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Well, maybe that means going to like ListSource or going to a one of the other one, PropStream, and getting a list of all the duplexes in Cincinnati and then writing a letter.

A lot of people take that stock mentality into real estate, by the way. This is what you need to succeed long term at the business of smart loans online real estate, is you need to understand these concepts. Kevin, what do you think on this whole idea of marketing? Kevin:I think once you turn this on, you will see it everywhere with any kind of marketing. I was walking to the mailbox the other day, and I saw a truck with a contractor and it said the basement guy, and it just had a picture of his face. And he probably deals with moisture and probably does pretty dang well for himself with his little business out of his F-150. And he apply for loans does little things, he has a hostel that he runs in Austin, but I guarantee you, he asked himself, how can we be different from all the other hostels in Austin? And he got a goat and the goat, you know, choose the grass on the property. And so once you start seeing those things, you can think to yourself, okay, what can I do with my mailer? What can I do on my website that just sets me apart a little bit? And it was like this big, massive, I think it was like, that was the postcard, was his dog. Kevin:And I think he even said that he would choose the areas of Portland where people are really into dogs and he would use that marketing there. I was talking to somebody who had a commodity-type business. And we were talking about like, how do you differentiate yourself to sell that?

We are a commodity business in a way in that, if I was a motivated seller, I could sell it to you or I could sell to David, I could sell to Kevin, I could sell to one of the listeners on the show. He basically created this new thing, which was like coffee with fat in it. Then list of payday loans he labels it as Bulletproof Coffee as a thing. And then who are you going to buy your coffee through? I did that in a way with my fund is we created a cash growth fund. You can go to Walmart, Target and buy shoes, why would you buy from TOMS?

Brandon:Some people are really good at like, this is just either a superior product or the cheapest product.

Those are the four of how to differentiate yourself. I think I list of payday loans did that with my real estate team by saying, we are real estate agents that think like investors. And I would even say that that fits in the category. Like we are green investors, and investors who understand- Brandon:Much of list of payday loans greenies. That seller feels so much better about selling you their house at the full price and getting that full price from you than doing it the other way around.

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Let me undercut you by 5,000 and then pay the full closing costs. He talked about how he always would do the standard thing of set an appointment, go to the appointment and walk through the house, point out things that might be wrong with the house, then give an offer.

Then he switched it and starting giving an offer on the phone, and then sending a professional inspector to the house afterward.

Kevin:And so I think for him, that was a small thing that exploded his business. Your lack of experience you can make up for in the amount of time, and if you promise and guarantee like that, that will mean the world to a lot of people.

And you put that on the thing, guaranteed call back in 10 minutes, or we can show you any home in 30 seconds or 30 minutes or less, or whatever that thing is. And then how you show that, is what really Marie was getting at with marketing. Kevin:The next level is you can even back into, what are those things that are frustrating my client? And cash advance store you can go on BiggerPockets forums and type in agent frustrated or something like that, and see what people are saying, and then tune into those. Are you tired of your agent never picking up your calls? For example, in mobile home parks right now, the biggest problem that sellers have is people not being able to get financing. We raise enough money that we can offer all cash and then we just BRRRR the properties.

Brandon:We immediately go and refinance them how is unsecured loans maintained with the lender after we buy them. I asked every loan officer I knew, what slows you down? And I just came up with a system that solved all three of those problems. By doing that, they made themselves very valuable, they got a job, they supported the senior loan officer who knew what to do once they had the paperwork. That one little solution that I came up with that fixed all three people, boom, the pipeline flooded. I lost out on a huge deal to one other person, and price was not the problem. And I wound up finding out from the seller what the difference was, which is a great thing to do, super painful to do. I love that, because people are much less likely to cancel. You are a better writer than me, because I just give people information. David:You pull them in by giving one sentence at a time that creates more and more interest. You list of payday loans list of payday loans get them committed to reading it and then they actually read it and you do more good for people because the spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. This is an example, this principle works in many, many different things. You get them at committing to tiny little pieces and move them forward. Well, this has been a fun wrap up, and it has been really cool. Help us reach new listeners on iTunes by leaving us a rating and review!

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Brandon:But really, really good stuff today about just taking ownership of things in your life, or what you call sovereignty, and what that means in your life, business how to attract people around you to work with you, to create momentum around you. We actually spent a fair amount of time talking about how to raise kids with the right mentality and the right ownership and the right… all that stuff. Ryan was a very good guest, list of payday loans very articulate, brought up some incredibly good points. I think you guys are going to love it, so stay tuned for that. If you have not yet picked up a copy of the Intention Journal from BiggerPockets, do it right now by the end of the year. David:Think about what noble obstacles might be in your life and share them with someone that cares about you, which they will know more about what those are after they listen to the show. Brandon:All right, Ryan, welcome to the BiggerPockets podcast, man. Do you know more people are killed every year by coconuts falling than by shark attacks?

I struggled for a long time as a father, a new father and a new husband, and trying to figure this out. The Order of Man, how would you summarize what that is, for those who have never heard of it, never listened to you before, never read your book, Sovereignty. Generally, the way no interest loan that women receive that and talk about that might be different generally than men, but the principles apply all the same. What changed for you to get you to where you were to where you are? Ryan:But my wife and I, at the time we had a one-year-old son, and we got into an argument.

Ryan:I remember, this must have been maybe three or so months into our separation, I was driving down the road. I remember the road I was on it was Riverside and Riverside Drive, so it was that intersection.

I actually brought in two financial advisers who were part of the company I belong to, but I brought them in and starting splitting business with them so list of payday loans they would coach and mentor me how to grow my business, and she responded to that. No more jiu jitsu," and so I stopped for four months or five months.

Then, I was talking to a buddy of mine who was also getting into it around the same time, just getting started, and I know you do installment loan lenders jiu-jitsu as well.

Anyway, he said something like, "You want to come over on Saturday?

Or how would you define sovereignty in the way that you use it in your book and other places? How much do you have to pay for those subscriptions? Ryan:In all ways, what we need to do is to make ourselves completely free and independent of outside factors.

I remember seven years ago I was 50 pounds more than I am today, and I remember my two oldest boys they came to be after work. David:Because everyone looks up to their mom and their dad. Ryan:I remember I just got into hunting about three years ago, and I remember my first hunt. You can provide food by just going to the grocery store.

It makes me better to be alone with my own thoughts occasionally and within reason. I did a half Iron Man a couple years ago, about two years ago, a year and a half ago.

Rosie, my daughter is four now, she should have been two and a half, she still remembers it and talks about it regularly. Brandon:It leads me to this point I want to make here is I see it in you, and I see it in a lot of successful people, is they run toward hard, and early on I did not do that. I still remember every time my dad did that as a kid, did something that was challenging or hard, those are the moments I remember.

How old are your kids and what do you have for kids? What do you do to instill this sovereignty in them, this idea of taking control of their life and ownership?

What are some of the techniques or tactics that you use? Because how many people would not do this at all, or they would do it in a comfortable environment? Ryan:The other thing is I really try to involve my kids in the business, so my oldest son he actually manages our entire store he ships orders, he places orders.

And so these are the lessons through running the store, through exercising. Anybody listening right now, we talk a lot about real estate here on the show, right?