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Theirs does… because they launched a line of barbering products including razors, shears, air compressors, and wireless charging mats. If you want to change your industry by taking a fresh approach, this episode will leave you inspired and ready to take action today. They came to love the wheeling and dealing—and soon realized the earnings would allow them to avoid dipping into their retirement savings. They reveal how they source their niche payday loans online lenders products locally, then market them internationally to create bidding wars (Chinese buyers bidding on a sunglasses case?!

Bill and Maida also reflect on working together as a married couple, and how they divide up their responsibilities (and physical workspaces) to avoid driving each other crazy. This is an entertaining and insightful show that will inspire you to start looking around the house for items to sell. In this episode, he teaches you exactly how to make a splash through innovative (some would say crazy), outside-the-box techniques. Today, Brent tells us how his career began with a cold email and how that led to him working with some of the most talented writers and marketers in the country.

Brent also reveals how he gets into the heads of reporters and editors—and guaranteed loans for poor credit how you can do the same. This show is jam-packed with information that will help you generate buzz and get yourself in front of more clients and customers.

Asking these questions changed Trevor Mauch s life for the better. In this episode, he guides us through an exercise that can help you do the same!

For Trevor, it all began after a scary wake-up call. It wasn t that his software company wasn t doing well. In fact, Carrot—which builds high-converting websites for real estate investors and agents—recently landed on Inc.

Trevor even had enough cash to buy the domain name Carrot. Instead, the wake-up call was a near-tragedy brought on by his loans online fast approval hardcore hustle and grind mentality. At that moment, Trevor realized that working nights and weekends wasn t sustainable.

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It also wasn t helping the company, because that routine wasn t allowing him to grow as a leader.

Today, Trevor reveals the system you can use to delegate tasks that drain your energy (even if you re great at them! He also drops some great tips for ranking higher in Google and how creating local content with context can help you beat out bigger, better-funded competitors. And he reflects on how building a strong, clearly-defined brand has helped attract some of his most valuable team members. The result is an episode that s part motivational speech, part marketing masterclass. So download, subscribe, and leave us a rating and review if you enjoy it!... Joshua traces the business back to the days when MySpace was hot. He offers tips for building an online community that will resonate today and into the future. Joining us from Maui are the co-hosts of the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast, Brandon Turner and David Greene. Both of them started adjacent businesses to what they were currently doing, only to find that their success grew even faster when they bounced businesses off of one another.

But how do business owners persist to strive for success, even when the odds are stacked against them? Brand and David also have an answer for this as well, and it comes in the form of morning rituals, community, coaching, and perseverance.

This is an episode about how you can take the losses or wins from 2020, and turn them into something bigger and better than you ever imagined… David:Business is the act of solving problems. Speaker 3:Welcome to a real world MBA from the school of hard knocks, where entrepreneurs reveal what it really takes to make it. Scott, your co-host for the BiggerPockets business podcast, here the last week of this crazy 2020. Write it down because I want to gift next year from you guys. You probably know them well, Brandon Turner and David Greene. They are co-hosts of the BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast. For those of you who do know Brandon and David, you know that this is going to be a great episode. We talk about all the things that went right in our businesses in 2020, not just real estate, but all of our businesses.

Brandon and David give some amazing advice on this episode.

We talk about, how do you figure out what your loans low apr superpower is.

Brandon gives us four ways that can really work on building our persistence.

Make sure you listen to the very, very end of the show when David Greene talks about why this podcast, the BiggerPockets Business Podcast is absolutely his very favorite BiggerPockets podcast. Anyway, if you want to learn more about Brandon, if you want to learn more about David, if you want to learn more about anything we talk about on the show, please check out our show notes at BiggerPockets. Carol:Brandon, David, thank you so much for joining us at this awesome end of 2020.

I made a bet to see if I could get on the show by the end of the year lowest loan interest rate and it looks like David owes me 50 bucks. So we can talk real estate all day and we do talk real estate all day, but we asked you here because we want to talk business. Tell us what other stuff, what were you doing in 2020? I get asked this question all the time, what do I spend my time on? Because people think of me is doing a million different things. We had a few of like volunteer, like intern helpers and that was me and Ryan basically trying to run things.

Ryan Murdock that is, and we basically now have just crossed a thousand unit mark. But any other business endeavors besides those two big things? I only do how to get an unsecured credit d without loans and no credit history it with companies that I believe firmly and strongly in. For example, I just got some new wall stuff from loans low apr a company called Wood Wall, check them out.

David:First off, I just want to say your affiliate marketing idea is really smart. What types of things have you been working on and your real estate business or businesses in 2018? I finally figured out a lot of the moving pieces that payday advance loans raleigh nc I was struggling with in 2020. David:Mortgage and real estate are obviously very tight together and the success of one is dependent on the success of the other one.

I raised some money for flip projects, I did several of those.

And then the next book will be How to Make A Lot of Money As A Top Producer. And then the third book will be How to Build A Team. Everybody keep your eyes out for that in a couple of weeks.

Oz analogy, and maybe you guys have heard it before.

Oz at the height of his crazy busy schedule of like he had like a couple magazines, he was on Oprah, he had his own TV show.

He was still loans low apr doing like 200 open heart surgeries every single year. He did this cut and he went to payday loans portland or school for it, he trained, he practiced for years, and years, and years, and got good at his cut.

What is that thing that I should be walking in to do and everything else should be already clamped, and cut open, and the blood all moved away? So for me, a lot of it has been taking the stuff I already did, things with BiggerPockets, things with the podcast and really zoning in on what are my super powers, what are the things that I have to do? The podcast is probably the most important thing I do from that perspective.

The podcast also makes the affiliate marketing stuff workout. Podcast helps me sell books when we do, but I also wrote a book this year, earlier in the year. Actually just had a conversation with my wife yesterday. How do we as business owners… First of all, how do we determine what our thing is, what our cut is, or what that one super special major superpower is that we have? Number one, loans low apr ask people around you, they can typically recommend. They typically can see the cut in you better than you can see it for yourself. Because you make… Yesterday, I actually told David this. I want to focus on things in life that feel light, podcasting feels light. We jumped on the show with no prep work on my side, you guys prep a lot, but I just jump on here and I just talk.