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And I think a lot of the wealth is where things are difficult.

And then I want to dig in a little bit more on that.

Sometimes if they loans for bad credit not payday loans do die with a will, but it could be contested or something, it goes through court. And by the way, people want to know more about the probate stuff of way back, eight years ago, on episode number 12, with Sharon Vornholt on the BiggerPockets podcast, we dove deep into the world of probates. I think that there are a lot of ones that are probably good. It was weird because I got something similar where all guaranteed loans for poor credit of a sudden, like every other Facebook message is like, hey, I pull lists. But I would say definitely vet those companies, vet those people. Or what kind of lists do you think I should pull and have them do it? But if somebody is just offering a course or program or some random person in your Facebook messages, I would be very wary of that kind of list because I could pull you any kind of list source list. As I once did a direct mail campaign to great Harbor Washington, which no one was doing direct mail. And I sent 300 letters and out payroll loan check cashing of them I got 40 phone calls and I literally just pulled the most basic list. Like I went to ListSource, I bought like absentee owners who had owned their properties over five years. Over five usda rural development home repair loan years, I got 40 phone calls from 300 letters because nobody was doing that in that market. So a lot of it depends is your area saturated, is there a lot of people doing direct mail there. And then other markets like this one and a lot of the top metros are exactly like that.

Do you have any good tips there on how to get a better response rate on your direct mail? So a lot of things are gentrifying and changing around there.

And he said, he gets about 10 letters a week per property.

He called me because he actually just liked my mailer. So it makes me look like a professional company versus just an anonymous yellow letter or something cash advance fees like that. And my goal for direct mail is handcrafted and high quality.

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So it just looks and feels like a high quality piece from a professional company, but has no collateral poor credit loans personal touches in there, a letterhead with handwriting on it. So sometimes consistency and sticking with it helps.

I think he has to wait for a few things to fall in place. So it goes to show that you can stand out in a very crowded market.

Brandon:And I talk about kind of the four ways that if you have a commodity type business, how you can stand out.

Now, I want to shift a little bit here to, I guess, on market strategies. So, first of all, should new investors even be looking on the market or are the deals all gone?

Like the ones that are listed by real estate agents that are just for sale by a real estate agent? And your market is a little unique in the sense that Denver is one of the hottest markets in the entire country and has been for five years, at least. And in a loans in delaware market like yours, quick payday loan I think agents can really help with just getting somebody into the game or getting a deal that you can house hack.

And then that becomes a rental, or maybe even finding a rental property with an agent. Obviously, different markets have different things.

You can wait until they hit 90 days on market or 120 days on market and then go in with a lower offer. Anson:So in a market like mine, you almost have to go off market to get anything done.

You can do kind of a more appreciation, friendly rentals on market all day long.

You need something with so much meat on the bone that you can buy it, pay your closing the best pay day loans costs, pay your payday loans texas rehab cost, pay your holding costs, pay your acquisition costs, pay the team of people that you put together, pay your direct mail- David:… and still make a profit. And you said something that was gold, that had to do with the days on market. In my opinion, this is like the best tip I could give anybody.

I set my on-market filter to whatever the average day on market is.

And I say, okay, I only want to see houses been on the market for this long.

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So I have two in contract right now in Kihei that were both on the market for over 250 days. Anson:I learned that through REO because they would always do price reductions at a 30, 90, 120 day increment.

So I knew if it was 89 days on market in one or two days, we should be seeing a price reduction. And so that trained me to just look at days on market like a hawk. So we got to wrap this pretty soon, but I want to know, we talked about on-market stuff, working with a real estate agent. And those are kind of like the three big that I teach every week on the webinar. Those are the three that most real estate investors could probably find a deal. What are just a list of things people can do and what is it? And then people can go and research that on BiggerPockets or look up other shows to learn more about it. If you find a short sale in your market where right now we have like three on the market here. Is there a way that you can get a house hacked REO through Fannie Mae and FHA offer? Whereas everybody who was looking at REOs only like 10 years ago. So those are just kind of a shotgun approach of different ways. So then maybe a couple of weeks later they maybe did a little bit driving and they saw a couple of properties. And then they called them while they were sitting in front of the house. They said our goal is to make hamburger, making more efficient, and they like to see where two people bumping into each other.

You run it like a business, but you have to have the expectation in the beginning. You get good from doing it- Brandon:All right, man. Tell us really quickly about the book you wrote and this book club thing. We mentioned it during the quick tip at the beginning, but just really quick now.

So I mean the book itself was just all about finding and funding deals.

And even through repairs and ARV and all that fun stuff.

And then what you do with it from there is up to you. Sounds need loan to pay bills like this is a brand new thing that you guys are doing. I can pull it out, read one chapter and get some really good information. And you know when you talk to Jocko, he leaves you with that same feeling honestly.

And we interviewed him on our show back on episode 365. So Jacko 365, we talked about real estate investing among other things payday loans in bakersfield ca in that show. Anson:Hobbies are kind of like still outdoors stuff. This summer we picked up a paddle-boarding to add to that. What do you think separates successful real estate investors from those who give up, fail or never get started?

Every time we talk, I always come away like oh, man Anson is so smart. So once again, thank you for enlightening us, but good luck to you need loan to pay bills man. Be sure to join the millions of others who have benefited from biggerpockets. Help us reach new listeners on iTunes by leaving us a rating and review! It takes just 30 seconds and instructions can be found here. RentRedi provides you with a hassle-free way to collect rent.

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