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I think that there is an art and a science to being an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur I think is something that was natural to me from a young age. I found a thrill out of putting myself in difficult positions. I remember when I was in high school I ran for student council president. Scott:But I ran for student council president and I remember I got it. I won by a massive, dare I say, a landslide, but I won by a good threshold, and I was the most shocked out of anyone. Scott:instant poor credit loans One of the big things that I do is I love to talk to people who have accomplished the things that I could only dream of accomplishing. You try to analyze it and say why am I the way I am, or why or some people successful and some people not? The idea of looking up to somebody, and admiring what they do, and taking that blazed trail.

I had an older sibling that I monthly payday loans learned how to follow in his footsteps in order to get away with things that he had to climb mountains to achieve with our parents.

One of those routes you took, or trails you blazed, from my understanding led you into a boy band. Can you share what that experience was like, and how that led to clearly you being an amazing real estate investor? That was another thing I did when I was in my late teens, early 20s, is I was in a boy band. I think it was first year, and I was with a bunch of us.

We went from a nobody band to a year later we could work full-time as a boy band. Scott:All we have to do is add the word boy to the front of what we are, and a huge marketing shift. If I could, I would rip this out of this podcast and make that what people listen to when my phone is ringing. I think in another life he may have been in a boy band. Brandon knows every song to the NSYNC and Backstreet Boys. Seth Mosley could write the song, Manifest could produce it. Brandon:Before we move on, can we just acknowledge one get instant cash of the most genius things David Green has ever said, and that was a business idea where instead of a ring back when you call somebody it plays a motivational, or any kind of thing, because I hate when people call me. I hate it when they call me, so we should punish people who call us by making them listen to five minutes of something. I was wondering if you can address the people listening to this show right now who are stuck in that fear right now. I just keep thinking about it, talking payday cash advance online about it, listening to the podcast. I was down like 25 grand, and I remember how frustrating it was. How do we disarm some of these bombs that people think are going to go off in their face?

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I needed all that boy band, because it basically hardened me up to be the person that did the next thing, and I took something from that process and I was able to optimize the next thing that I did. I think I probably made it painful, but it changed a piece of my character.

I got over this belief that money should be hard to make, or money should be easy to make, whatever it is. It changed how I thought, so even though that element of my life I may not have been successful, just like you said, it prepped me to go onto the next thing, and then to be able to be successful. Can you highlight specific turning points in your life where you went through an experience that changed you, that primed you, to then be successful at the unsecured personal loans with cosigner next thing? That taught me a whole new discipline, and I had to learn trial by fire. Scott:But there were other elements like my father passed away when I was fairly young, all things considered. How can I change all this negative energy into positive energy? He never achieved his full career potential, never got to retire, never got to see his kids grow up, never got to see any of these things, and I was like I need to make sure that I front load my life, like I need to do all the things now. You would think young people, teenagers, and millennials are the ones who are most ambitious.

I personally, working with people who want to be entrepreneurs and real estate fast easy loans payday cash advance online online investors the average age of somebody who will sign up for one of my courses, or one of my events, is 51-years-old. But for me, being young, and trying different things, public speaking … I was petrified payday loans sioux falls of public speaking, but I threw myself up on stage. Are there any moments in your life you can point to?

When you contemplate the fact that no one gets out alive.

This ends, and it could end sooner rather than later. It gives you that 50, 60-year-old urgency at maybe 20, 30, 40-years-old.

And I like how Scott you took a situation that is horrible to go through, and you found … I want to say good even.

Brandon:Is that bad things happen, and when they happen, they happen for me. Brandon:Each of those things, even the failures, even the hard times that you went through, all those things changed you payday cash advance online to get to that next level of you, to reinvent yourself every time. Scott:The little things you do can have such a huge impact down the road. You just have to leave a little wiggle room for them to happen.

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Here we are going into the New Year, and a pivot meaning you just alter small personal loans for bad credit direction a little bit. Brandon:I guess I would encourage people to ask themselves is this going to be a pivot year.

When I think back a pivot year was the year I started this podcast. I was a waiter, which by the way is a job that I recommend everybody does at some point in your life.

You have to work in the service industry and just appreciate what that does. Scott:I worked doubles on the weekend, which is the lunch rush, and then I was the guy that stayed through to the dinner rush to service the two or three tables that would show up between two and five.

And I worked in this restaurant, and payday cash advance online these two old guys, these two 80 something year olds, would come in every Sunday afternoon. They would come in, and they were usually the only table. You borrow, beg, or steal money from anywhere you can, and you buy as much real estate as possible, and you keep it until you need to sell it.

Scott:And then, I got into real estate, and I remember when I got into real estate I was like … These guys gave me a time machine. Tell me, what are the five things you would do if you were me at this age right now? However, in your 20s what do you have to lose, really? Before we hire you we want to see your grade eight report card.

Scott:Some people get too caught up, like you said. The people that you meet and have a relationship with in your 20s are the ones who are going to open all the doors for you in your 40s, and 50s. You need to get to know people, and you need to hustle too. It can be in Timbuktu for all I care, but get yourself a property, payday cash advance online ideally a primary residence so you pay no capital gains on the profit eventually, but get yourself into a piece of real estate where you can start at least have it paying for itself, if not generating a little bit of profit to cover the expenses, and that one piece of property will probably if all goes well it will outpace your income in your lifetime.

Scott:For the average American worker they can make just as much, if not more off of one good property investment as they will save off of their entire income in their lives.

Brandon:High schools are too busy teaching you how to do the Pythagorean theorem, or whatever that is. I was thinking when I was 23 I think my wife and I, we had been married, we got married young, I think I was 22, so I was 23 and we just packed up and went for almost a month over to Europe, and put the whole thing on a credit card.

We just had a couple real estate deals at the time. My mother-in-law looked after them while we were gone.

We did 401 k plan loans for vacation the whole trip, including flights and everything, for five grand total for almost a month. Plant the seeds for your investments, build your memories, go out and try all the things. By the time you get to your 30s, yeah, you want to have something substantial. You guys train people in real estate, and we do a tremendous amount of data digging. The amount of people looking for real estate information skyrockets from 45 to 70-years-old. My kids are doing online learning right now by themselves. Scott:You have to be really strategic about your 20s in that enjoy them like crazy.

Rent increase is going up, it builds your cashflow, exponential return.

What did any of that mean now where we could make that in a week?

David:I should have been learning, getting better at building relationships, talking to more 80-year-old people, putting those pieces in place so that when I got to this point I was primed. The time to earn will come when you get a little bit older. Scott:We started with the casting, and we talked to a couple people, and even my mind was just blown. I might just run with the show anyway, and then try to sell it afterwards.

As you said, you have hundreds of people now that work for you. I tried years and years ago, but I just found it was an impossible frustration for me. I always say my brother is the number one, number two payday cash advance online guy. I probably have a lot of strategy type personalities running the organizations, giving the reporting, and I manage from a financial side.

I have to be plastic, and morph here and there, and wear a lot of hats. In one of my companies you know what we did two years ago? Because I know a lot of them that people just stop taking vacations. Scott:Some people just basically how to make some fast cash took that as I will never come into the office again, literally. What I love is when Brandon asked you what advice do you have on leadership what you really answered is I have to try to make leaders in my company.

You said they need to act like an owner, which is just another word for a leader. But my advice, even for me, I might be the boss but I still have to go out and get business. I still have to negotiate with broadcasters, and sellers, and sponsors.

Let me get the advertising revenue coming in for them, and everybody make more money.