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I have seen so many people start and stop in the Real Estate business more times than I can count.

I recognize that a lack of initial success is going to result in people petering out but what about the people who... In my local market there recently was a big scandal about someone who was ripping a bunch of investors off. Without going into too much detail, he was a well-known guy in the local community and a lot of the investors... These thoughts have nothing to do with political affiliation or preference so let us try to keep it civil. I have always considered Real Estate a personal business. The traditional Realtor who builds relationships and gets their clients that way. The investors who network at meetings and become friends.

I see a lot of different sales techniques and most hold some merit. I have seen genuine, sleezy, pushy, aggressive, tactical and a million others in this business.

I say go with what works for you but always be willing... I am sure this is going to be an unpopular statement but... I have been watching the last 4 months in absolute awe. Unemployment is through the roof, businesses are going bankrupt, most people are staying home not spending money yet the stock market and Real Estate market are...

Blogger Andrew MacDonald, yesterday posted an article on the BiggerPockets Blog that is an absolute MUST READ for anyone considering spending their money on a real estate guru. I just came upon a fantastic article about Negative Reviews online and thought it appropriate to share with the readers of our ways to get fast cash Guru Review forum. WARNING: When reading the Guru Review threads, take note that in many cases, the gurus will send their friends to shill on their behalf. These people are typically easy to pick out, as they usually have only a handful... Hey everyone,I have been debating switching my primary real estate focus to multi-family and have been researching a lot of different mentorship programs in hopes to get right in working with folks who are experienced... At the same time we where gullible enough to likewise put out information through the CiX site looking for lenders. Allegedly all the lenders on the CiX site have been...

I just spent 3 days at a Fortune Builders seminar as a newbie.

Highlights:Forming my LLC in Nevada because of the stronger... I saw his content on Youtube and thought he was legit. When I search it in google many fake best loan companies for bad credit assessments come up. I recently received an email with a webinar attached offering this lead generation program.

Has any one recently purchased this program and had success with it? In the last 2 months since we joined bigger pockets, I have read the following:How to Invest in Real Estate by Brandon Turner (Great Book)BRRRR by David Greene (Another Great... I just attended a BP book club session where Anson Young talked about his book, Finding and Funding Great Deals. As a newbie investor I found the book to be extremely informative and full of useful information from a...

Hello All,Strongly considering joining Palak Shah (BP Podcast 368) - Open Spaces Capital Cohort. I have invested in his course and not yet attended the seminar. During the period since buying I have been sending in deals that would meet the criteria and gotten some less than motivating responses. I have recently considered pursuing a side hustle of becoming a Notary Loan Signing Agent as a means of extra cash for building up my reserves. I have considered paying a couple of hundred dollars for a training course... I met a a "guru" who works with "turn key" properties, has a team of brokers, lenders, property managers, inspection people, etc. Can not find any information on the Real Estate Kingdom.

Hi everyone,I came across Chris Rood through personal loans las vegas Grant Cardone. I am about to take a 9 hour road trip and would like to further my education by listening to an audio book. Is Kris Krohn legit or another guru just scamming people out of their money, giving online loans instant approval no credit check them false hope? All, Seeking recommendations for local Fayetteville area banks to refinance a BRRR property. The hardest part about analyzing this property is finding comps. I have been searching for my first rental property for around two months now. I have been looking in Columbus County specifically in Whiteville, NC. Every house I go to seems to have major structural issues or they are... I wanted to know what are the thoughts of people that understand that market. Hey Team BP, could any of you refer a rockstar credit union who would know how to handle folks with complex financial profiles to execute timely BRRRRs?

I am looking to connect with Wholesalers in Moore County, Cumberland County, Hoke County, Lee County, Wake County, Durham County, Mecklenburg County.... Hi BPers,Does anyone have solid recommendations for a great attorney in the Fayetteville area that will do double closings? Does anyone have a good CPA to recommend in the Greensboro NC area?

I have a small business and several rentals so someone skilled in those areas would be great.

Does anyone have a good CPA to recommend in the Greensboro NC area? I have a small business and several rentals so someone skilled in those areas would be great. Hi all,I am interested in looking for potential buy and holds as well as great fix and flips in the Jacksonville, NC and surrounding areas.

Can anyone provide any good leads on wholesalers, contractors, and agents in... Anyone know of a good tax planner or CPA cash till payday s for sale that I can best figure out my plan going forward. Our AGI is very important as it not only affects our tax hit, it also determines our student loan payments. Hi BP members,My partner and I are starting out on our investment journey, focusing specifically on deals in Greenville, NC at the moment. BiggerPockets Members,I am new to bigger pockets, I have become fascinated with the practice of real estate investing and would love to hear from anyone who is experienced, someone who would be willing to exchange... Im looking for a referral to an agent in the Wilmington NC no hassle loans area. Remember per forum rules you can not recommend yourself, so if new payday loan lenders no credit checks you are an agent send me a private message and dont reply to the thread. I used sensus and NC commerce data to try to get a handle on what the best payday loan lenders counties in the southeast NC forum look like. If online loans instant approval no credit check you are looking for population growth, southeast NC is not the best overall place to be. It does include enough of Wayne county to include Seymour Johnson AFB, and does include Fort Bragg. Hey all you WNC investors out there,I am selling an investment property in West Asheville April 1 and will be getting a decent windfall from the sale.

I know that our local CREIANC is the place to go for investors, but... I would personal loans with no credit check or employment verification love to consult with someone to talk through the best strategy to make it happen.

I have a few questions if any of you might be able and inclined to answer. The new buyer will take delivery 2022 and enjoy the... I purchased my first investment property in October in Brevard and have been waiting six months to do a cash out refi... I have a family member who has a rental property just outside of Asheville and is looking for general contractor recommendations. I had are payroll loans allowed a third unit being remodeled, that I just listed and had a huge amount of interest (July),...

I have sights on a property outside of city limits and ETJ, that is OU (Open online loans instant approval no credit check Use) zoned. This parcel has several problems, the primary issues at hand are that no permits have been issued for well, septic, and... Is anyone using a surety bond for security deposits?

I have a property that was once two lots and recombined as one. I want to sub-divide the lots to their original dimensions. One lot has a SFR on it small cash loans no credit check that I am considering selling. I am headed to the conference in Nashville tomorrow. Does anybody in the Asheville market want to meet up for introductions? Anyone know a high-powered accountant with real estate investing expertise? I think mine is getting overwhelmed by it all, missing some major deduction possibilities in his rush to make the extension deadlines. We are finishing up a fully furnished rental in Las Vegas, NV. I get an email every now and then from real estate agents asking if anyone has a furnished... I recently bought 21 Indian Lane, a sweet spot between Asheville and Weaverville with three singlewides and happy tenants. Below are some of the top answers for building a cash buyers list, from our experienced members who have done it before. One of the most frequently asked questions is Do I need an LLC to invest in real estate?

Other variations of this theme include Should I get an LLC? There is so many property management software out taking out loan for vacation to build credit there for rental properties all offering nothingbut big promises most I find, just fail to deliver, has anyone came across any great product lately? Hello BP, Hi I setup a BP meetup but accidentally put the wrong address. Has anyone encountered this before and know how I can... I just fill out a rental property calculator in bigger pockets and is seem that something is wrong because they cap rate is not the cap rate that should be, the cash flow number does not match up, its a wrong... Hello All,Currently, me and my wife live in Smyrna, GA and online loans instant approval no credit check we want to dive into the world of real estate investing. Who here is using AirBnB to rent out studios or private rooms?

From the numbers I have run it looks like a great investment.