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I would like to better understand the different neighborhoods and cities around San Diego and would... Over 2 years ago, low credit score car repair loan I started out on a quest to explore and build an ADU at my personal home in the Northside Neighborhood of San Jose.

In a few more months, this project will finally be completed.

Does anyone have any referrals that they can share?

Hi, If I build a shed with size 120sqft and a bathroom inside of it, is it technically a shed and not an ADU? I found that my home has lower Zestimate (by Zillow) and the other website price estimates compared quick loan to pay bills with other similar homes in the neighborhood. It is actually significantly lower than a bank appraisal. Hello,I am trying to build an ADU on top of my garage. I really could invest more if I minimized my personal expenses. Hi All,I am looking to buy a multifamily (4 units) in Mountain View and live in one of the units. The other units are currently occupied and they have really low rents (almost half of market rents in the area). Hi BP,I did a general search in the forums for traveling nurse rentals, but want to get feedback from the SJ area.

I have a SFH and was thinking about renting some of the rooms to traveling nurses. I am finalizing my courses and want to start thinking about good brokerages that are located in San Jose.

I am bilingual in Spanish and have thought about targeting brokerages who lack Spanish agents.

Work that i would like to do:- brand new kitchen- 2 brand new baths- all cosmetics brand new- some if not all windows need to be replaced- convert... Hi everyone, I am considering buying a single family house in the Berryessa area near the Regional Medical Center and rent out by room or segment into studios and then rent them out. If you live in the Bay Area, and are currently house hacking, please... Planning to build a spec home in the San Jose area. We have already put in the earnest money on a lot with a very old house.

The question I have is how easy it is to be the owner builder on this construction project... One is paid off, near Monterey, a block or so from the beach, a rental , and the other, my residence, in Santa Cruz mountains near Santa Cruz, with a low mortgage. Early this year, the State made it easy for homeowners to add an ADU on their property.

On a cap rate basis, it seems like a great deal for homeowners or investors who want to earn some extra income for their property.... I currently house hack in San Jose, but would like to should i get a loan for vacation move out and buy a second house hack. Any advice on being compliant and getting permitted as an SRO? Any things to look out for or advice would be greatly appreciated. Would love to know a CPA who can help me setup the right entity and also work with me to minimize the taxes on my many deals. I did contact many of the other CPAs mentioned in prior...

I hear some say SJ is still growing with potential new IT space attractive to some companies. Hello fellow BPers,I want to start a thread for those interested or is in the process of building an ADU in the city of San Jose.

Hello all, looking for input on whether it is feasible to build your own rental units. I am currently a contractor in my city and looking to get into homebuilding as there is a great need for housing currently.

Considering the uncertainty with the power grid, climate change, and likelihood or unlikelihood of...

Hey BP fam I am having some trouble finding leads for rental properties and was wondering if anyone knew some strategies or any books I can check out. Hi everyone, the situation:I currently live and work in California (my job is very California specific) but with the astronomical rents eating into my earnings and the downward decline of the state, I am looking to...

The lender for bad credit property is vacant and he is behind one years taxes 4K. This seems to be a classic case of how to shoot yourself in the foot 18 times and still think you are sights are out of alignment.

I am new to the real estate game and the hawaii market but I want to buy a parcel of land on the big Island of hawaii and put trendy tiny houses and structures on it to rent out via airbnb, etc. However my actual research of the nitty gritty details of investing have just begun. I am not asking for legal advice just opinions if you were me.

So you can use that credit responsibly to grow my real estate business.

In doing basic off market strategies we are trying to hit this from all angles.

I want to start a text campaign but want to make sure the message is perfect.

Does anyone have a tried and true one with some data... My husband and I went through Fund and Grow to get cash out to purchase investment property. They told us to go through Plastiq to pull out cash. After speaking with plastiq, we were told only 2 of the 5 cards could...

I need a person who is familiar with different types of financing, and other creative ways to structure a deal to help me solve a housing problem for a family member. I know this is vague but it seems like it would be... What has been your experiences with belonging to Mastermind groups? I personally think the right group is priceless to be apart of once you find it. Hi all,I am a transplant to Fresno, CA and am in need of a tax preparer this year. I own a couple of LLCs and rentals in different states and need a CPA to help me prepare my taxes. Considering investing into Fresno as well if the money is right. I was wondering if anybody would interested in joining a Bigger Pockets meetup group here in the Central Valley - Specifically Fresno - I am surprised to see that there are very so few Bigger Pockets meetup groups... Hello everybody I am looking for quality contractors in the Fresno area. I own 2 duplexes and 1 single family home and I am tired of my family and I doing all the work.

