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David:And maybe they even give you some control over the other players they bring in. David:legitimate payday loan companies And I just want to personally thank you for coming on this show again and sharing your perspective on these things, because this is what I think our country needs to hear, and I guess pa payday loans your country too may be in the same position. I say the reward far exceeds the reward of doing nothing and getting little. You can have a job and have five rental properties. Normally, what are typical interest rates for ach cash flow loans we go to The Famous Four, but since you just did that with the other episode I want to ask just the first question of The Famous Four, which we alter on these weekend episodes. And that question is, what habit, or trait, are you trying to build in your own life right now?

Scott:I think you guys really hit the nail on the head. This is David Green for Brandon NSYNC With Real Estate Turner signing off. Be sure legitimate payday loan companies to join the millions of others who have benefits from biggerpockets.

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Fast forward a decade or so, Marie is working on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, surrounded by the mega rich. After a prayer and a cry, Marie knew she needed to get out from a job that was slowly killing her.

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She made the jump and went after coaching, without any experience, money, or clients. Simplifying real estate for investors large and small.

Stay tuned and be sure to join the millions of others who have benefited from BiggerPockets. David:Thank you technical Timothy for pointing that out in a way that added zero value to anyone uc davis payroll loan else other than you feeling smarter than me. And we did another magical episode in the sea shed. Brandon:We did another magic episode in the sea shed.

Let me just read what I wrote down here about Marie. So Oprah called her a thought leader for the next generation.

She was named on The Top 100 Websites For Entrepreneurs by Forbes, and the author of the instant number one New York Times Bestseller, Everything Is Figureoutable, which we talk a lot about today.

Brandon:Founder of B-School, the online training program, which helped over 64,000 entrepreneurs start and grow their business. So Marie is a big deal and we are lucky to have her here. I read her book recently, just the other day, and it was phenomenal. This show was phenomenal, about an hour long, roughly, give or take. Next Sunday, a week from the day this episode comes out, I think it will be episode 439, David, myself and our producer Kevin are going to just spend the entire episode unpacking some of the concepts that we learned from Marie in this episode, and really digging into how they apply to real estate. Brandon:And we talk a lot about how to market, how to broaden your reach to motivated sellers, how to stand out in a crowded niche of like a million people wanting to buy houses in your area.

And some of the advice that we shared in that episode is just going to blow your mind and help you buy more deals. Maybe read the book this week, if you can get it on Kindle. And then let us know what you guys think about this idea of us interviewing somebody on mindset, then taking that content and applying it to real estate investing specifically or business ownership or whatever people are into. Brandon:Amazing communicator, amazing business woman, and fantastic, fantastic author. And actually, I want to, before we can get to maybe your story, you wrote a book called Everything Is Figureoutable, which I really love that phrase. Marie:I actually was taught this when I was a little kid by my mom who is one of the biggest characters ever. She has the tenacity of a bulldog and she curses like a truck driver. She actually grew up the daughter of two alcoholic parents in Newark, New Jersey, back in the day.

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So she learned how to stretch a dollar bill around the block like three times, that was a survival skill. Marie:And when I was growing up as a little girl in New Jersey, one of my favorite memories was of me and my mom sitting at the kitchen cash loans edmonton table on Sundays, going through the Sunday paper. And she loved teaching me all the ways that we could save money for our family. Now, this little thing looks exactly like an orange, shaped like an orange, has a little red and white straw sticking out of the side, which was the antenna. And as I got closer, the sound cash loan money centres was coming from a weird orientation, it was up. And I look up and I see my mom perched precariously on the roof of our two-story house, I thought was like hanging off. Another day I come home from school and I walk in the house and I hear that radio blasting from the back. I push open the bathroom door, it looks like a bomb went off. And I turn, and I see my mom hunched over the kitchen table, which looked like an operating room. Marie:She had screwdrivers and electrical tape, and then spread out in like a dozen pieces was a completely dismantled Tropicana orange radio. If you roll up your sleeves, you get in there and you do it, everything is figureoutable.

And I will legitimate payday loan companies tell you, from that moment throughout now as a grown bad credit loans charlotte nc woman, there is not a single day that has gone by that that phrase does not get me through some kind of something that I get myself in or find myself in, or find myself beating my head against a wall about something. It is a profoundly simple and transformative statement that can change your life.

They have a line in there that changed my life, similar in the twisting and the way you think.

Brandon:Why do you think so many people struggle with that? You happen to have that gift of coming across this book and it shifted everything, so you what are personal loans learned something, you installed a new belief that changed how you approach everything. For me, I had the gift of my firecracker mom teaching me this notion and installing this belief in my brain, that everything is figureoutable. Marie:But I legitimate payday loan companies think that once you get to be an adult and you expose yourself to new ideas, you have a responsibility to install a new belief system in here, because this thing is the most powerful piece of equipment that you have in your life, and it can change everything.

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All of these things are malleable and can be developed. Marie:So, this is something else we know from brain science. Repetition is one of the basis of how we literally resculpt our brains and retrain ourselves to think and see and believe in new ways. Everyone has proof for this, so I think step one is accepting the fact that all beliefs are a choice and choices can be changed. And then two, just understanding a little bit about the power of neuroscience. Marie:The more you repeat something both verbally, mentally, and you do it with emotion, the more you drive those grooves into your brain and actually create a new way of seeing in the world. Now, speaking of loan approval direct beliefs, you have a whole chapter… By the way I read Everything Is Figureoutable, it was phenomenal.

So the chapter on beliefs though, was just phenomenal because, and you mentioned it already a couple of times here.

I think you have a quote in there, you just said, when you change your beliefs, you change everything. Brandon:I want to dig into that a little bit deeper.

It is an idea that you have either repeated or accepted in your mind, in your perspective, in your experience of life, just like you believe that cash till payday in tersville the sun is going to come up every day and it has for your whole life. You can believe something for the first X amount of years of your life and then you get new information and all of a sudden you have a new perspective. I believe that payday loans in tuscaloosa al if I go to reach to open the door, I know how to turn a handle, pull it and walk through it. I had no problem with telephones until I started telling myself I hate phone calls. I absolutely know that I have and struggle with depression or anxiety. This thing can be a real tough thing to navigate, and I can still reach my goals and my dreams.

Brandon and I have been talking a lot about the power of identity. Your identity is just a set of beliefs that you have. First of all, because most of us have so much experience with technology these days that we understand intrinsically, if your operating system is buggy or outdated, you need to update it, you can update it. So you as a human being, and I completely want to underscore underline, cheer, highlight, blow up, the notion of identity and how vital it is to the outcomes and your experience of life.