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I am seeking recommendations for general contractors in the Des Moines area. I have recently acquired some multi-units and SFHs in the past 4 months and I would like to do some renovations to... I wanted to introduce myself to the Des Moines area crowd. I have done some research on the area as well as driving around the city looking at potential neighborhoods. Within the next year I plan on looking for a duplex... Looking for SFH or small Multi Fam properties in South Bend.

I am out of state but have heard good things about the area. I need one that can list the property manager as an additional insured or... After saving up for the last few years, I am finally ready to purchase my first out-of-state investment property. I came across a few potential properties in Mishawaka, IN... I have a great realtor, a contractor, and property manager. We are new out of State investors in the South Bend, IN area.

We are originally from Omaha, NE and our initial goal was to start investing there.

The market there is currently crazy and after a year of... Can anyone recommend a lawyer with experience working with investors and preferably knowledge of seller financing in the South Bend area?

Can anyone walk me through how land contracts work? If there is an initial down payment and a balloon how do you figure monthly payments? Hi Everyone,My name is David, and I am new to real estate investing. My plan is to start out by purchasing SFHs, in loans for bad credit in va a C class (and above) areas with a budget of 80K cash(All... Its population has declined in the past twenty years (although has... Also, what are flippers making on deals in general? I started a painting business 5 yrs ago, scad painting and Preservation, looking to for new clients in the area, tired of working for the middle man, looking to work directly with investors, I can provide roofers,... I live in Indianapolis but decided to invest in South Bend, loans for bad credit in va Indiana. I would like to network with investors and realtors. I am looking to get together with other investors in the South Bend, Indiana area. I live on Diamond Lake in Michigan and work in Elkhart. First I unsecured loans no credit check want to wish everyone a merry chrismas and happy new year. I wanted to start a discussion about where you feel real estate prices are headed in 2019 in South Bend? Hi everyone, I normally buy properties from a wholesaler but I am looking for an investor friendly agent who specializes in South Bend area.

I am looking for someone who can identify good rental income properties. Can anyone recommend a property management company in or near Cedar Rapids to manage my rental properties? I would love to know if anyone in Cedar Rapids would like to get together for a small meetup.

Basic meet and greet to discuss goals and areas of interest.

Hello everyone, I hope your friends and families are safe and your homes are still standing. First house hack, located 2o minutes south of Seattle, closing soon. Am already thinking about what the next deal is going to be in 1, 2, and 3 years from now. Any suggestions for leveraging this property for the next... Are you an investor purchasing in the Cedar Rapids area? Message me your name and contact info, as well as what you buy, area of town, and average budget.

Does anyone have a recommended window installer in the Cedar Rapids area? Wondering if anyone has had any success with rental markets in the Wellington Heights neighborhood in Cedar Rapids. New to Bigger Pocket, and the real estate investing community. I had a question in regards to a beginner investor starting out. Currently in the process of forming a LLC to encompass my future real estate purchases. Does anyone have recommendations of good people for appliance repair? I am currently looking at an why are loans easy to get interesting foreclosure single family home that is 10 minutes away from my home. I was doing my due diligence and was told by the clerk of court in my county that none of these judgments... I am looking for primarily a roofing contractor in loans for bad credit in va Cedar Rapids.

I have a house on the northwest side that needs servicing. Would love be able to help some experienced investors in this area out and see what...

We are just getting started in REI and there could potentially be some good deals on the housing in this area,...

Does anybody have recommendations for who we could contact to take a look at this?... I am looking for recommendations for a General Contractor in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I am evaluating some properties to flip and need someone to go through a few properties for estimates and eventually to actually do the... Anyone have recommendations of a carpenter or handyman in Cedar Rapids, Iowa that can replace some boards on a garage? I was planning to scrape and paint it myself, but after starting realized the fascia and some of... I am looking to make connections with fellow investors who are interested in networking for mutual benefit. I am interested in continual learning from local people. My wife and I recently moved to Cedar Rapids from Fargo ND.

We did a live in flip (before we found Biggerpockets :( ) and were just in the process of funding our next deal, when my company offered me a job here. Hello Everyone,I am a rookie looking be an out of state investor for Indiana market, especially in NWI especially areas like Whiting, Hammond, East Chicago, Munster etc. All,I am an out of state investor with a lot of opportunities in Gary. I wanted to inquire to those who are local to get an idea how the market is in Gary.

Specifically for Buy and Hold, Fix and Flip or Owner financed...

Anyone have a structural engineer recommendation in the area?

