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Most of my agents, my most experienced one has been full-time for eight months.

So I know as they get more confident as they get more skilled, as they get more efficient, those numbers are going to grow even more. Not every agent on my team can actually confidently give you that number eyeballing. So I feel most comfortable with them explaining things to clients.

So I probably have about six or seven licensed people on the team right now, plus me. And then we have three more agents that are in the process of getting licensed that will be starting in 2021. So every day we have to average who did we put into contract today, and we have 31 houses in escrow right now going into January. If we want to start off closing around 25 to 30 deals a month, we had a really good December. And I can tell you like what we finally got right that led to this little run was about 11 of those escrows have been put in contracts in the last 10 days. I want to go into those details about what the things were that you finally got right and so on. I would like to know for you specifically, David, did your real estate brokerage business start first or was it your real estate investing business that started first or vice versa or were they hand in hand kind of talked to us about how the evolution of Genesis of those two things separately or together. How do I buy investment properties so I can get out of the business? I was working as a police officer buying rental properties. What I love about buying property is that I learned things and I have more I can share with other people. And it would take way too long to keep buying at the level that I was at for my passive income. So with bad credit loans now real estate sales, I just got tired of knowing more than the agents did.

I was educating them all the time on how to lowest interest rate on personal loan do their job or how to do it better or how to talk to people. But eventually I started to find the patterns and what worked.

And then I just started to kind of double down on those patterns. So I, to answer your question was an investor first then became an agent. If I build a great business, I build a great product. Even the best in business have hud home repair loan grant application to market their products. Maybe your friends, maybe your family will, but if you want to grow a market, if you want to grow a customer base, you have to spend a lot of time, a lot of energy, maybe even a lot of money marketing. And at some point it does get a lot easier, but you have to put in the work upfront. My back should be in the second book, but imagine pushing a boulder up a hill, every single step is agony. But when you got to really hard just to get an inch forward, you really understand how important it is. When you are lead generating, you are on the phone constantly. I have what I call the sales funnel that I talked about in this book, where you start with a person and you move them into a closing low apr payday loans through a very systemized series of steps. At a certain point, you get to the other side of that plateau and you start going downhill.

The only reason you go through that is to get to the other side. What is it that really makes that business grow in terms of clients? Think about, you talked about, for example, you were buying all of your properties when you were still a police officer direct online loan lenders before you came a realtor before you came a real estate agent. So they have a lot of contacts in the real estate investing world, other real estate investors. And so does it make more sense to go one route or the low apr payday loans other. And along with that and maybe you can work that into the conversation. Are there some differences or similarities or advantages and disadvantages of those two different types of clients? I would say in general, working with retail clients is going to be better for your business. Then you become an agent and you hear the same thing said low apr payday loans about investors.

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They only win if a house closes and you should be looking at that the same way as an investor. What I tell new agents is you have low apr payday loans to get anytime you recognize, I have this feeling that I hope this works out. You should have a really good understanding of what your outcome is likely to be.

The same way that an investor looks at the property. At a W-2 job, your job is to sit at the front desk and when somebody wants to buy low apr payday loans something that your company is selling, you run it on the register.

They want to be in the shade, but you got to figure out which of these people wants to order food or convince them why they would want to order food. And I see a lot of people that get their license are not prepared for that. And I tell people this all the time and I appreciate the fact that you being in the business agree, working with investors is a pain in the personal loans greensboro delaware payday loans nc butt. They have a product, they are going to be making a sale. I like listing houses more than working with buyers because I know I bring more. My best advice is to have invest your time upfront. Front-load this process and say, here is what I can do for you.

Can you analyze all these and tell me which ones we should ride on? And you made a point a few minutes ago that I want to repeat. You also said earlier that you had a number of people on your team that were pretty much brand new to selling real estate over the last few months. Is there a reason why you prefer people who are brand new to the business to be joining your team versus going out and hiring experienced agents who done this and know the business.

David:I would prefer to hire an experienced agent that does it and knows the business. That is not the same as being excellent at what you do. And I want them to break down their system, leverage off the stuff. So the new people tend to be the ones that are easier to mold and more willing to trust me.

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I hired my first agent about a month ago, who is a top producer and I love it. She and I have been number one and two in my office for the last three years. So with all of these new agents that have come into the game, if you will in 2020, because that happens in a hot market. A lot of people are like, yeah, give me a piece of that.

You have clearly low apr payday loans established, like we talked about systems, processes to accelerate the learning, to accelerate the growth and efficiencies and so on. This is BiggerPockets where we share everything in this company. And installment loans florida if you have a great system, then you have something going on in terms of lead generation. So what are some of the lead generation strategies that you train your team to do? Not everybody can handle that unless they came from a background where they did it before. So your insecurity is glaringly obvious to everyone. You know, Mary, the top person in my office, she knows what to say. And you get the taste for what it feels like to do well.

What personal loans direct lenders only this person was saying is my students know how good it payday loans montgomery al feels to tap somebody out. And it motivates them to now want to do the hard work of getting their butt kicked every day. I need to get you to see what it feels like to get someone in contract, to do a closing, to give them the keys for the first time. You need to experience how freaking excited they are, that you made their dream come true. I work you from the front backwards and from the back frontwards. Now, what I found payday advance loans lincoln is once they see what the whole process looks like, and they have confidence that lead generation becomes so much easier. And so I feel like the team structure helps you learn faster, gets you going quicker and can get you profitable much quicker.