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Billy Hills, certainly a mentor can be a long distance kind of thing. You will find many people have a scarcity mentality and do not want to share or help. However there are those that believe in paying it forward and that you get more when you give more. I have spent a considerable amount of time looking and talking, and asking around here: how ever the ones that are doing don t want to talk, And the ones that next day loans without a credit check are not. Daniel Root being proactive is key to success in all aspects of this business. This has motivated me to be more proactive in my search for a mentor already. Lots of good points that need to be shared with all new investors who need guidance. All good points in this post-- yes, we all have something to offer, and I love the idea of learning from a number of people. That is why I like this site so much :) Doni Healy your mentor request and your deal will get more visibility in the MarketPlace Forum (that is the only place mentor requests and deal funding are allowed) Also network with members here and in your local area. Anyone out there in the nortj Atlanta area want to be a mentor to a 71 year old lady who is sharp and ready. What the best personal loans I have to offer:I have been in and out of real estate for some time.

I know how to buy and sell mobile homes and mobile home parks. You next day loans without a credit check can email me and I will send you my phone number.

Doni Doni Healy I am a big believer in spending money on my education. But today with this site, you tube videos etc best site for poor credit loans the value of courses has become less important. Thank you so much for helping me with the great advice you each gave me.

I don t need to buy an expensive course that I really can t afford. I have been in and out of real estate most of my life and now I really need to supplement my income. Sometimes you payday loans lexington ky have to keep taking action long enough to get those results. If that doesn t get the results you want keep trying. Stephen Akindona, one of Dale Carnegie next day loans without a credit check s principals is, everyone wants to feel important.

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Asking someone about what they do and how they do it, is like giving them a compliment. I will definitely be thinking about how easy loan site I can add value to other investors and I will be persistent! Good to hear from someone more experienced letting us newbies know that asking for help is okay! You re Welcome mini cash loans Marc Pfleger and thank you for the comment. It s nice to hear not only that someone liked reading it, but actually put it in practice and got a benefit from it. I ended up having a productive meeting and feel I have a made this oh so valuable connection.

This is an are where I have been lagging, but reading yours and the other members post has been mentorship in itself. I ve actually recommended you to a few other newbies looking for information on tax sales. Great blog Ned, thanks for reaching out and pointing me in the right direction! Getting in touch and keeping in touch seems to mimic the same action of getting into RE. No longer a newbie investor but my takeaway was ASK, ASK, ASK!

Maybe it s time (as adults) to get YES especially in this recovering economic climate which canpositively impact ones retirement decisions of travel or don t travel, pay off debt or work until age 90? Blog posts that keeps your brains going is well worth reading and sharing. I take it as a complimentTerence Haney Thank you too. I see you are new here so welcome to BP and good luck on your investing. Many people are afraid and don t know their next move. Thanks for reading and commentingBen Leybovich I be we agree more than we disagree. You do see the part where I have spent a ton of money on courses and coaches right? Jennifer Kudia I am having a bit of analysis paralysis in the meantime.

I think a lot of people get stuck there often becuase the next step is not clear.

Sometimes the answer is more analysis, or actually simply looking at more deals. You get to a point when you have looked at so many deals when a really good one comes along it is obviously great. It starts with he first step and continues with the second. One day you turn around and realize how far you have come. I like the Nike reference coming from a basketball background Just Do It.

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Sometimes your toughest step is that first foot forward!! Excellent information for a new investor who isn t quite sure how to go about reaching out to someone who could offer help, guidance, and information. I am confident I can find someone in the Chicago area who would like to exchange their resources for my Time, because I do have a lot of it, and it next day loans without a credit check s something valuable I could offer. I recently upgraded to the BiggerPockets PRO Membership, so I m preparing to reach out to mentors in the Chicago area. I will be writing blog posts to update members about every step of my journey, but it seems I am having a bit of analysis paralysis in the meantime. There are so many options, including WHERE I want to even begin investing.

I will continue to read the threads to educate myself, as well as do my own research on possible locations I d like to stick with for a while. Also - Thank You to all of BiggerPockets for the wealth of information provided! Being new I find myself bogged down by analysis paralysis. Thank you for validating what I was kind next day loans without a credit check of thinking my self.

I found a local investment club meeting to go to and I m just going to do it, I m going to go. Great advice Ned, I look forward to learning the value in the information. I am looking for a Mentor in my area, and I almost paid for one of the Guru Mentor system, but decided not to, due to cost and wondering if he was the right one? I have since start looking for a mentor in my local area, and or someone that is willing to help me. I will connect with you as a colleague, you are a wealth of knowledge. I look forward to hearing more post, replies, and contacting you if I have more questions. Thanks Ned Carey, thanks for directing me to this post. Very informative and it made me think of things that I could offer a mentor that I had not realized before. Exactly, We often expect people to be pushy in business. Nobody wants to be that pushy salesperson so we often over correct. But, you won t know if someone is willing to help you unless you ask. Marc Cesar, Coire Kyle, Tevis Verrett, Brad Cunningham thank you all for the comments. As a newbie I will be looking for some mentorship and this article really brought to the surface some pitfalls for me to avoid and some solid advice on making and keeping solid network connections.

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Like those above me I agree this is really good stuff. Not name of program loan to pay rent when have no income knowing how to find a mentor has certainly been one of the things holding me back from getting involved in investing sooner. Hopefully I will find one soon to work with one on one but if not there is always the forums! Cheers,CK Ned Carey I would love to sit down sometime soon and pick your brain. Yes owning four other properties sounds nice but the work was already done for me and was functioning before I got it because they were inherited. I want to start from scratch and to do that I must learn the numbers game. I will definitely take your suggestions and apply them to finding a mentor that will help me in my business. If we weren t miles away i would of sought your help. Hopefully I can ask you some tips and get some assistance via email or phone if possible since I am in the beginning stages of REI. Chris Bynion, Alisha Scott, Eric Lundberg Thanks for your comments. Benaiah Grimes You need to know how to run the numbers. There are a lot of hidden costs in real estate and you need to know what they are so don t overestimate the cash flow or the value of a deal. You should have a head start becuase of you other properties. If next day loans without a credit check you don t know, learn what an APOD is and how to use it. Good lulck - Ned Ned Carey I do feel that mentorship is beneficial since I am considered a newbie. I just really want to make sure I can prevent as many issues as possible.

What is the number one evaluation skill I should possess when looking for potential multiunits? Cool post Ned- I see so many people come into the MilwaukeeREIA after they ve already spent there last pennies on some traveling guru calling themselves a mentor... James Neff never put much thought or action into it other than depositing the check each month and watching my wife spend next day loans without a credit check it! I had to do a little searching on my own, but it was worth the read!