Want to have an engineer take a look at some foundation concerns on a property we have in East Chicago Looking for referrals for a property manager to manage a six unit property in northwest Indiana - specifically in East Chicago. Thanks Hello, I am looking for recommendations on a contractor who has experience loans for bad credit in va rehab Almeria and residential units in Merrillville, IN. Hopefully an individual that is flexible and has a solid crew. I will be closing on two properties and any recommendation will be very helpful.

I have selected a few C class investment properties in NWI that I want to explore further. I have emailed the realtors directly several times requesting financial data on the property, rents, utilities, etc. Would so grateful for your thoughts on an offer of mine that was accepted on an out of state SFH. Would so grateful for your thoughts where to get a loan fast on an offer of mine that was accepted on an out of state SFH. Getting cold feet and not sure if I should back out....

Hey all, I currently am working on my first deal in Hammond but going to be starting to look for my second deal in the next month or so. Hammond is very strict in using only the registered in their town as general... Hi,If you know of a good property manager in Indiana (Hammond and surrounding cities), can you please share.

Best regards,Pav I am a newbie looking now in the Hobart, New Chicago, Portage area for SFH and MFH properties. Would love to connect with other investors and wholesalers in the area. I live in Seattle and buying a 4-plex in Whiting, Indiana. I am considering Reeder Company for property management. There were very few reviews on Reeder available online, and of the handful of reviews, they were not... I own a handful of properties in NWI which I would like to Seller-Finance sometime in the next few years (not in a hurry). Are there any NWI investors out there that would be willing to let me shadow the... Hello all,This is a question pertaining to investing in Northwest Indiana (NWI). I was just inquiring as to whether anyone has any investment properties in Starke County, Indiana specifically Knox, IN.

I have a quick question for those who are invested in the Northwest Indiana (NWI) market.

I have had many of my investor friends talk to me about the monthly tax sales at the courthouse in Lake County. Last week, my managing broker told me he sold his business and that I needed to find a new broker...

Hi All, I have a SFR in Davenport and the management company has been slipping. Does anyone know of a reputable management company in the area? Hello BP, I am closing on my second flip in a couple weeks in Muscatine. I did all the work myself on my first, but for this deal, I will need to hire out drywall and flooring. Hi Everyone,I just created a similar post in the Quad City forum and I should post the same thing here.

Easy to get loans with bad credit

I wanted to reach out to folks in the Davenport area and introduce myself. Looking for some feedback on the Heatherton Heights apartments in Davenport, IA. Hi all, I am looking for a handyman or other general maintenance person in Davenport. Whoever the PM company was using did bad work and I am now having to have it redone and need someone who can do the job, and ongoing... Wondering if any of you have difficulty finding qualified tenants for your single family homes?

Seems to be a large number of properties on the market in this area. Primarily several duplexes all in the same neighborhood and payday loans no teletrack check at what looks to be very... Hi everyone,Firstly, thanks with all your responses to all my previous posts.

You never cease to offer informative advice, calming words, and helpful solutions with every post I make. Hey everyone,I am analyzing a property just north of the Village East of Davenport area east of downtown. It "looks" acceptable, maybe C class, via google streetview, and the crime stats are acceptable to my risk... Anyone have a recommendation for a basement waterproofing contractor in the Quad Cities area (Davenport, Bettendorf, Moline, Rock Island) who services Davenport, IA? Hello everyone,Moved up to the QC for a new job last summer and now wanting to start investing in the area.

Looking for some advice on local contractors, investor agents and the such.

Hello Everyone - Are there any realtors who would be willing to pull 6 months of data off the MLS for 3 bed, 2 bath and 2 bed, 2 bath rentals and sales for east Davenport and Bettendorf? I am so overwhelmed with how do i pay back my loans online the amount of information I have came across. I went to a Real estate workshop recently in des... I have 10 rental properties on the Kansas side and have done several flips. I attend multiple networking events in the area each week, but I am always loans for bad credit in va looking for more people...

Over the last 5 or so years, my wife and I have been utilizing the same CPA to help with our tax preparation and tax guidance for our 7 rental properties we own. We have been loans for bad credit in va less than impressed but continued to... Hi BiggerPockets Family,I hope this note finds you well and safe during these times. I am a MF investor, primarily passively through the LP position, but am interested in building up a MF portfolio in the Overland...

I have partnered with my uncle who will be providing some private money and we are wanting to flip some houses.

He has funded several flips with his brother-in-law apply for a loan to pay bills off over the last couple of years but his... Anyone have a contractor they have worked with in the past to remove a load bearing wall and put in a beam? Looking to remove about 11 ft of wall between formal living...