenants? Would love to hear more about folks thoughts on currently investing in Halifax(HRM). Hi BP rock stars,I am aware that in Halifax NS, the tenant is not required to provide SIN. Under this condition, how do you usually conduct background and credit check if the applicant is not willing to disclose this... I have a 3 unit apartment (I live in one of the units) and have recently started looking into flipping. I currently have my red seal and have been practicing... We will have our 4th Bigger Pockets meetup on January 20, 2019around 1pm in Truro. It is a casual "meet and greet and go with the flow discussion". Under the guidance of my friend (business partner) who has been an active... Would like to hear how some of you are balancing the two. My wife and I are looking to get our first income property. I found a multi-unit that I believe would cashflow here in Saskatchewan, Canada.