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I think about my mother-in-law, if my husband ever did something like that, she would lose her mind. So, we got used to long stretches of time without more than a little email here and there. Those are ones you build up for weeks or months before approaching your boss, and having frank-ish conversations there. So, one of the big questions I feel like always gets asked is when do I ask for a raise? The first, about the when, I was actually pretty surprised when interviewing negotiating experts. However, also, mind you, a lot of these tactics are important for self-employed people. Because decisions and budgets have already been made and set. So instead, what you need to do is figure out when does that annual review normally happen.

About 5000 cash advance loan three to four months prior is when you want to set a meeting loan without interest with your manager to have a conversation where you ask for constructive criticism and also tell them what you want.

Or it could just be maybe the two of you meet every other week. And this is a standing meeting that you have anyway and bringing it up in one of those meetings. I think the other important thing to note when it comes to work is also the difference between a mentor and a sponsor. But is somebody who can advocate for you and vouch for you in your actual office. But a mentor might not work in your office but perhaps is somebody who is more aligned with your lived experience. Someone fha loan for vacation home you can turn to if you just need, and for some folks, that could even be more of a parent figure in some cases. But someone that you can turn to and talk to and be vulnerable with.

A sponsor, especially if you work in a traditional work situation, is quite important. Especially if you have aspirations to rise to a certain part, a point in the corporate ladder system. In most cases, it is illegal to fire someone for asking coworkers their salary. However, they can manufacturer another reason to get rid of you. But they can come up with another reason to fire you if they want you out. Because as you mentioned, there are data aggregators, like your glassdoor. And I think you have some information that might be helpful for me. So, trying to get all of this information, so you can go in very informed to your own negotiations and, or job interviews. Now, I can collect really good information and get really honed in on that.

So, going to LinkedIn, searching for people who fill your criteria and just sending them a cold email. And you might have to send 50 to get four responses, but doing what you can. It was interesting, one of the women I payday loan online same day interviewed for a Broke Millennial Talks Money actually did the LinkedIn pitch. When she was going in for job negotiations and trying to switch careers, she started just cold pitching people on LinkedIn. Not a ton, but enough people usually get back to you to get the information. You can always customize it too, if you feel, in her case, there seemed to be a bit of a gender wage gap situation happening. So, she actually shared that information with certain people. It would payday loan online same day be really helpful for me if you could share your ballpark salary.

I also want to point out for freelancers and self-employed and solo entrepreneurs, these are super important conversations for us.

Could you tell me, do you make over, under a certain amount?

And her agent that she was working with asked for 10. And she got 10, I got three for the exact same amount of work. But I could go and get that work product over here for much less as well.

It needs to be you have demonstrated why you earn X amount of money. The only payday loan online same day time it can make sense to bring up directly what somebody else is getting paid payday loans barrie is if there is some wage gap discrepancy. Or if you think there just might be a straight up error. Also, you might need to leave and go to another company.

Because people will have titles that do not correspond to other titles in the market. That does not mean that your title matches the skillset that is going on over here. Because sometimes, in the past people, have come to me with things like this. That having people in your life who can check you a little bit gently if necessary. And these are the skillsets you have versus skillsets over here. Not something I ever put on a business card, but it was just truly a nod to how oftentimes, these titles can be meaningless. I worked in the corporate world forever and a directorship is a big deal. So, giving you a title without you having a mentor or a sponsor or somebody to check you is not super helpful. No, they gave me the title Director of Operations, right? I was a third employee at BiggerPockets, I was called the Director of Operations, is that really my title?

Would I really go out and be a Director of Operations at a Fortune 500 company? Here are all the things that I am payday loan online same day doing in addition to this.

Erin:Yeah, one of the ideas that I like is having a success folder for yourself. So, it can be in your email, it can be on your desktop, however you want to do it.

But to track yourself, to track your metrics, to track those proofs that, hey, I have deserved this. So, anytime I got client praise or coworker praise payday loan online same day or anything like that, or an assignment exceeded expectations, I would save it. That is a reality of the situation as well is you might just have a bad manager. Here are the reasons that I feel have earned that raise.

They may need approval from another layer or higher up in order to do that. It means that value has been created at the end of the day. And so, aligning yourself to that, I think, and getting that documented is really important. Erin:And that was an interesting piece too that got brought up is this idea of, for people who feel uncomfortable asking, having that mental reframe of, I bring value to this company for X, Y, Z reason. So, maybe part of the reason you do your success folder is for your own imposter syndrome and your own self-doubt.

So, you can remind yourself, this is the value I have brought in moments where maybe you forget. Man, these are tough conversations, just to go into how it works, and all that stuff, much less thinking about preparing for your own request for a raise or compensation adjustment, so. And I love your book, Erin, because at the end, you have 20 pages of conversations topics and conversation starters. But yeah, so I did an appendix at the end that got a lot longer than any of us thought.

So, that also gives you a sense of just how many scripts are actually in the book. And the woman was going down the rabbit hole of, then if you need to break it to your siblings and how to talk to your siblings. Because I have a sibling so naturally, you think from your own lived experience.

Yeah, that is a different experience if you are an only child trying to figure out how to care for aging parents compared to having siblings that you might be able to rely on. Speaking of financially naked, if you are interested payday loans boise idaho in hearing more from Erin on the BP Money podcast, we have Episode 24.

And then, we have an Investing Basics episode in Episode 81.

And we talked about a lot of other topics here and really go deeply into the how to bring up finances with your spouse or romantic partner, which can be another challenge. I think you cover in a lot of depth in your new book as well, so. So, it was work family, friends, and then talking with your romantic partner. So, I know we have dug deep into my favorite prenuptial agreement conversation in previous episodes that people should definitely go check out regardless of your opinion on a prenup. And I just want to share one quote that I think sums up a big part of how you have to approach that conversation with your spouse at some point. Or do you want to create your own rules and get alignment on those? But we did have a nice hour with you about a year ago, maybe two years ago. The book payday advance loans in greensboro nc is called a Broke Millennial Talks Money: Scripts, Stories, and Advice to Navigate Awkward Financial Conversations.

Although, I really highly advocate for you to please buy from local booksellers. Because your whole database is what you think, given no information whatsoever, that your friends and coworkers are doing with their money.

And so, I think that opening up the discussion is critical to changing that culture here in America. I have a plan to have this conversation in advance. Today, we talked about normalizing many conversations.

But we fully admit that starting these conversations can be difficult. But lucky for you, we have an entire Facebook group with almost 10,000 members who are either having the same conversations or looking to start them. So, if you would like to join our group so you can share tips, ask questions, or just have a money conversation with fellow money nerds, you can find us at facebook. Mindy:From Episode 169 of the BiggerPockets Money podcast, he is Scott Trench. Fundrise enables you to invest in high-quality, high-potential private market real estate projects, anything from high rises in D.