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Anyone know the statute of limitations for an audit? The last photo is priceless--a group portrait of the firefighters casually posing in front of a house on fire.

Many of their family and friends were there taking pictures. Most had never seen their family members at a fire before and may never get the chance again. At first, reading the title of the blog, I thought this was a strategy of collecting insurance money...

They collected insurance proceeds for more than the building was worth. The first one owned an apartment building that burned down, the second owned a commercial building that burned down, the third had a group of houses that flooded. The first guy asked the third: "How did you arrange for the payday loans in ga no credit check flood?

I had a dispute with the City over how to connect to the sewer. There is a gap in the sewer in front of the property. The original house was tied in to the rear and that should be sufficient for the new houses. The City wants me to construct the sewer in the front. At first, reading the title of the blog, I thought this was a strategy of collecting insurance money... They collected insurance proceeds for more than the building was worth. The lot was barely large enough to qualify for a split--it is only 126 feet wide. Donating to the fire department would be a valid option for many people.

I am glad that you enjoyed this but there is a lot of interesting material available on BP. Thanks for a great story and a really unique idea for tax deduction combined with community goodwill. And what a great way to give back to the community and provide hands on training for those firefighters. This was the best house warming party I have ever attended. One of the firemen had his parents visiting from out of state. They were supposed to go back home a couple days before the burn but they changed what apps do instant payday loans their flight because they had never seen their son at work before. Hi, could you be more specific on the actual numbers in the tax deduction. I have a long line of relatives in Chicago who are fireman and payday loans in ga no credit check this cleveland home repair loan fifth third type of training is crucial to their skill.

That included the value of the property (as determined by the appraisal) and the expenses (the cost of the appraisal, the charge to disconnect the utilities, the asbestos inspection, the demo permit, etc. This was a large deduction for me so I attached a copy of the appraisal to my tax return when I filed and the IRS never questioned it. That is a fantastic idea and really great way to offset a lot of taxes.

The deduction allowed me to jump start my self-directed IRA by transferring money from my SEP IRA. That transfer would have been a taxable event but the deduction from the donation covered the taxes which would have been due.

Glad you put this option out there for the BP community.

Not something most people would know about or consider. My parents sold one of their rental houses years ago when they were retiring and moving out of state. A few years later, it was to get demoed for commercial construction (it was at the corner of a busy street, so when combined with the other lot behind it, it was to become a large medical center). The fire department was given the same opportunity you describe here, where they used it for training purposes and burned it down.

In this area there were not very many vacant lots (it is in the city) and finding a comp sale for the lot was very difficult. It was also a bit difficult finding an appraiser who would take the job. The appraiser I used was recommended by my accountant. They were able to stage different types of exercises in different parts of the house. This was a good thing to do and, besides, I like to watch fires.

People are more likely to invest time in you, if they see you have already invested some time and effort. As J Scott says above, asking for someone to "Mentor" you implies a responsibility.

Even the most generous friend may not want to make a time and responsibility commitment of being a "Mentor" Remember the goal is to find someone to help and guide you. The most successful people, are successful online loans fast because they leverage Other Peoples Resources. I have a hard time paying the nationally famous Guru. They are trying to sell another book or a seminar to grow their bank account. But that does not mean that if you find a local one on one mentor that I expect that person take time outof their day and not be compensated for it. Gave me good insights on how to start my REI journey. It is always nice to hear when people appreciate what I write. Im like a typical day is me answering phone calls and emails...

Most of my time is unplanned, I do what needs to be done at the moment. Knowing a day or three ahead what is a good day to shadow me is pretty hard to guess.

How you came to have your business partner is inspiring. This gives payday loans in ga no credit check me more motivation to start looking at networking from different perspectives. I was looking for a mentor direct online installment loans relationship or so I thought. I figured, what the heck, if I mess up then I mess up. They are great if you have one, but mentors will come and go in your life. You can learn much of what you need here on BP You will find as you build a base of knowledge someone will be more likely to mentor you. I can tell you that the attitude of many experienced investors is, "if you are not willing to learn at lest some very basic stuff on your own. I was encouraged by the advice you gave to newbies who feel they may have nothing to offer.

Thank you so much for this post and the encouragement to move forward with or without a mentor. The better you know your market the easier this becomes. Along the way, looking at deals you may bump into the perfect fast cash loans with no credit check mentor.

