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Later this investor calls me and asks me if I know anything about a lender he had found. I told the investor that the party he was asking about was not a direct lender, but was a broker who had brought me some loans I had funded.

The broker strung this borrower along all the way to the closing table at the title company. Apparently an attempt to get the borrower to sue the shell "lender" and not the broker. About a year later I run into the borrower at a real estate event. The broker had fled to Argentina, the borrower payday loans in houston tx no credit check asked the district attorney to file criminal charges and extradite the broker. When lenders or brokers offer financing that is either complicated or outside of the norm, I know to tread slowly. The better something sounds that is contrary to the norm, your BS Meter should sound off and light up. While everyone, to a degree has a BS Meter (most people get one in junior highschool and it is developed with common sence over time) some have units that need to be calibrated.

The best way to calibrate your BS Meter is to study the subject in a conventional manner. Just because someone says they have a degree in finance or they passed a mortgage brokerage exam or even a bar exam, does not give them credibility in real estate financing. The subject is not mr t cash till payday taught in depth in any formal educational program. Pay particular attention to what is known payday loans in houston tx no credit check as "prudent lending practices".

These are the conventionally accepted norms ofoperations that any prudent lender would follow in making a real estate loan. If someone says they can get financing under terms or conditions that do not follow these guidelines (which is possible) expect to pay more in fees and interest rates to compensate for the additional risks associated with these variances from the norm. Those who usually get ripped off are those who are desperate. They have poor credit or insufficient capital, maybe both. They are willing to trust those who tell them what they want to hear. There is an old saying: Financing is the key to real estate that opens doors for you. The biggest problem I see for many investors is that begin by listening to guru programs orfollowing the advice of other investors as they insist on skipping the basics and diving straight into something they see as having a profit potential. They fail to accomplish any due diligence with themselves.

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As fast as rules, regulations and laws are changing today, following the advice of another investor might just take you down a road to make the same mistakes that investor makes and your mentor may not know the difference. Your BS Meter should go off as any lender presents something that varies from the norm, they further away they get, the louder it should be blasting in your head! Not providing a loan committment in a timely manner. This means a good committment that is not contingent on verifications or committee reviews! Only having one qualified appraiser to appraise a property. If the applicant is paying for an appraisal, there should not be an "in-house" appraiser. And, Loan fees should be estimated at the time of application, even in commercial deals!!!!! If that lender has been making SBA loans, they know about what an environmental report will cost. They will know what bond fees will be and what underwriting fees will be by the investor.

Residential properties (owner or non-owner occupied) may vary widely from one region to another. Brokers are nowrequired to disclose premiums received as well as all other loan costs in a Good Faith Estimate of Loan Costs.

I have seen people call foul when the per diem interest was estimated at some two digit figure and then end up being in the high three digits. This is not a scam, it depends on the actual closing takes place. If the borrower need cash today bad credit is aware that there are credit problems, credit should be viewed first before spending other loan fees. Loan scams are usually found by big name lenders who provide loans on line.

They require you to submit a credit card number to pay for the fees before speaking with a loan originator. The originator is pretty much a sales person to "get the ball rolling". People have called back within minutes of the on line application to stop the process and the originator did not stop anything. Even after being assured your loan request is terminated or cancelled, a few days later you might see someone stop in front of the property and take a picture from their car. The BBB only tells you if anyone has filed a complaint, not that the company is in good standing.

The clerk at the BBB may not even tell you the truth either, especially if ABC Bank is amember and provides hefty contributions to the office party!

Call the local police department and ask for the fraud division and ask them if thatname has crossed their desk!

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Now, in fairness, a large bank or lender may have several cases so you have to consider the amount of business they conduct and understand that if they file a floreclosure action, the borrower may have filed a counter suit. But not finding your lender there might be a good thing. But the best way to no when you are dealing with pure BS, is knowing what is definitely not BS, that would be programs that sound like they conform to prudent lending practices, rules, regulations and laws! Throw it in the trash with the credit card applications! You ask for references and they quote BS confidentiality agreements. Then they say my favorite "there has been a funding delay". We need to talk to the lender to see what the delay is. Few weeks later they say there is still a delay but it will be cleared up soon.

There are companies that take upfront apply for a personal loan with bad credit fees and never perform or they close one out of every 10 apps they get. This way there is info floating out there that they closed a deal with this company. If they need money for an appraisal,due diligence etc. If they balk they are padding the fees and up charging you or they are taking fees and never doing any work on the loan. I think these companies take upfront fees and then string the loan out as long as possible before saying the loan was denied. Think about if they take 50 loans at 50,000 a pop that is 2. Invest that money to make interest while you hold it for home loan for vacation rental qulifications 6 months and payday loans in houston tx no credit check they just made a mint off of your coin. To be fair some buyers go for a loan and never submit all documentation or fib about their credit or reserves or that the money they have to put down is borrowed or locked up into another deal. This can make a broker do a ton of upfront work for nothing and can burn a relationship with the legit lender doing the loan by wasting their time. If people are chasing money right now you may try your local credit union.

I want to re-emphasize the advice to google people and companies you are about to do business with. Without mentioning names, there are people right here on BP (unfortunately) whom I have googled and found surprising information. Court actions are frequently available online and so if you google the person with their name in quotes, you may be amazed. So you may not be hit with an appraisal fee, but you may have a site visit fee.

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Big upfront fees to evaluate or find a loan should be a big red flag.

But once the loan is committed, payments toward title and attorney fees are common and appropriate. Its not as if they do any vetting of payday loans in houston tx no credit check their members. This is true but if the lender is a new BBB member. If he has been a member for a while then there might be complaints filed against them. In fact, I spent a half hour listening to a guru type person talk about his idea for wholesaling and it was through a google search on his name that I found this forum! In the last month, I ran into 3 different people in foreclosure that all contacted the same institution of Attorneys in LA. This Attorney network is marketing "STOP FORECLOSURE" services.

These services include illegal and illegitimate loan practices.

They start by contacting the Trust Company and the first deed lender with a bunch of legal BS. This is to start a paper chase for the first trust deed. The first trust deed must now notify the second that it will need to protect itself, so that it will not get wiped out at trustee sale.

Please be very careful with notes that are not legitimate. This illegal disservice may stall the foreclosure sale, but inevitably will not stop the sale. In addition you could find yourself in court well after the foreclosure sale is over for these illegal matters. Bottom easy approval personal loans line is whatever lenders call it they are junk fees. The lender is trying to make a small spread and still get paid regardless if it closes or funds. When they do not payday loans in houston tx no credit check get paid until it closes you will bet they are looking very intently at their funding sources. You want a lender that will work hard to get you the best rates and only get paid when they perform. Do not fall for a loan with an upfront fee that sound to good to be true because it probably is!!

In Nevada, a lot of hard money lenders have been sued by their investors and borrowers, and you can find out a lot about the character of the lender you are using by reading the lawsuits they are involved in. Anyone can join Pacer and review all of the BK documents. Very handy for finding out the truth about their financial capacity. Many lenders or loan officers or brokers will lie, cheat and steal when they are in financial trouble.