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While some people disagreed, hopefully this update will clarify my position. With an inspection in hand, you actually know the condition of the property and the function, or dysfunction, of the major systems. In my opinion, this is the only reasonable time to negotiate. If you try to negotiate at any other time, you are doing so from a point of emotion and unknowns. An inspection allows a buyer to see what issues the property currently has, or might have in the future, and provides a great opportunity to ensure the buyer knows what they are getting into. If the inspection turns up major issues, particularly structural, safety, or with the major systems, I is it smart to take out a loan to pay rent encourage a buyer to ask for those issues to be rectified, in one way or another, before closing. That said, each buyer is different and has different priorities.

I encourage buyers to only negotiate on the things that are of the utmost importance to them. Even if it is not explicitly stated in a contract, no one—buyer or seller—should aim to extend any part of the process. If you are a buyer, do not go past your inspection and resolution timelines. In extenuating circumstances, or when a specialist is required to investigate an issue on a property, ensure that the seller is on board with an extension and maintain open communication throughout the entire process. If a seller is unwilling to allow for such an extension, they can simply deny it, or terminate the contract. I have been investing now for almost three years, and currently own 38 doors. I have also done more than a dozen flips and have been a buyer and seller in numerous transactions. While I know that my success so far is somewhat limited, and I am just getting started, I have served as both a seller and a buyer in multiple situations both on the MLS and off-market. I have never once entered into a contract I did not intend to close. I have never once gone past the inspection period, or resolution period, that the seller and I agreed to. I have never once made an offer on a property that I did not intend to buy. I have closed on all but one contract in almost three years. I was the fourth buyer to make an offer on this house, and the fourth buyer to ask for the same repairs.

The seller was not willing to help at all, and the house still sits on the market, at a price it will likely not appraise for. I believe that we are only as good as our word, and reputation absolutely is everything.

When I ask for an inspection, I treat the seller with respect by moving through the due diligence process as quickly as I can (and always within agreed-upon timelines). I always give the seller options on how we can work together to rectify any issues so that I can close and we can all move forward.

In every case, the seller is the one who offered that dollar amount. Since every transaction in which I have exercised this strategy had me and the seller walk away happy from an on-time closing, I would call it a win-win.

This strategy is not about taking advantage of payday advance loans near mccook ne anyone. When I was young, I was absolutely in love with the game of basketball. I fantasized about it, studied it, and practiced it. I desperately wanted to be as good a player as possible.

But while my understanding of the game grew by leaps and bounds, my skills did not. Excellence in basketball, as with everything else in life, depends on two things: your knowledge and your ability to apply that knowledge. My vertical leap, speed, and size were all better than average but not nearly good enough to play professionally. I had the knowledge, but my physical limitations prevented me from applying it. Because I did not achieve what I wanted to with basketball, I became extremely motivated to seek success in other endeavors—like real estate. The biggest difference between real estate and basketball is that what determines your ability to apply your knowledge is not a physical characteristic but a mental one—that is, your mindset. Those with a strong mindset—even if they have less experience, less knowledge, and less natural sales ability—will absolutely outperform those with a weaker mindset. You have the power to become as successful as you want in real estate sales. Nobody can stand in your way except you, thanks to the influence of self-limiting beliefs. Those payday loans bad credit online are the things that contribute to a weak mindset and keep you from realizing your full potential. Attributes payday loans in st louis mo such as motivation, focus, confidence, and momentum, on the other hand, contribute to a strong mindset.

And when it comes to being successful, nothing matters more than having a strong mindset. This chapter will focus on how to develop these positive attributes so that, just like an Olympic athlete, you can perform at payday loans bad credit online your highest possible level. Also like an elite athlete, you will inspire those around you to give their best and reach new levels of success.

The most important component of a powerful mindset is motivation. Motivation can refer to two things: the reasons we act in a certain way and our willingness to act. The first relates to our desire to do something the second to how powerful that desire is.

If you want to improve your motivation, you need to focus on both. What is it that drives you, and how powerfully are you driven? As payday loans bad credit online we dig deeper into our own psyches, we find that the two are often related. People are capable of incredible feats when they want something badly enough.

They are also capable of squandering all their gifts and hiding from the harsh realities of the world. Are you afraid of failure, so you never really try? Most of us struggle with doubts like these, often without even realizing it. The single most important thing you can do to improve your motivation is to determine your so-called Big Why.

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Understanding what truly matters to you and the reason behind it is key to unlocking your personal motivation. If you want to be a successful agent, you must learn to harness the power of motivation and make it serve you. Here are some of the ways we fail to harness motivation, or even worse, push it away.

Finding yourself in a flow state, in which everything comes easily, often results from momentum. When you have momentum and everything seems easy, staying motivated is easier too. Use it to your advantage so you can stay motivated!

Your brain has a natural reward system, and it will release dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin to make you feel really good about your achievement. This robs you of the reward that your inner sense of motivation is chasing. Burnout will kill motivation faster than anything else. Many people think they can work payday loans bad credit online forever without taking a day off or going on vacation.

I used to be one of them, but I learned this was a mistake. Remember that you are not a machine but a human being. Part best bad credit loans reviews of being human is that we work in cycles: waking and sleeping, exercising and resting, working and playing. If we want to be successful on one side of the cycle, we need to spend time on the opposite end as well. A well-rested, well-balanced version of yourself will be much more motivated than a worn-out, miserable one. People who engage in negative self-talk are often unaware they do. Negative self-talk prevents you from feeling bold, confident, payday loans bad credit online and worthy.

If you do make progress that gets you excited and confident, negative self-talk douses your positive feelings before they can grow. If you want to stay motivated, you must silence your inner critic by getting clear on your strengths and focusing on the no fuss payday loans unique value you bring to your clients as you go about your work. To overcome this, break them down into smaller ones. This training is considered one of the toughest rites of passage out there, and few complete it successfully.

Or you can look at it as a sunrise and a sunset, 180 times. Just make it to your next meal, because they have to feed you every six hours.

In other words, those who can focus on what is right in front of them and devote all their resources to payday loans bad credit online that are much more likely to be successful than those who are overwhelmed payday loans montgomery al by the task as a whole and its seemingly impossible requirements. Instead of focusing on selling one hundred homes a year, focus on making twenty contacts a day. You just need to concentrate on the one you are having now. You just need to win them over so that when they are ready to sell, they choose you to represent them.

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To succeed at focusing small, keep your expectations reasonable and your bite-sized chunks achievable. Not only will your mind tackle each smaller goal more effectively, but your motivation will get a natural boost as you reach each milestone along the way to achieving your ultimate goal.

We respond well to perceived progress setting unreasonable milestones for yourself will rob you of that satisfaction. Writing down your goals will remind you of your priorities and keep you moving forward toward achieving them. And—yes, you guessed it—perceived progress increases motivation. The second will give you a sense of accomplishment. Keep daily records of your small goals and continue achieving them to keep yourself motivated. When we set excessively high standards for ourselves, we face massive anxiety every time we have to undertake a new task.

Waning motivation that takes the form of procrastination. The problem with procrastination is that it gets worse the longer it goes on.

To avoid this vicious cycle, start with lowering your expectations of yourself. It stops you from building momentum, prevents you from hitting small milestones, and robs you of the joy hitting those milestones. Your mind is designed to work a certain way, looking for natural rewards and releases to keep it motivated and hungry for better results. This creates an uphill climb for perfectionists, who think their high standards will prevent them from making mistakes. In fact, those high standards actually prevent them from making progress. Be kind to yourself and learn to take joy in becoming better, not completely perfect.

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