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At the same time, he also provides an amazing tip on what we can do upfront during the purchase process to ensure that the seller picks up the phone and helps us when we run into a question or issue after the purchase! Or even the difference between the three of these things? Ever wondered how they could be used to protect your business, as well as be used as an income stream for your business? Devin Miller -- engineer, MBA and attorney, and founder of Miller IP Law -- is an expert on both intellectual property (IP) and business. And he is here with us this week to dispel a ton of myths about IP, as well as provide the information you need to start using IP to protect and enhance your business.

And make sure you listen to the end, when Devin tells us about two books that have changed his perspective on entrepreneurship, and will likely do the same for you! Always wondered whether it was possible to buy a business with no money down? From the acquisition channels they use to find potential purchase targets, through underwriting, due diligence, purchase and transition -- they detail each piece of the process, both in terms of how it worked for their purchase and how you should be approaching it for yours. They even detail how they connected with outside investors, and payday loans in 15 mins how they structured the investments. Have you wondered how you can use your interest in real estate to generate additionalincome that you can then use to buy real estate?

Or are you just looking for some motivation to start and grow a business that can generate millions of dollars per year?

Steve Strauss -- founder of Sign Central -- figured out how he could build a 7-figure business helping real estate developers, agents and investors market their products. And at the same time, start building his own real estate portfolio.

With nothing more than determination, dedication and LOTS of hard work, Steve was able to take a part-time side-hustle working for someone else, and grow a multi-faceted business that now serves some of the largest real estate developers in the country. In this episode, Steve tells us how it took him a decade to go out on his own, but then how he went from side-hustle to big business over the course of just a few years. He tells us how building relationships has propelled his business success, and has helped him nab some of his largest clients. And how effective networking can be the difference between a stagnant business and one that starts to grow -- and keeps growing -- quickly! Steve then talks about how he was able to take his company from 2 employees to 12 employees, virtually overnight.

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While it may seem like a daunting task, Steve provides the single biggest key to achieving this growth with minimal headache and minimum financial risk. And make sure you listen to the end, where Steve talks about how he helped his community during Covid, but did so in a way that has brought him additional business and is likely to benefit him long into the future. Chris Meade -- twenty-something co-founder of the 8-figure game company Crossnet -- was a kid with a dream what are the advantages of short term loans when he, his brother and a friend conceived of a new take on beach volleyball. In this advice-filled episode, Chris breaks down many of his companies processes in detail. He starts by giving a step-by-step plan for finding overseas manufacturers to prototype, build and package your product -- incredibly inexpensively! He loans for single mothers with bad credit tells us how to do it, how much it costs, how long it takes, and then provides some pro-tips to keep you from making some big mistakes -- and not getting taken advantage of -- in the process.

Chris then talks about how he and his partners were able to start selling the game using viral new payday loan companies marketing techniques, social media, and their own sales funnels. Make sure you listen for the single most important skill an entrepreneur needs to be successful.

Need a reminder of the passion that led you new payday loan companies to start your business in the first place? Could you use a dose of inspiration from two business partners who clearly share the same goals and are committed to succeed together, no matter what obstacles they face? Michelle Oppelt and Samantha Mooney -- co-owners of Smartycat Kids and SmartyCatTV, have had new payday loan companies new payday loan companies a great run.

Pouring tremendous amounts of faith into each other with a symbiotic relationship based on trust and tenacity, this dynamic duo spent over a decade developing, nurturing, and growing an engaging child education payday loans lubbock enrichment company serving hundreds of families. Simply stated, Covid brought business to a screeching halt. Faced with a seriously tough situation, Michelle and Samantha took a big step back, assessed the situation, then new payday loan companies faced the harsh reality.

In this episode, Michelle and Samantha give us great tips on using resources wisely, reaching out far and wide to find like-minded thinkers who can help us view things through a different lens.

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They give heartfelt advice on keeping your mission front and center to guide you through difficult choices. And they encourage us to not only accept change, but to fully embrace it, finding new opportunities to propel your entity to an entirely new place.

Josh has just released his 10th Anniversary edition of his book, and provides a wealth of knowledge for entrepreneurs at any stage of their journey. In addition, Josh provides actionable tips on how to overcome some of the biggest struggles facing entrepreneurs and biggest owners. And then listen to Josh tell us exactly how we can overcome that roadblock and keep pushing forward. And make sure you listen to the end, where Josh recommends the top 99 business books you should have on your reading list to really propel you and business to success. Do you dream of the day you can truly put family first while generating income and creating a lasting legacy?

Would working alongside your loved ones, buildingtogether, be the icing on the cake? Although a hefty salary, impressive awards for her accomplishments, and strong payday lenders online influence among staff members kept her going, the 16 hours a day, 7 days a week schedule left her missing out on what really mattered.

In this episode, Sabrina tells us about the steps she took to join forces with her incredibly creative sister, who started a kid-focused product company several years prior. Sabrina provides us insight to a roadmap of steps she has taken, and that you can take as well, to start operating a side hustle like a real business. She shares incredibly valuable tips on entering into key distribution and wholesale channels. And best of all, she gives us some heartwarming inspiration about involving the entire family every step of the way. In spite of this, do you sometimes get in your own way, questioning your ability to make a real impact and get things done? For years, Jason Feifer — Editor-in-Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine, has been an influencer with leading entrepreneurs crushing it in their respective industries. Programmed with nonstop motivation easy loan site reviews and ambition to move forward, make progress, and teach others, Jason also hosts THREE leading podcasts, writes for prominent media outlets, and inspires individuals, business owners and companies as a highly sought-after international keynote speaker. Make sure you listen to the end, where Jason reveals his unique take on when and how to create a personal brand. Make sure you listen to the end where Walker tells us the biggest mistake he sees entrepreneurs making, and the most important thing you should be doing the day you close on the purchase of your new business.

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Ever wondered what the first steps were to raising tens of millions of dollars? Do you unintentionally impose limitations on what you think you can accomplish? Jay Reno, founder of Feather, has thought BIG from the start. His entrepreneurial journey began with an idea a bit ahead of its time. With just a few thousand dollars and a ton of hard work and diligence, Jay quickly achieved proof of concept for Feather, a furniture rental company providing a flexible and sustainable alternative to ownership.

In this episode, Jay tells us about his amazing experience at Y Combinator, an incubator program where other leading companies like DoorDash, AirBNB, and Dropbox also got their start.

He offers insight on the pros and cons of raising money vs. And how he was able to overcome all the complexities of doing so during the pandemic, while supply chains were shut down and in-person workers were scarce. John also discusses how to design, prototype and build FAST when getting to market quickly is the one of the most important aspects of success.

If so, this is the episode for you…Sean Pour—founder of SellMax. What started out as an effort to help his family has, over the past 10 years, turned into a big business.

Sean buys and sells thousands of cars per month all across the United States.

In this episode, new payday loan companies Sean talks about getting started even before he had a high school education, how he taught himself the coding and marketing skills necessary to get the business off the ground, and how he was able to bootstrap the company without any capital. He also discusses how to build your network and find a great mentor without spending any money... By adding value helping like-minded people build their own unique brands, he now has global reach working with clients to enhance their emergency loans no credit check marketing, online presence, podcasts, and live streaming strategies. In this episode, Erik talks about the importance of putting your ego aside, remaining consistent, and simply showing up to gain traction. He reminds us that the relationships we nurture through networking are front and center in any business. Make sure you listen to the end, where Erik shares a great personal story that went viral around the globe.