I need to do a better job at asking people to help me and knowing what I can offer in return. The value of a real estate investing course is often inversely proportional to the price. In other words some of the best material is the cheapest.

Account Closed glad to hear that even the spammers like my postKyara Gray yes there are a ton here from baltimore. You can often find me at payday loans in ga no credit check the BWI meetup or the Monday 12:00 investor lunches and Spirits west on wilkens ave.

Marie Tolentino thank you for the comment and the complimentRichard Paton That is the way to do it.

I also saw a fellow member that I meet at a local convention back in March, He was the headline speaker!

I felt a lot better from scared to confident to pursue my real estate wholesaling investing learning process.. Good tips and techniques to find people who is willing to share some thoughts, expertise but don t forget to share to and not to receive only attitude!! We have a 3 family in Hartford, 1 property in Baltimore and have another under contract to wholesale. Switching markets can be a challenge so having a mentor is need 5000 loan key to success. Your article hit the nail on the head regarding the importance of your approach and networking. Hopefully our paths continue to cross as we expand our business and network in Baltimore. Glad to see BiggerPockets has a strong Baltimore following! This get loan fast post is very useful for all real estate investors. While a mentor can be very helpful, don t wait on a mentor to start moving forward. If you have marketing experience that are lots of investors who can use help in that area. Good luck - Ned Thanks for putting this together Ned....

Finding a mentor was high on my list and one of the first items on my agenda after signing up for BP. I just signed up yesterday and I m really impressed by the level of engagement on here. You made a great point and one I was thinking quite frankly. I studied Online Marketing for the past 2 years and have had some small successes. You payday loans in ga no credit check can online payday loans for bad credit meet investors an real estate groups, auctions, or even stop in at a property being rehabbed. Talk to those you meet and if you connect offer to take them to lunch. Good luck - Ned Hi again Ned, I just read your answer to Doni Healy, and I am going to the MarketPlace forum to place my request for a mentor and financial help. Thanks again, you are a great resource for information! It also never occurred to me until reading your article that my years of experience as a property manager would come in useful and probably be a great asset to a mentor. I d be very grateful to speak with you if you could spare a little time.

I m going to try and email you but I m new here so I m not sure that s an option.

Thanks Mark Updegraff, That does sound good maybe I should reread it :-) I am not near as good at leveraging other people as I should be.

I especially like this line: The most successful people, are successful because they leverage Other bad credit payday lenders Peoples Resources. It is very common for people to take for granted what they offer when they want something else.

Thank you Ned for giving me confidence to ask for a mentor. I realize that I can bring a lot to the table for the right person. I realize that if I put all my talents together I would make a good Project Manager. I mentor people in the area of Wholesaling, Owner Financing, Lease Options, and Private Money - payday loans springfield il JV Partnership Marketing. Small business skills are learned over time: Sales, Marketing, Negotiation, Promotion, Bookeeping, Hiring and DOL regs, Networking, Referral Prospecting, Cold Prospecting, etc. Then real estate investing needs info on legal contracts, property inspection, valuation of property, city building codes and violations, title education, BK Ch 7 and 13, divorce, probate, etc. The starting skills are talking to sellers, and getting a letter of intent, then offering win win arrangements. I find this is a critical skill, if you can do this skill well, you can get started. That is my opinion, and I know other folks have different ideas. I have rune 4 small businesses in finance and insurance, so that comes in handy. I thought I would just ask any new REI this:What are you REALLY willing to do, or willing to give up, to learn this business well? Of all of the occupations I have tried, researched, pondered, and read about over the years, there is none which compares to mine. I often work in my pajamas from the comfort of my home. I have no employees to baby sit, no perishable payday loans in ga no credit check inventory to move, no franchise fees to pay, and no store to maintain. I choose my hours, and I decide if I will work 20 hours or 40 hours this week.

I can sleep in, or take a power nap after lunch if I want.

I can review my notes and return my calls while lounging in my jacuzzi. I do not have the stress and pressure of needing to close my next deal by the end of the week, by the end of this month, or even by the end of this year. I live in one of the nicest neighborhoods, in one of the most beautiful states, in the best country that has ever existed on this Earth. I would gladly mentor someone for free, if they were local to me in Middle TN and were ready, willing, and able to put their feet on the street and help me find some great deals. I just read this and thought it was a great write up Ned. Ned offered me his phone number and I was able to speak with him during the middle of the work day.