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Scott:We just talked about the 401k versus a Roth, the advantages in each operational expenditure payroll loans mexico circumstance, at the very high level, the situation where the backdoor Roth makes sense. Can you walk us through some definitions of these tactics, how big of a deal or how big of a variant they really are on the backdoor Roth conversion, and begin walking through when we could use them?

So earlier I mentioned that, when you asked me if you can contribute to a 401k and an IRA I said, yes, but there are income limits. Brandon:So like I said, you make too much money to contribute directly to a Roth IRA. So what you do is you put it into a traditional IRA, and like I said before, if you make too much to contribute to a Roth, you already make too much to get a deduction on your traditional IRA. Roth conversion is that system of rolling funds from your real traditional 401k or IRA, the tax deferred account into the Roth, this is the way for high income earners to contribute to a Roth in the first place. So you can do the same thing to a 401k, but you can do even more.

So obviously there are contribution limits for IRAs, and the contribution limits for 401ks are even higher. And then the employer is able to contribute money as well. So if you wanted to see how much after tax money you could put into your 401k, you would just Google total 401k limits for 2021, subtract your employee contribution and subtract whatever your employer puts in, and then anything left over is the after-tax amount you could put in. So that would mean 30,000 you could put in after tax. I can then take another 22K and put that into my Roth 401k, or I put that in after-tax into a traditional and roll it over immediately into a Roth.

Brandon:So what you would be able to do operational expenditure payroll loans mexico is take whatever that chunk is, 20 X thousand, put it into your traditional 401k. Brandon:Yeah, tax accountant, an accountant who is very good at tax optimization, I would say. So anyway, I found a great tax guy, accountant, who does my taxes, but he also is there to answer these questions and also introduce me to things that I may not even know about.

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This episode is airing in early January, and your tax preparer is going to be slammed from about February to April and beyond.

The BiggerPockets Money Facebook group has some tax professionals on there. Maybe they could chime in and share how you can find somebody, like the XY planning network is great for finding a fee only- Mindy:Like online loans sa the XY Planning Network is great for finding a fee only financial planner, maybe they can share tips for interviewing some tax professionals. But call them up and see if they can help you with this. You have until the tax filing deadline, which in 2021 right now is April 15th. In 2020, it got extended to July operational expenditure payroll loans mexico 15th or something.

And this is looking exactly like the professionally done one, just with different figures. Scott:So the way I do my retirement accounts outside of the wonderful world of mega backdoor Roths that you just opened my eyes to, is I just max out the contribution beginning of the year.

Because it gets me more time in the market in the tax advantaged account. Get on the phone and get this set up before the end of the next year. And while that can backfire in some years, like in 2020, you buy a bunch of stuff right at the beginning of the year, and then the market tanks in March. On average I like legit online loans the more time in the market approach with these types of things.

So putting it in earlier in the year more often than not is going to be beneficial. Brandon:And I actually have an experiment called the guinea pig experiment where I set these two hypothetical people off starting from zero net worth to FI. And I compared two scenarios, the normal guinea pig, who just invests all extra money into a taxable account. And it is a positive contribution to where he is over the normal guinea pig. So it definitely makes sense over a long period of time. Scott:So first of all, where can one go and view this experiment?

And then on the page you can find the guinea pig experiment.

Or should I make separate but equal contributions to the stock market?

Brandon:So I just looked at the homepage and the optimized guinea pig net worth is almost a hundred thousand. And as far as how that relates to when they hit FI, the optimized guinea pig will hit FI in three years and 10 months as of the first of this year. And the normal guinea pig will hit FI in five years, seven months. Just, yeah, some more easily accessible optimizations. And I was thinking at least 10 years and yeah, yeah. Mindy:So I have a question about the income limits to contribute operational expenditure payroll loans mexico to a Roth IRA.

If I am doing what you guys are doing and dumping a bunch of money in on January, which is what I did this year. Oh, this is actually a really personal question what is an unsecured installment loans because I just remembered this. I have made boatloads of money in real estate, just being an agent. And I contributed to my Roth IRA in the beginning of the year.

What happens if all of a sudden I make more money than I thought I was going to, but I already contributed to my Roth? Brandon:Yeah, I would look into that obviously before April 15th. But even, maybe look into it before the end of payday loans mesquite tx the calendar year, just to see if you need to undo some of those contributions. So as we said, front-loading, I would front-load my 401k every year. Same with the HSA, because those were things that I knew I could contribute up to a certain amount. As far as IRAs, back when I was able to contribute to IRAs, I would always do operational expenditure payroll loans mexico that as I was filing my taxes. Brandon:And for me, it was always minimizing hassle was a very big motivating factor. Then that apply for loans made me not front-load those accounts, even though mathematically, it would have made sense to do so. So yeah, just, if you have somebody to talk to you, you can talk to.

I also put… Yeah and these are the maximum optimal levels.

But then I also want to retire early and I know that normal retirement is a part of early retirement.

Do you have any thoughts fundamentally on how to build that wealth?

So the Roth IRA is actually really good for that because you can withdraw contributions quick loans today at any time penalty and tax free because you already paid taxes on that money.

Brandon:So for me personally, I would max out my 401k up to the match. And if you are planning for standard retirement, like I suggest when standard retirement is contained within early retirement, your medical expenses could increase when you get older. Brandon:So then I would max out the rest of my 401k. And my last job of my career, I worked for a non-profit university. So now you can make decisions that are not based on money. So going the traditional route allowed me to get there quicker because I thought that I could then do the long Roth conversions over my early retirement and then potentially not have to pay tax on any way. Brandon:So I would just put the rest into my taxable accounts. And like I said, I want no hassle and less complexity.

So you just said take the match first, take installment loans how do they work the HSA, then max the 401k. What you just said, I think, is impractical for that. Nowhere in that three step process, is there a Roth contribution.

Do you just go as far as you can in that 401k and figure it out the rest operational expenditure payroll loans mexico of the way? If you have some money leftover, then the HSA is a great place to put it. Obviously finding ways to increase income is great, but many people are strapped with time and ability to increase income. Just think of like all these different operational expenditure payroll loans mexico buckets and when one fills up, then you move to the next bucket and you can keep filling that up and move to the next bucket. So this is where I get a little controversial with some folks. But when I started out in my career, I did not contribute to retirement accounts. And I saw that I took my match, my 401k match, like you say, at the company. But I did not contribute a cent to retirement accounts other than my Roth for the reasons kind of we just highlighted.