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David:Well, typically when I think of that word, I have a negative response to it.

I would say a millionaire is not someone who is better than other people or has more value than other people.

You stay the same person you were regardless of your bank account. What are some things that you would say Brandon, a millionaire is not? Brandon:Based on the people that I know… For a little bit context, by the way everyone.

We both have a net worth greater than a million dollars and we hang out with a online loans with bad credit lot of millionaires out here in Maui.

Now, some people do start rich and they keep their money. Some people start rich and they lose all their money. I would say number one, or I guess number three or four, whatever number you said, they are not born with it. They still have all the same weaknesses that everyone cash loans in va else has. Well of course it must be nice to have time all day to do nothing but work out or whatever the case would be. It must be nice to have perfect jeans where you can be able to do something like it. It could be being a great friend, it could be building payday loans 3b payday loans edmonton a great non-profit. This is about people that have mastered certain traits that led to them having a lot of success. I would say, if you accomplish these four things, you add these to your life, I would say barring some completely crazy unfortunate series of events, which would be like a nuclear bomb goes off in your country and throws your guys into economic upheaval, whatever, barring anything like crazy. I believe anybody who accomplishes these four things will become a millionaire in five years or less. Five years or less, I believe if you really applied this stuff, you can become a millionaire. It was like watching your muscles get bigger when you lift more weights.

You guys have heard me say this before on the podcast. But the fact is we are not at a beach looking for hidden gold.

We have a blank canvas in front of us and we have a bunch of paint. Now in real estate, one of the ways I encourage people to be decisive is something known as the crystal clear criteria, the CCC.

I would give yourself on these five things, give yourself a week to decide and then no more time. Number two, what property type are you going to buy?

Number three, what condition are you going to buy it in?

Number four, what price range are you going to buy it in? Those six things, so what strategy, the price range, the profitability, the condition, the location and the property type.

At least if you start there, you make a clear decision, now you can get people around you to help you.

Now you can cater your marketing toward that thing. There are in retrospect, some decisions that are better than other decisions. We acknowledge that there are certain paths that looking back will be better than others. As a CPA, I started to recognize my high net worth clients are all owned real estate. At a meetup I sat next to a person that was really nice to me and they invested online loans with bad credit in duplexes, so I started buying duplexes and I watched my net worth increase.

Then I came across a person that buys both the family and I knew, oh, multi-family is the perfect thing. That is, sorry to take away your amazing transition there. What I mean by that is next time you go out to a dinner, for example. But anyway, the point being practice in small areas. Practice, where do you want to go tonight on a date, you tell your wife or your husband. And just make the decision, and people will be like, okay. Opened Dore Capital is thriving largely because I was decisive about what I was home repair loan after getting mortage doing and how I was going to get there. Jason made a few weeks ago on the podcast or a few months ago now.

It is more important that you decide than what you decide. But the word that we put here that we came up with is momentum. But momentum is one of those powerful forces in the entire world.

If you imagine a train, the amount of work and effort and steam and whatever, that it takes to get the train moving one mile an hour. But then it gets going a little bit faster and a little faster and a little faster and it builds that momentum. You might be thinking, well sure Brandon and sure David, you guys got a ton of momentum in your life. But the fact is we built momentum from the beginning. Because honestly, this is to me, the most important thing that I want people to understand for all of 2021. If you had a train going 95 short term personal loans for bad credit miles an hour, that obstacle would not be standing in your path. Brandon:Could you explain what you mean by momentum fr the people? We know what momentum means in the general world of physics, but give an example of momentum for a real estate investor. When you know the market really well, you know the criteria, you know how long houses are on the market, you have knowledge, you can make a decision pretty quickly. As you continue to make these decisions quickly, this is what happened for me in Florida. It became so much easier for me to get the best deals faster because I made decisions quicker. Then payday loans hawaii I was able to do that because I had all the pieces in place. My contractor got bored to me very quickly, my home inspector got out there to see houses the next day.

Because I had been consistent in doing online loans with bad credit deals with them. I had built some momentum with each of those people. All of those came together to create one big force that someone could drop a deal right in front of me and I can say yes online loans with bad credit or no decisively and then take action on closing on that property and managing it with much less effort than everybody else around me. Now that momentum could easily be translated into other areas of life as well. Those are some very simple conceptual ideas of how momentum in one area can help you in another.

But as soon as you start making momentum or running really fast, you throw the kite in the air, it has a better chance of flying. I use that example, just continually moving forward, continually doing that momentum. The way that I do, let me give you a tangible way that I do that.

Is by continually asking myself every single day, what is the most important next step that I have to get accomplished? Well I guess I could read a book on no and low money and stuff. Well, employee payroll loan deduction authorization form I need to go to Amazon and buy a book on no and low money down real estate. We have the plane trying to get off the runway example.

I think you were going to write a book called Lift at online loans with bad credit one point. It takes very little effort to keep that thing moving, but you are traveling great distances. They want to be that millionaire, that financial freedom. Can they save capital, can they make capital or can they borrow capital? They come up with a plan working backwards to do that.

Am I going for equity to later turn it into cashflow.

The first piece I would say is get your budget under control.

Start asking other people, where are you finding success? At a certain point, you will recognize this does not take much effort from me to make a good decision. That is the point where your plane is now in cruise control. Because now that plane is on cruise control and you can get a long distance with very little work. I personal loan deals would probably the best way that I could describe what that process looks like, where most people that we talked to screw up is that because it takes so long or it takes longer to get that plane off the runway than they thought, they stop all the work that they did was for nothing, the plane crashes and they go try to find another plane. You got to be good at just making decisions and taking action. Number two is just taking repeated action over and over and over in a related fields. How do I do more of this and just continually moving.

Once you start taking these easy online loan little bits of action, you might be taking the wrong action. That brings us to the third thing and that is tracking.

So tracking in other words is our way of, you could also say analysis or accountability to yourself. How much money exactly are you spending every month and how much are you bringing in. Knowing that will automatically improve your financial position? As soon as you know that, you will start spending less or comparatively or saving more, just by knowing those things. Brandon, when you started tracking everything you eat and acting to tell somebody every day, this is what I ate, how much easier did it become to eat better? What you will inevitably find when you start doing that, is that you start looking for ways to make more money and looking for ways to save more money to increase that spread every month.

You also want to track the actions that you are taking that are leading to you being successful.

This many ounces or grams of this kind of food, and then I do these exercises on this day. Most of them track it in a notebook when they get there. Your goal is to get to either 11 reps or 205 pounds that you could do 10 times. You have a very clear path that you should walk on. The more guaranteed loans no credit check direct lenders specific you can get, I would say the better.

How many deals did you analyze this week so that you can make an offer on them? Okay well, how many deals are you getting across your desk right now?

What are you doing to get leads right now and how much of that did you do last week? That could be conversations with a real estate agent, that could be emails coming in from that real estate agent, that could be a number of hours spent looking on realtor.

Or do you have anything else that you want to sell? Find your unemployed nephew or something like that and be like, hey, you want to do me a favor? Again, those are just a few ways that you can in your real estate business right now start tracking your actions to find more deals. David:Brandon, I could call landlords on Craigslist. But if I found one that said, yeah, I would sell it to you. The most important thing though is not to pull over. That would be silly, as to pull over on the side of the road and wait for the fog to go away. Instead, if you just keep driving and keep asking, well, what does that next step?