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You always want to create a paper trail, letting people know what they agreed to, what next steps are, those type of things because number one, people could forget about their commitments. Number two, people could conveniently forget about their commitments, right? In the real estate world, we often work through real estate agents and brokers and other fiduciaries that represent us. Are there any tips there that you can help us with? What incentives perhaps, perverse incentives does the agent have that might be contrary to what the principal wants, right? As you go through the preparation after you download those free guides of course, you strategically short term loan interest rate think through all of the players because we often make the mistake of assuming that the other side is a monolith. I am cool with logging these hours, okay, but for you, your hourly rate diminishes the more work you do. What I want to do is I want to make clear to the other side the distinction between agent and principle. As a lawyer, the code of professional responsibility precludes me from talking to the client. I need to communicate to the client through the lawyer in a really specific type of way.

I think really when it comes down to it, you just need to be mindful about the tensions and mindful about the different interests for the parties at the table, because everybody has different interests. If you understand that, you can adjust your strategy accordingly. For me, the messier, the better, the more emotional, the better. I talk about that in my book Finding Confidence in Conflict, and the TED talk with the same name and because I like to test the skills. Kobe Bryant was talking about how when he made the transition from high school to the NBA, one of the most challenging things was the fact that he was going from a 20-game season to an 80-game season.

One of the most important things for us to remember is maintaining our form throughout the discussion. The messier it gets, the more emotional, the more hostile it gets, the closer you need to payday loans in san diego stick to your form. No, the nastier it gets, the stronger you hold to the payday loans in san diego compassionate curiosity framework. You notice I am not mirroring that level of emotionality in that situation. Arthur Ash, for instance, in tennis said for the novice tennis player, you are going to be incredibly successful if you are not a professional, if you can simply keep the ball in play five times.

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How do we figure it out and what do we do to make that happen? You say no to any deal that is not better than your BATNA. BATNA is a fancy negotiation term for best alternative to a negotiated agreement. You are only as strong as your next best option, right? If something changes on your end, you come back to us and let us know.

Now, they have to look like a loser if they come back to me, right? Even if it is a legit and illegitimate bluff, payday loans in san diego they can still come back under the guise of something changing on their end. When I do that, I basically close the door on myself. In that situation, what we want to do is do some research to figure out what most likely is their best alternative. What power and leverage gets you is the ability to receive concessions from the other side without needing to give commensurate recessions to the other side, right? When you have power, a lot of times that will manifest itself in the form of time, right?

I want to talk a little bit about your book and your podcast, but I do have one more question because this comes up in well most negotiations in our space, in boa small dollar loans the real estate space. Okay, I make an offer to the other party, or maybe the other party makes an offer to me, or counters an offer to me and their offer or counter offer is unreasonable. What is the right response in that situation payday loans for self employed because it happened so, so often? Kwame:Yeah, there are a couple ways that you could approach it. They give an extreme counter, then you give an extreme counter, right? That is re-anchoring, so they come up with an anchor, an aggressive response, and then you respond aggressively, that often leads to deadlock though. In most situations, like why would I put myself in that situation? The more you talk about something, the realer it becomes. Their anchor, I will never repeat that number, I will never repeat that offer, I will not write it down.

However, I am interested to know what it is that you payday loans denver co payday loans in san diego need in this situation. There is another strategy where you are trying to get the other person negotiate against themselves. They make an offer, not good enough, make another offer, and I am going to play that game as long as you let me.

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Based on that alone, I think we should just step away and then consider our other alternatives, but if something changes on your end, let me know.

You have a book called Finding Confidence in payday loans in san diego Conflict: How to Negotiate Anything and Live Your Best Life.

Can you tell us a little bit about who that book is for? I can guess, but I want to hear you say who that book is for, and what will we get out of that book.

Kwame:Yeah, the book is designed for the most emotional types of negotiations, the people that are close to us and those heated business negotiations where emotions are going to be one of the central issues. The first step in any negotiation, the first step in anybody who wants to learn negotiation, teaching the compassionate curiosity framework, acknowledge and validate emotions, get curious with compassion and joint problem solving because this is something that you can use in every single conversation that you have. The first half of the book is all about overcoming those challenges, and then the second half of the book is all about bad credit small loans how you can actually put this framework into action into different situations. Oh, this leadership focused one can actually tell me how I can manage my team more effectively and manage them remotely. We have a producer now, and she tries to stump me with reactions. What can we learn from this in terms of psychology, negotiation, relationship building? Then I just have to go and do a monologue off the cuff.

You did a TEDx talk in Dayton called Finding Confidence in Conflict, and you can find that I assume on YouTube. I do want to give you an opportunity to let our listeners know where they can find out more about you, where they can connect with you, anything else you want to talk about, or mention before we wrap this one up. The American Negotiation Institute has a website, Americannegotiationinstitute. Seemed like a great URL at the time, but it is incredibly long, so apologies for that, but you can find all of our content there and of course, the podcast and connect with me on LinkedIn. Of all the social media platforms, that is the best one to reach me. We really appreciate you taking the time and you sharing your wisdom and expertise. That seriously was such a great episode, so many knowledge bombs dropped by Kwame, excellent information.

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Every single step of the way, I love how back in the beginning of the show he talked about the fact that negotiation really has some issues around its branding, right? He was somebody that I feel like I could have on the show 20 or 30 times. We will see you next week on another amazing episode of the BiggerPockets Business Podcast.

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