I began marketing a couple weeks back for motivated sellers. I was looking to meetup with any other wholesalers in town who is either new or experienced. I wholesale myself and occasionally i come across properties that are in fresno or visalia area. Hi,To all of the investors out there who invest in Fresno or Central CA in general, how is it working out? I am from Sacramento and have a couple of doors here, but want to explore investing in Fresno area or maybe... Is Fresno the gold mine I have been seeking and nobody wants to share? I recently found a beautiful 1 acre flagpole lot in the city of lemoore that is zoned for a duplex.

Does anyone have any experiences good or bad building a duplex vs...

Anyone else interested in meeting up in the new year? Hey all I am looking for some PM you guys have had good luck with in the area around Fresno. So lender for bad credit BP i was wondering which would be better as a first investment property? Also which strategy would a Lender be more flexible on.. Any recommendations on contractors in Fresno California.

I have been active in Sacramento but will be moving to Clovis or Visalia next summer to be closer to my inlaws and to get better access to the local RE market. It appears to cash flow much better than Sacramento... I think I have something that will work for me in Fresno market and would love to talk to some one with the local expertise. Please let me know if you could recommend an agent...

My family owns a property in Visalia, CA and I was wondering if those around could provide me a bit of help. Some of big banks do not offer HELOC for investment property. Hello All,My wife and I should be closing on a small SFH in Fresno this week. I plan on doing a lot of the simpler items but will need some... Hello All,My wife and are are still looking for our first deal!

Wanted to connect with any wholesalers in the area that may come across any multifamily projects. There is a Sacramento Forum, a Stockton and then a Fresno Forum. There is about a 2-3 hr drive on Highway 99 From Stockton to Fresno (it runs north and south).

I have a friend who lender for bad credit moved to the Bay Area and is doing wholesaling. I wanted to see if anyone here is doing that as well... I have bought 2 SFR in East Palo Alto for around 800K and 900K and have rented both of them. What fast unsecured personal loans do people think of East Palo Alto in terms of further... New investor, living 35-40 mins from Tracy (in East Bay).

Biggest reason for investing in Tracy is that a lot of... Hi BP,I joined recently and this place is so helpful. I do not believe this has been approved by the legislature yet. First time post but I have been following BP for quite some time. For those of you who have invested out of state - which market did you decide to invest in, and why did you choose that... Hello,Does anyone have a recommendation for a short term vacation lender for bad credit rental property manager in the Sonoma County (Santa Rosa) area?

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I just started my journey as a real estate investor this year! There is a property that I am interested in in SF Cole Valley area. This has 6 unit large apartments and 3 commercial properties on the ground floor.

Any tax advisors you recommend who may be taking new clients? Can anyone recommend a company that can assist in foundation or structural correction. I found a leak in my plumbing that has been causing damage under my duplex. The plumbing repair has been fixed but it has caused...

Hi Friends,should I invest in a Lake Tahoe duplex as both short-term rental and vacation home? Risky for all sorts of environmental reasons of course, but wondering if you would go for it and why.

Hi,Wanted to check on how difficult it is to convert multifamily units to TIC in sfo. My tenant decided to move out from my rivermark condo in santa clara. Have a question regarding rent control in San Francisco. A lot of 4-6 unit multifamily units I am looking right now have at least 2 units which are at very low rents. I am looking at possibly getting a rental in the sketchiest parts of East Oakland. Just seeing if anyone else has experience renting in East Oakland. Hello,I am looking to buy a 3plex as an off-market deal from a friend of a friend in Berkeley. The Berkeley rent board lists 3 units at the property. Here is a chronology of events:Original lease had 2 tenants (joint lease)August- One tenant A pays... It has 5 residential units and 2 commercial spaces. Hi Guys,I might be able to get a partially build plot of land and a flip property under contract soon in Tehachapi. I am new to the bigger pockets website though I am not a new listener.

I currently have three rentals and am looking to move into larger complexes.

I am looking for like minded individuals in the Santa Clarita area to... Good evening BP community and thank you in advance for sharing some of your time. Hello gang,i currently invest in bakersfield, have 9 doors and closing on 6 more next month. I am looking to expand my circle of like minded individuals so we can chat and share our network and experiences. Hello,I currently own a 4-unit multifamily in East Bakersfield which is doing well for cash flow.

I am looking into expanding and possibly purchasing a single unit condominium West of the 99 fwy. I was planning on selling the unit, but after doing some research I decided... I will greatly appreciate any good lender for bad credit recommendations. I have a "Cish" class asset ( 1 of 3 units) that has just become vacant due 1 hour cash advance to a move out. My fiance and I have owned an owner occupied duplex in Los Angeles for the past two years.