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What some of the lessons were that they learned, and then what some of their big goals were. So hopefully you can use the stories today as a guide to help you guys get started as well. So if anybody wants to join them in doing the next 90 day Intention Journal go to biggerpockets. I might go and buy it myself in next year supply because I use that too. Before we bring them in we got to talk about- Tony:I finally watched it. So thank you for making me watch that and it was a good laugh. So many people reached out to me, so it was a good laugh.

So, Beth, if you want to start us off, what were some of your goals for 2020? How did you do compared to those goals, and what were some of the lessons low interest payday loans that you learned? Beth:So, 2020 was my first year as a real estate investor, and my goals are pretty simple. What were some of the things you felt you did that set you up to be able to move as quickly as you did starting in 6 month loan February, and now being in December to get six units?

And I think that once you get… I got to a certain point I knew that I just had to rip the band aid off and just go. Are all of those six units, are they single family homes? Beth:My first two was a duplex and then the rest are all single family homes from there. I actually really… I really kind of prefer single family homes right now. And I continue to plan to build the portfolio there. I am aware of the importance of diversification and want to grow and scale in other markets. Probably not for this coming year, but maybe the next year. But I would like to purchase a couple of properties in 2021 in short term rentals in a different market.

And then I also have a side business that I do in addition to my W2 job, which I do woodworking and carpentry and stuff like that.

So I ended up with a lot of time on my hands, and that just allowed me to really pour into my side hustle, and scale that into almost my new full-time job. So, I knew that to get in a position where I could low interest payday loans take action. I actually ended up tripling my revenue from 2019 this year, so had a really good solid year in that. You took a hard thing, COVID, and you turned it into a great positive for yourself. But first, I want to know what are some action items that you can give maybe an investor like yourself who is maybe looking to get their personal finances in order.

Jackson:Probably the number one, the first thing that I would suggest is getting a budget. So you have to give every dollar that comes into your account a name or a place. So if you have a mortgage payment, a rent payment, things like that. Not only keeping everything organized, but just keeping everything well budgeted and being as well capitalized as possible. I want to talk about the side hustle a little bit because you glossed over that quickly as well. What made you think or what made you believe that starting a side hustle was what you needed to do to kickstart your investing career? I knew I needed an additional source of income from somewhere. And so, where the woodworking and carpentry came into place, in 2018 my girlfriend and I built our first home together. And so, we had this beautiful brand new home and nothing to put in it. And so, we were shopping around and looking for furniture and stuff and I just… I had sticker shock. Just put bad credit unsecured personal loans loans for people with bad credit rating it out there and try to see what happened and it was received well. I did pretty well my first year so then in 2019, 2020 I started to take it a lot more serious.

Started to look at it like an actual business, and so got it set up with an LLC, like a true business checking account. Kept everything for my business separate from my personal finances and really just trying to hit the ground running from there.

So I love that you dived in headfirst and found something that worked for you. Jordan, can you give us a little background on what you have been going on in the past year? So, we payday loans louisiana went to this church, it was this Catholic Church and it was 10 other super old couples. And that was… It was mind blowing, and super helpful, helped me and my wife just get on the same path as far as money, and how to operate. And then fast forward to January 2020 is when I read Rich Dad Poor Dad, and like everybody else that blew my mind. I was like, "I got to figure out how to get out of the rat race. Got recommended to BiggerPockets, watched the 90 day webinar on how to get your first property. I was listening to Taylor Naaman, and reached out to him, and he has become my mentor now. Just low interest payday loans kind of go over things, helps me with direction, has been hugely impactful. Tony:I want to ask one follow up question because you said you attended the BiggerPockets webinar that shows you how to get your deal in the first 90 days.

And I would assume that maybe only a small fraction of people actually get their first deal in the first 90 days. What why does payday keep redirecting me to installment loans do you feel you did differently than so many guarantor loans online other folks that have gone through that, that actually allowed you to take action and get that deal done in such a short timeframe? So my wife and I talked, we committed, and took the step to get the realtor, took the step to get pre approved. But the more education and what do i have to have for a payday advance loan in oklahoma reading I started to do with BiggerPockets and the more I started having conversations with my wife on what we want to do, what our goals want to be, and how we want to be financially free how do online loans work in five years real estate investing the mountain that it seems started to get smaller into a hill. So it helped me gain confidence and the action just helped me get there. I guess, how does that compare with how you felt this year, Jackson? I just kind of like nodding along the whole time that Jordan was talking just because I relate a lot to like what he said as far as the process was. And one of the things that really helped me is I had heard on the… Between this show and the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast, the book, the one thing had been mentioned dozens and dozens of times. But really helps you identify what that next step is, or what that first most important thing is that you need to be working on. And I worked through starting with, okay, what do I want my life to be someday? And like Jordan said, like, I want to be financially free. I want to do what I want, where I want, with who I low interest payday loans want.

And so, to be on track for that in five years, I will have to have X number of dollars in passive income to support that. And two, just like the other guests have said, you are capable of doing so much more than you really think. So, I think originally my cash loans usa first year, or my end of the year goal. So by the end of 2020, my goal was to connect with a realtor or reach out with a realtor. Well, I was working down through that, and I realized that takes about five minutes to do. I jumped on BiggerPockets, messaged a couple realtors in my area, or in my market that I thought might work good. Well, I have a relationship with our lender that we bought our first house through.

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So that in itself is kind of like a big like, oh, no.

But sent over a couple documents, sent him a couple things. And boom, we got pre-approved and that took maybe a day or two. You just have to identify them, and then just attack them and take action on it. The thing that I thought of when you were saying this is that the other day Tarl Yarber was on a webinar with me. So, I think that was really awesome what Tarl said and what you said. And fortunately, I have the cushion in my… That I can spend the extra 30,000. So just think about it, and just reiterating what I said previously, I think just that power, that persistence, and that power of that consistency, and just that really stick it. Having that grit and sticking with it and sticking to it.

And of course, almost to be expected the first offer I made was rejected. And investing is not going to work and this is dumb. And you just got to think every no that I get certainly hit me that much closer to my next yes.

And just the fact that we all got through it, that I got through it. And I came out on the other side of this in a better position than I was at the start of 2020. I think it just shows that power, that persistence, perseverance, and sticking with it.

What were some of the big lessons you learned last year? And I just want to second what Beth and Jackson said. I learned super quick that you got to make a few calls before you get somebody who wants to go up there.

But it was really like the situation was fixed within one day of me just being able to take action. Kind of figuring out my why and that gets me through the nos. I do a lot of cold calling with it and like Jackson said it gets you closer to… It really does get you closer to that yes. Then with the why just letting that push you, and then staying consistent would be for me. What I think of when you guys are saying that is worst case scenario. Figure payday loans nc out what do you need to take care of that worse scenario? He knew where to go no credit check same day loans for instant cash needs to learn about how to take care of that issue, document, and put all of these processes, checklists, information.