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Do you guys know a contractor or company which can... Hi Guys,I have a rental property in Wilmington Delaware. There are some issues with the basement door and would like to get 1 or 2 handyman whom you guys payday loans chattanooga use in Delaware for ongoing issues and repair. Buyan Hi Guys,I have a rental property in Wilmington Delaware which is coming up for rent in December. Is there a good property management company you guys can recommend for properties in Delaware? Unfortunately mother nature has taken claim of our first BRRRR property and decided I needed to replace my roof. I have been renting out rooms separately to tenants since 2018. One tenant is moving out next month, and I have received many rental applications for that room. Currently a resident in DE and looking to get into real estate. Hi Guys,I have been hearing the concept of group investing where 4 to 5 people pool money like 20k to 25k a year and purchase a property every year with a group. I think it is like an investment company with small... Hi Guys,I am looking at some turnkey properties in deep south like Missouri, Alabama and other areas. Can you payday loans chattanooga recommend a good book on evaluating properties and locations on turnkey areas? Hello everyone, I am in Delaware and have flipped 6 homes, all successfully, since I began flipping in 2015.

They have all been funded with personal cash, except for the last one on which I drew on a personal HELOC.... I am out-of-state but looking to buy a long-term buy and hold in Elsmere. I am looking to invest in Delaware as an out of state investor looking for SFR to buy and hold. Greetings everyone, I am looking for advice to potentially purchase my first rental property.

I currently live in a condo that I have a mortgage on and recently found another condo down the street from were I live that... I live in Delaware County and am mostly interested in New Castle County Delaware.... Hi Guys,I purchased my first property in Red school district in Delaware which turned out good. I am now looking for the second property in PA for a single family or townhome around 250k where I can get rent with no... This would be my first investment, and I live in New Orleans, so it... I got renewal quotes on 2 of my investment properties in payday loans chattanooga Tampa this week. I have been interested in starting my journey as a real estate investor. Wanted start networking and see if anyone has done the strategy I am looking into and hear there stories. Good evening investors, I live in northern Palm Beach County, Florida and was wondering if anyone could give insight on THE BEST property management company in my area. Hey there-Doesanyone have a home inspector they would recommend in Bradenton?

Iwouldnt think that there is much of a difference between an investorfriendly home inspector vs a retail home inspector but I thought...

Anyone in the Central Florida that is thinking of selling a property?

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It seems that the rental demand in Florida has grown since many people have been flocking to this state for the sunshine and... I have owned some vacant land for many years in Tennessee, which I would like to sell. My question is: Do I have to notify my Florida broker about this or may I payday loans chattanooga just proceed to... Hello,I had a question regarding a judgment lien against a homestead property. I live in CA and am looking for some out-of-state property. I am currently looking for mostly SFH around FL, especially around Tampa,St. My sister lives out of state and has a couple of rental properties. She unintentionally let her insurance policy lapse and would like to add it back but her agent said her company is not writing new business right... Got a list of 4 potential properties, I checked the county records, drove by the houses, compared the value of other... Looking to purchase my investment property in Florida and was wondering where the best markets are right now.. My idea is to buy and hold for 3-5 years, renting long-term in the meantime and hopefully get... I live outside of Flordia, and am thinking of investing in a Duplex in the Poinciana area, especially around Palmetto St. Hello everyone, I am a newbie and so excited to be here on this site!!!

I am in my 2nd Condo, rehabbed the first, lived there a long time and did well on resale several years ago, now I live in a condo and I will be... Thinking to buy a SFH in Port St Lucie as a rental and was looking for some thoughts from people with experience:- would it make sense to buy a new house as a rental? I need an payday loans on tv excellent property management company or property manager. I have attempted to pursue BRRRR in the Augusta area of Georgia.

My best friend, who lives in Augusta, wanted to help me get my investment career started by having me work with his uncle who is a general... Hi there,Is anyone here owning and renting properties in Forest Park, GA?

Any suggestions for good property management in the Columbus, GA area.

The property management would be needed for a SFH within the 31907 zip code. HI BP Family,Who has all the momentum in Augusta Georgia as far as real estate goes , wholesalers and investors a like. Please contact me I am interested in meeting fellow investors and wholesalers in Augusta and surrounding areas. I do not have a great deal of experience investing, so I am looking for potential partners and to make my way onto a... We are new to Bigger Pockets, fairly new investors looking to network and connect with other real estate investors in the Gwinnett County and Atlanta metro area. My dad passed away recently and the property is in my name. Specifically, are there any lenders currently accepting... Hi All,I am in the process of refinancing short term loan online lender my investment property in Powder Springs. I recently relocated to ATL to get started with my investing.

