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And then we hopefully want to move into multi-family.

How you financed it, what the rehab looked like and now what it ended up being at after you sold it. And then it got back on the market and dropped like 15,000. They had multiple stalling, so we knew everything around here has been going over asking like… So we ended up putting an offer in 92,100.

We went with SharePoint lending out of Louisville, Kentucky. So our total is like 126,000 that we have available to draw from them as construction draws. But the house is worth around 200,000, so we should make around 40,000, I think by the end. So we would take the draw, we painted the whole exterior of the house and we paid ourselves for doing that, so we paid like 1,500. We paid another company at another house demo work, so we just use that for us. We do some contract out, certain things like our electric, our water, or like plumbing. This company had done another roof for us, but then they came to quote this one and quoted it like 22,000 for all new roof, some siding, soffit, fascia, gutters. Especially if you go off of the inspection report, that would be what I would start doing is get the inspection report, figure out what needs to be done off of that. It definitely is a lot easier once you get your first deal done, because you can use that as like reference for what future deals will cost.

If you have an investor friendly realtor, a lot of times they can give you some decent ballparks on what rehab costs might be. So said that you assume rehab costs are going to be 10,000, you do your inspection quick pay loans report, that comes back, you have a contractor go through all during your due diligence phase. Tony:I want to talk to you also now, Jacqueline about actually selling this property. I guess, what has your thoughts been on trying to sell these properties? It was in a more C class area of our little town, which is not a horrible road or anything, but we were iffy on that. Jacqueline:We actually got an offer about a week later. So we went and looked at a property on the MLS and there was an open house. They had 27 people that had gone through the open house already and it was just an hour long open house. They had already had four offers in, and then I think they had a total of maybe seven offers the next day when the offers were due. So it just depends, but most of them are going multiple offers. Tony:Now, you mentioned earlier, Jacqueline that you guys were planning to profit about 40K on this deal. Can you walk us backwards on how you calculated that profit?

We knew half the house was older and then half the house was brand new, the direct payday loans san jose ca payday lenders for bad credit no teletrack installment loans sub floor underneath of that looked awesome.

There was the sub floor, which was hardwood, and then they had two layers of drywall, and then they had carpet padding and carpet. We just broke down every item, how much we were going to spend or what our budgets should be for it. And then the insurance is like 380 somewhere in there for three months.

Took all of our tools and everything, so we had to file a claim.

So we had up to 5,000 and we made it, it was almost about 5,000 total. So they gave us a check for about 2,500 back since our deductible was 2,500. The monthly cost would just be if your data plan payday loans san jose ca runs out, which is normally like 25 bucks, I think to buy a card for it. Especially if you only have the property for like three months then. Someone who has really helped you grow and accelerate your real estate business. Ashley:Would it be like a welcome video to them as to like these are the processes of how the tenant-landlord relationship goes? That would help me be investor-friendly and everything, so that would be your main thing to do.

So for the listeners, if you guys want to get your question on the show, just call 18885 Rookie, leave a voicemail and we might use it on the show. I am currently a manager at a coffee shop, so our income is not very vast, I would say. And just things like that, just different alternatives to even using hard money, which is going to be harder if you have so much debt. But definitely start with the meetups, maybe see if his wife will go with him and just kind of hear them out. So would that be something that you recommend to people, is getting a part-time job, working for someone online direct payday loan lenders who is investing or who is payday loans san jose ca a realtor and maybe starting out and seeing if you would actually like to get your license? I just got lucky this year, she got her office here in our town and so it worked out, we could work together. And even if you have to float around to a few places like go to a property management company, work for them. Just get their systems down, figure out how they do it, deal with tenant relationships and inspecting their apartments and everything. Ashley:And one bad credit unsecured loans instant decision thing to add onto that too is show them the numbers.

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And you can see what would work for your partner to, are they a numbers person where they want to see those numbers?

And so, yeah, I just thought… We just had to figure out what worked for us. The paperwork and that side just is not going to be his thing. Ashley:And the fact that you made it so that he could quit his full-time job too, had to be a nice incentive to show him like, hey, we can make this happen. No, it felt like, oh, three more years and it was like pillar to him to hear like some many more years, but it just we took the jump. Now, Jacqueline, before we let you go, we want to ask you just a couple more questions to get to know you a little bit better. So I guess my first question for you is what tools or software are you guys using what do you need to get a loan to help support your flips?

Are you guys managing this through like Excel and text messages?

Or do you have some kind of really cool website, just what tools or software you guys use bad credit loans in pa it? So I would share that with anyone if they need something to get started. Our tax person loves it, but I decided this past week, I wanted to start using QuickBooks with my tax advisor.

Tony:The Excel file, are you using it just to track the expenses or? But I save up all my receipts, I try to go through once a week and payday loans san jose ca just enter them all in and try to reconcile with my bank.

Instead of just make my bank have like a, I guess I call it a ledger, and I keep all my bank accounts in there and that way I can sync everything, make sure it syncs on there and then it syncs on payday loans san jose ca to my spreadsheet. I know everyone loves documents and resources that advisors could share. Not the Aaron Chapman that you all had on the podcast the other day, which I got another story I wanted to tell you on that. Anyway, so this Aaron Chapman is with Security National Bank, and I have other information. They payday loans san jose ca are out of Arizona, but they specialize in investors. I just use my app to upload all my documents and all our income and everything, and it was like the best process ever. So I could also email you his sheet that he sent over their basic information on terms and everything. He started talking about his track clicks or his duplex he got with that single family. Ashley:Look, just what you explained right there, that short little bit. Ashley:My question for you is, what are some must haves that you have to do for flips in your area?

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Is it every flip has to have granite, is it every house needs to have air conditioning? But no, just I think all fresh new paint, new flooring, just cleaned up. Ashley:Thank you so much for sharing everything with us. And can you tell everyone a little bit about where they can reach you and find out some more information? So if you want to say more about the flips that we are on now that I talked about, you can get on there and check out our progress. We definitely had a great time listening to your story and make sure everyone checks out biggerpockets. The team at Memphis Investment Properties provides fully renovated Turnkey properties in Memphis, Tennessee. With in-house property management, their Turnkey model allows you to passively grow your rental portfolio with properties in one of the best cash flowing markets in the country. In fact, crunching numbers is one of the things Policygenius does best. Their insurance marketplace makes it easy to compare rates from the top home and auto insurance companies to find you the best price. Not one, not two, but three real estate rookies join us on the first Real Estate Rookie episode of 2021! Beth Henson, Jackson Seedott, Jordan Crockett all started their real estate investing careers in 2020, but are in different stages of the game. They each have contrasting strategies, goals, and visions for 2021, making this interview even more interesting! Beth is also flipping houses as well and has a BIG revenue goal to hit in 2021 for her flipping business.

Jackson is still looking to get his first deal top 10 loan companies under contract but made a very impressive personal finance transition in the 2020. He doubled down on his side business during COVID-19 and has seen revenue triple, which is going directly into his investing fund. Jordan bought a duplex within that 90 day timespan and house hacks one side of it. These 3 investors talk about their visions for 2021, how they accomplished success in 2020, and what new investors can review how easy is it to inquire loans do to maximize their efforts for the coming year. And Tony, I wanted to say thank you in person very much. I got it the day… I think it was the day before Christmas, too. And we do a really cool deep dive of what they did in 2021, or what they did in 2020.