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I understand it is huge area as such but are there neighborhoods that I should... I am in the Phoenix market which seems like a great appreciation market.

Hi I sold a duplex and purchased two properties in Phoenix with a 1031 exchange. Long story short, my longtime tax ez payday loan locations preparer was not available to do my taxes for 2019 and I payday loans in baton rouge had to scramble and do them myself and get... I am looking to start the process of buying my next primary residence in the Phoenix market, with the goal to be somewhere in the east valley (Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Mesa, Ahwatukee, South Phoenix).

Hey all,I am looking for current cap rates for commercial buildings (not apartment buildings) in Prescott, AZ.

Would anyone know where to find reliable information on that? Thanks My tenant notified me that the roof was leaking when it rained in mid December. There are holes in the shingles at the peak of the...

Could I have some advice on starting life and wholesaling there? If anything changes please follow us on facebook plus we have a lot of extra stuff on there too. I have a good CPA how to deal with a car repair loan seattle public utilities home repair loan from an ex that refuses topay currently for my taxes but I feel like having someone that can help me structure my real estate business that payday loans in baton rouge also... This is my first year of Real Estate Investing and have accumulated 5 active vacation rentals, as well as others that we are still rehabbing. I have a local CPA, but I am not convinced my local CPA is an expert in... So I will try and keep this as short as possible, but let me put out a situation on here that has come upon me. I live in Fayetteville Arkansas, I am currently paying rent in a single family house.

I am new to the bigger pockets world and the real-estate world in general. I have recently read payday loans in baton rouge Rich Dad Poor Dad and it has opened my mind to what you can do investing in real-estate.

Earlier this week I posted What properties did you buy in 2020? It ended up getting a lot of replies from investors across the US, which is awesome.

My wife and I are excited to be under contract on our first investment property. As two Razorbacks living in Dallas, we started looking locally, but found the market particularly difficult down here to meet our...

Relatively recently, I purchased a rental property in another state.

After the purchase, I found out that the entity structure I want to set up would trigger taxes that, if I keep the house in payday loans in baton rouge my own name, I will not... So, I finally splurged and became a Pro member, so I can actually use theses forums in the way they are... Looking at Bentonville, Fayetteville, Bella Vista, Rogers, Centerton areas. Hey BP - My partner and I are looking for referrals to brokers who primarily sell 20-70 unit multifamily properties in Little Rock, AR. We are investors based in Boston, MA that are looking to continue growing our out... Hi everyone,We ave rehabbed our second property and are about to refinance. We are currently living in it but plan to Airbnb or long term lease this property later this year.

Does anyone have recommendations for a solid property management company with reasonable price? I Currently invest in SW Missouri and am looking to expand into the Bellavista and Bentonville Markets. I am interested in single and Multifamily Properties.

So first of all, let me say I am a new investor and this is my first post on BP. I am currently in the strategic planning stage at the moment as I look for which options best fit my needs and abilities.

I have some clients who are first time home-buyers who have done an amazing job to get to a position to qualify, here in Denver, Colorado. Unfortunately, since we loans in pa started looking last summer, prices have skyrocketed. With a bit more good personal loans time on my hands due to this pandemic is letting me revisit it.

Does anyone have any referrals for GCs who build in Pueblo West? Howdy friends, I have a rental and am in the process of purchasing my second and would like to talk to someone who understands investors and their insurance needs.

Does anyone have a recommendation of who to talk to? I own a few residential rentals in the Denver metro area but, after managing them for years... With the rise of teleworking and people moving away from the city, I personally think that investing in payday loans in el paso tx smaller tertiary markets that are...

Colorado may be a future destination in the upcoming years. Anyone know which cities would be considered "linear" real estate markets and whether the BRRRR method would be a viable option in that location? Hi, anyone have a good recommendation for a property manger in the Lakewood area?

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Does anyone have experience with rental purchases on Granby, CO? Given the distance from Winter Park, would you still consider Granby a good rental... I am looking into one of the newer townhomes in Winter Park CO as a STR and family vacation spot. Colorado Investors - does anyone have any experience owning a Quarter share or Half share of a condo near the ski resorts?

Hi BiggerPockets family,I recently joined BP and this is my first post in the forums. My wife and I live down in Castle Rock and we have been thinking through some different ways that we can jump into real estate investing. I am looking to purchase a 4 plex using my VA loan in Colorado. I would like to stay around Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo or at least within an hour of one of the payday loans in baton rouge cities. Expanding my search to the entire Four Corners area. I may be purchasing a property that comes with 2 lots zoned R1.

Hi everyone,I am closing on a lot in Pueblo that is zoned for a duplex.

I am considering having a modular duplex built on the property and would like to know if anyone has recommendations or experience with a modular... Hello all, I payday loans in baton rouge am looking to invest in the Denver area. My lease is ending in a few months, so I am looking in to buying a property with the thought of living in it for 1-2 years and then starting to rent it out. Hi All, My girlfriend and I are looking to get started in real estate investing and are pursuing our options through duplexes. We will move sometime between 15JUN2021 and 20AUG2021. Hi All, My girlfriend and I are looking to get started in real estate investing and are pursuing our options through duplexes.

Hi all,There is a property payday loans in baton rouge in New Britain, CT that we are interested in. Hello All,I am your textbook case of someone who has studied real estate investing but has never done anything. Recently, I have been asking myself why the hold up? Just had to let my attorney "go", If anyone has a referral to an attorney who responds to his clients at the very least within 24 online installment loans ohio hrs.

My tenants want to buy my house at the end of the lease. They are going through the steps of getting financing I was wondering how to go about selling without getting my relator involved? We are looking to convert three of payday loans bad credit ok the oversized garages to a multifamily residence....

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I work as a Nurse Practitioner, he works as a manager of sustainability for a large company. I am very impressed with the experienced professionals here and am glad that I stumbled upon this site. I am a seasoned real estate attorney and enjoy not only practicing law... What sort of bank financing is available in these areas? Wanna know if it precludes suing a tenant payday loans interest rates in small claims for unpaid rent, who has NOT yet been evicted? Of course we cannot file eviction yet, because of the eviction moratorium. I am interested in investing in a multifamily in the Norwich area. I am wondering if its a mistake to A: select a town with such high taxes, and B: selecting a duplex instead instant direct deposit loans of saving a bit more and purchasing a three... Here we go with a fun challenge- I think New Britain has appreciated so much that duplexes that are not owner-occupied are just not worth it.

This town, which is made of mostly rental properties has grown so much in... What should I be looking for when doing a walk through of these properties. Hello,I am looking to do a BRRRR deal in Connecticut and looking to see how you guys approach estimating rehab costs on a property.

I have come across a few BRRRR deals and have tried estimating the rehab costs myself,...

I graduated as a civil engineer last year, but I am currently in graduate school. I would like to use at least 25K-30K for an investment property. Do your taxes in CT go up if you finish your basement, especially if it has a walkout or if you add a legal bedroom or bathroom? Idea of this is to have all CT investors, agents, lenders, accountants, attorneys etc. I own 1 rental property in Connecticut and I am looking to expand my knowledge so I can continue on and eventually invest in more rental properties.

I need some guidance on where to get started and steps to take to get...

I have been searching for ways to gain some financial freedom in my life and have recently decided I want to use real estate investing to do so.

Hi Guys,I have a rental property in Wilmington Delaware. Recently I am getting a ton of water leakage from the basement door and other areas whenever there is rain.