I was doing corporate housing (which I loved) for a few months via rental arbitrage, but pulled back on it when my leases came to an end... Hi, I am wondering if anyone can give me insight on Cumming, GA in Atlanta area. Anybody have any recommendations for property management companies in the Savannah, GA area?

Do you have any advice or name to recommend to invest in this county (Real Estate agent, Property... Situation: My parents own a rental property that they would like to get rid of in July of 2021. I have been having issues with the contractors provided by Home Advisory. I have been looking to purchase some investment properties in Georgia and I am not sure what to assume on Property Taxes. From what I have seen, there is a common approach in which Assessed Values are determined... I am a recently divorced father of two who has to find a way to decrease my outflow. What does a fairly new real payday loans chattanooga estate agent have to do in order to hook up with real estate investors to buy and sell rental properties in Georgia? About Maui, I found that the county is trying to ban it since recently, but not sure under what conditions and if any regions are exempt. Im an out of state investor looking to for an experienced realtor looking to buy first hawaii property in waikoloa resort area. Does anyone have a good agent to recommend that deals with remote sales? Thanks I am hoping to connect with investors with experience and knowledge for a property my brother and I are interested in purchasing. We do not live in Hawaii and we cannot travel due to the global pandemic. I have a fairly complicated title and HOA situation on the West side of Maui, Hawaii. I have recently decided that it would be a good financial move and a great experience to move back to Hawaii with my family while relocating my remodel business to Hilo, HI. It seems like a more affordable way to start real estate investing than in-town multiunit complexes that offer low cash flow returns.... Suppose I wanted to build a house in one of these areas, is it possible to get some kind of insurance?

A few years ago I visited Waikiki, an easily immediately, it became one of my favorite places on Earth. I could see living there at some point in time, it could be interesting just to own a condo, and rent it out, but...

I just started looking in to real estate investing and I also decided that I was going to get my real estate license.

I am looking to move to Hawaii with my partner from the San Francisco Bay Area due to flexibility of working from home. We are thinking of acquiring a STR property in Waikiki resort zoned area or NUC units. Hello Team,I am an experienced investor looking to hook up in the Oahu real estate deals. If you are the same as me, and interested please let me know. Regards,Lloyd Hi,Does any one have a tenancy in entirety for a property in Hawaii while unsecured loans for credit score under 500 having property in a trust?

It seems to get the Tenants in Entirety status, the trust name should include full name of all trustees. I know theres some flippers out here making huge returns on their work. But my current path of entry looks to be wholesaling. Can anyone recommend a lawyer, legal aid, etc who might be able to assist in settling this matter?... I think a lower price is reasonable, as the home is old. I hope everyone is doing ok in Hawaii at the moment with Cvoid. My nephew visited Hawaii last year with his girlfriend and loved it. Best,Felipe Help me understand the ADU restrictions. I understand that the ADU renter has to have a minimum 6 month contract. But what happens when I move but want to keep the property? I would love to hear from people invested in Gary Indiana about their exit strategies. I am considering an investment with a very healthy cash flow with very stable rents. I am trying to decide between 2 property management companies.

Has anyone worked instant decision payday loans with Dan Baldini and Polaris to manage their properties? Will investors be interested in the icf insulated... Has anyone had experience with CRM Properties based in Kokomo IN? I am thinking about using them for property management and would like to know if anyone has had them manage their rental homes? Are you doing all of your deals in a business name or your personal name?

Is a Series LLC the best way to structure a buy and...

Is anyone familiar with Iowa Street and the surrounding neighborhood in Lake Station, IN (Indiana) 46405? Considering an out-of-state turnkey purchase there. Trying to get a handle on the neighborhood w someone...

I hold an Indiana Real Estate Broker license which is currently in referral status. The license was active for a couple years but I had prematurely obtained it. Can anyone recommend any vendors they know who do mobile home installation and moving within the state of Indiana?

I am researching the possibility of buying a private lot (not in a mobile home park) which... Hi all, I hope everyone has had a great holiday season! I have used a Nationwide lender over the last 3-4 years, but now looking for someone local to Indiana. Hi,I am an out of state investor and have interests in multi family units in Indianapolis area. Can I get a loan to single parent loans buy investment properties or I have to use cash? We both have full time jobs and are looking to buy and... My business partner and I are interested in networking with some Agents and Lenders in Muncie IN.

Hoping to buy a few deals there over the winter and would like to see who works with investors and who has the same...