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I love that story because it fills into the whole episode. And she ended up being on Discovery Channel for that thing. In fact, I do this webinar, you do them a lot too, but we do these webinars every week for BiggerPockets, and a lot of times I have a poll that I pop up, I say, "How much money do you need to pay your bills, level one financial freedom? Some people say 3,000 a month, some people say 2,000 a month.

But I would say a good chunk of them say 15,000 a month, 20,000 a month, 25,000 a month, just to pay your bills. And because of that, I was able to go invest all my time into two things, BiggerPockets and my real estate portfolio. And because I had that, I kept my expenses fairly low, and then I just creeped up from there, rather than make it expensive high, expenses is high with your job, and then always struggling and never be able to leave your job. Amanda was one using personal loan to pay rent of my favorite interviews of the year, and her story reminds me of a scene payday loans high acceptance in Batman.

And the worst part of this prison is you can actually see the way out, you just climb up a wall and fast money online you can get out of there. And the problem with getting out of that prison is you had to climb a wall and make a jump from one rock to another, and they would all tie a rope around their waist so if they miss the jump, the payday loan edmonton rope would catch them. The rope was actually weighing them down, what you thought was keeping you safe was preventing you from achieving your goal. So in order to escape, what he does is he takes that leap of faith, he gets rid of the rope. He makes the jump, he catches the rock and he climbs out of the prison. That W2 job, that security, for many people is their rope. You stumbled into being financially free because you had very low expenses. In there, there is this creature called like The Alchemy, and this thing will grow to whatever size container you put it in. Our finances are just like that, they grow to whatever size container you put it into.

And maybe it has to happen slowly over time, but find ways to reduce your container. Of course, there are dozens and dozens i need a payday loan from a direct lender of more episodes we launched, over 65, maybe, or 70 shows. I think it was 65 shows this year because we did one each week and then we doubled up towards the end of the year.

So if you are looking for something to do over this holiday break or in the new year, you want to fire yourself up, go listen to the episodes we just talked about or go find one maybe that you have not listened to.

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David, what comes to mind for you if you had to pick one of your favorite episodes of the year? I mean, every one of these is awesome, AJ Osborne was amazing, Rick Jarman was awesome.

Rick Jarman episode number… showing numbers, they came in on July 29th.

He actually passed away just recently, and he was real estate old school on Instagram. So go back and listen to that episode, maybe that would be a great one to go check out and listen to. So thank you guys for being a part of BiggerPockets Podcast. This is David Greene for Brandon, the fantastic beast Turner, signing off. Help us reach new listeners on iTunes by leaving us a rating and review! It takes just 30 seconds and instructions can be found here. Enjoy all the benefits of Real Estate Investing without all the headache! NetSuite offers a full picture of all your finances all in one place, in real-time, right from your phone or your desktop. NordVPN 4000 car repair loan texas now serves more than 14 million people worldwide. Every purchase of a 2-year plan will get payday loans high acceptance you 4 additional months free. Your agent is calling you to show you houses, your boss is emailing you about some work to do, your partner wants to grab dinner, and you want to take a nap.

How do you prioritize things in your life when everything seems so important?

Joining the podcast today is Greg McKeown, Author of Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. Greg relates to the struggle of many entrepreneurs and investors: too many options, not enough time. Instead of telling you to wake up at 5 AM, take a cold shower online payday loans for bad credit and work until 10PM, he presents a far more effective (and simple) approach. But how do you pick when everything seems essential? If you begin to treat the non-essential as essential, you stretch yourself too thin, not allowing you the time to accomplish what truly is…essential.

When we get laser-focused and put the principles of essentialism in our daily lives, we can accomplish more than ever. The idea that you can do everything for everyone at all times and that will lead to success, everything about it is not right. Stay tuned, and be sure to join the millions of others who have benefited from biggerpockets. David that was… We just got finished recording and that was crazy and kind of humiliating, but kind of amazing.

David:It was humiliating for you, it was awesome for me to be a fly on the wall, watching you be tortured by this guest. And then, kind of a cool surprise came at the very, very end of the show, that was very fitting, so hang tight for the whole show.

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David:Well, this is very similar to one that we just direct lender payday loans for bad credit talked about recently, when we gave our take time to think challenge. When this podcast is done, let yourself think about what is essential in my life? What would make my life look the way I want it to look? And start thinking about things that you yourself can eliminate to make that happen. He wrote a book called Essentialism, and it is one of my favorite books of all time. David:So check out the show and then make sure you stick around for the out show, where Brandon and I are going to break down specifically how this material would apply to real estate investing and business in general. Brandon:All right, Greg, welcome to the BiggerPockets podcast, man. For those have not read the book yet, what is essentialism? Brandon:We have this analogy we use all the time of the show about building bridges. And so many people are building way too many bridges. The carnival where you have a dozen payday loans high acceptance people lined up and they all have these little squirt guns and everyone has their own target to shoot at, this little round red target, like a Target logo. And if you shoot in the middle of it, your little horse moves across the thing, have you guys seen that before? Very little has been written about what you do once you are successful.

And essentialism is in that, I think, rarer category. What happens if you have too many options and opportunities to be able to do them all? You can connect and contact far vast numbers of people compared to how it was before. There are these big shifts in the number of options and opportunities and choices that we will have. That I had violated something more essential for something far less essential. This is one of the key stories behind why I wrote Essentialism. Have you ever felt like someone was constantly hijacking your day with their agenda? And you get a couple clients, and now you have to service all of these clients. The worse you are at that, the slower your progress is and the more happy you are.

Would that be a fair assessment of how this works in the world of business? They were all busy doing something, but when they removed four or five people from the equations, nothing changed.

And I think the second cautionary tale is just to do with hiring so carefully. Growth is one of the fastest ways to die in my experience. And I payday loans high acceptance think real estate is actually is especially vulnerable to this. Or then, the bigger challenge I think even is when the whole market or whole industry starts to take on a certain set of norms, and you expand just because everybody else is.

FOMO is driving you and fear is driving you, and greed is driving you, instead of what is actually the essential next thing to do. I was about to buy another, totally, unnecessary house. So can we talk about… What did you mean… When you say disciplined, why did you choose that word and what does that mean, in terms of essentialism? Greg:The disciplined pursuit of less, is the antidote. Everybody, just about, uses the strategy of the disciplined pursuit of less in a calamity. Just about everybody in the real estate industry was an essentialist the day after the bubble burst. What you want to be able to do, is to do it when other people are all going crazy. But then those two founders left the company and over a generation it became, for HP, the problem he had predicted, is exactly the biggest problem for them. They started in all these different, too many, directions. They came out, for example, at one time with a touchscreen interface best short term loans laptop, basically. That is payday loans high acceptance a fundamental example of indigestion, rather than starvation. If we try to do both at the same time, we may lose both. I think in the early stage of any venture, you just flip the order, you explore, execute, eliminate. Can you tell me everything that you know about this? So in reality, the more we can do that, the more we have that attitude. And when called her to record her that day, payday loans high acceptance she just admitted ignorance, instantly. Greg:You just ask the obvious question, ask the dumb question, just keep asking, you can learn… I think you can 10X your learning, speed, your capacity, not by being more intelligent, but by being more honest about your ignorance. Greg:But he had some really great insight about FOMO and also a similar thing, which is FOBO, which is the fear of better options. I started my first business when I was 10 years old washing cars because I want… because bad credit payday loans direct lenders I was hungry, that I did not want to not be able to get those things or do things that I wanted to try and do or go to where I wanted to try and go to.