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I applied eviction to my tenant last september and got judgement from court and set up a moving date. I feel like when I am here on BP and listen to the BP podcast, as well as talk to other friend investors, they are all in well known popular cities, or very proximal... I am 19 years old I live in Charleston South Carolina. I am currently contemplating rental properties (SFH, multifamilies) with good cashflow in the Ohio (Columbus... I own a triplex in Ohio and all three tenants are friends and each other keep creating some or another issue each month which is going crazy.

One tenant never pays on time and she says before paying rent some or... I am very new to investing and Real Estate as a whole. I am 21 years old and I am going to school for entrepreneurship so that will be a big plus on how to manage myself. I am based in Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley), and 90 day payday loans no credit check looking to start investing this year, aiming for cashflow. I am curious to learn what markets investors based in LA are investing... I have been investing in a private note over the last year and my goal for 2021 is to buy a duplex rental property. Hello BP,I am considering investing in Cincinnati, Ohio and looking for broker recommendations.

Question for those in Property Management: What is the deal with the big lift-type trash cans getting stolen? Next week we will is there a car repair loan service be meeting with the out-of-state heirs on a house. I just purchased a property in TN and working on the second one in Indiana. Just starting out with long term holds on SFH rentals. Anyone have experience with PolicyGenius or other websites to get a quick quote?... The property is vacant and he is payday advance loans in greensboro nc behind one years taxes 4K.

I have been looking into Germantown but if there are any other areas with decent school systems,... Doing my research I have seen several homes in the Cincinnati Columbus and... I will be investing OOS in Cleveland, Ohio this year and I am looking to build my Core is there a car repair loan service Four all-star team! I am looking to purchase a note that was originated short term cash loan in Ohio. I will be holding this note in my 401k as an investment. Just trying to get a staring point on how to evaluate a property and a good deal from the MLS before potentially seeing it in person. I came across the DealCheck app and thought why not at least explore it.

My question is how do you determine your rehab budget if you plan on flipping within 3 months Thanks!

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I was just curious to get feedback on when hiring a property manager would be appropriate. I am willing to deal with tenants, research companies for... I have a strategy I call out of state turnkey residential investing or "OOS TK SFR". We have all our properties in this model and have great experiences for several year now. Considering the uncertainty with the power grid, climate change, and likelihood or unlikelihood of... Hello BP family - my husband and I are looking for some advice on whether we should buy our own home in Southern California (specifically Orange County) or whether we keep paying rent and invest out of state to build...

There has been a number of water and fire incidents that give me pause and concern. I need to know immediately when there is a water or fire event in my home so that I... Hi everyone, the situation:I currently live and work in California (my job is very California specific) but with the astronomical rents eating into my earnings and the downward decline of the state, I am looking to... Hi everyone :)I have been doing some research on investing in out of state properties. However, after reading and factoring all the hassles and risks of investing long distances and knowing that there are investments... For a few years now I have online payday loans california been interested in investing in real estate. Hey BP fam newbie here and I was curious how did everyone learn to analyze properties to know whether it was a good deal? I would love to confidently be able to analyze deals so that I can start jumping in. My Real Estate Journey made at night and weekend, allowed me to close my first deal! December 2020, I officially closed my first investment real estate deal with my partners. Going thru divorce and now I have to figure out what to do for me and my son.

I currently go to SUNY Albany because it has the cheapest price is there a car repair loan service for college (around 22k per year) and I get in state tuition because I... Hello All, I have been hearing about rental properties in states like Tennessee, Arkansas, and Michigan that are remodeled and under 100k. Hello Fellow Central Texans and BP Community,I am relatively new in learning the niche of flipping. I have read several BP books to attain knowledge and education foundation of real estate. At year two of owning the home, we refinanced (since interest rates were so low) and have since moved out and now rent to a tenant....

Hi AllConventional loans for residential property cover single family, duplex, triplex or fourplex.

A friend and myself are looking to purchase a rental (first one).

I am a rookie investor with one property in Hutto, Texas in which I break even on. A lot of properties I see are not possible to cash flow in the area, but appreciating quite fast. While engineering is my profession, real estate is my passion. I thought it was a great question and I think it merits a... Everyone has to start somewhere--thankfully, this is the place to which we were lead to find enduring freedom and is there a car repair loan service sustainable wealth. My partner and I want to break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, renting ourselves... Hi,I currently live is there a car repair loan service in NJ and have put in a transfer with my company who has business units in Texas. I received a call from the Austin, TX business unit about a position that will be opening later this year. I currently live in Austin but really want to turn my current property into a rental and move into my next primary residency.

However after a lot of thinking, I realized I would regret not owning a home in Austin before my move to NY. Looking to quick cash loans low interest purchase another house and keep current single family home as rental. I have a modest amount of money saved up that, if paired with an FHA loan, could land me a home here in Austin, TX!

Still in between convincing the fam about getting our own primary residence. Hi everyone my name is Nicki Shelton my husband and I are new to this site. I recently graduated from Champions School of Real...

Hello,We purchased our first home in Milwaukee, WI a few years ago using a FHA loan but we are looking into moving to the DFW Texas area possibly next year. I fast cash personal loan considered keeping our current house in Milwaukee to turn... Hey everyone,I live in the Dallas area and looking to get started with RE investing. I am interested in creating passive streams of income as I plan to wind down my actively run businesses over the next 10 years. I live in the SF Bay Area but am from Dallas so have been looking into... I have been seeing alot of activity in the Dallas area in terms of people moving to that area, as well as the percentage of renters vs homebuyers are significantly higher in comparison to the rest of the country.

Dear all,is there a car repair loan service Its been a humbling experience, reading all posts on biggerpockets. I am trying to buy a property (either SFR or TownHome) and hold it. I plan to buy and rent it , and let the rental pay for equity. Hello everyone, I am a newbie wholesaler and I would like to know about some title companies that are investor friendly in the Dallas area.

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Also, what else do you look for in a title company? Hey BP community I want to thank you in advance for any level of contribution to my question. I am an independent contractor working in East Dallas, Old East Dallas. My wife and I are very blessed to have a substantial income for our age and location in Jackson, TN. I work and live in Dallas Tx and Starting January 12th.

Zillow will not longer pull rentals from the MLS and put them on their site. What apps do you find most helpful for managing rentals, screening tenants, collecting rent, market analysis, or anything else you find useful? My question is how important do you think a website is??? I have spent a good portion of my 30 year life in Colorado Springs, CO. Currently working a full time job and having a blast but have always had side projects that made some extra money. We are considering building small multifamily units? The hypothesis we are trying to poke holes in:Building new... As I noticed my last post tick over to 2,999 posts since I joined the site, I thought back to how to get loans with bad credit reflect on my introduction to Bigger Pockets so many years ago, what it has done for me, and my biggest mistake :) What... I am running some numbers for a couple small multi-family properties in Southern Wisconsin. Does fast personal loans anyone have any advice on what to budget per month (or annual) for Snow removal and lawn care? Been doing a lot of reading and recently listening to the BP podcasts. I am looking for my very first property in the Colorado Springs area. While the market is very high right now, we are having trouble with supply. All of the current available homes are in the payday loans omaha ne worst... If you have any suggestions, even on subs for Electrical, Decks, Sheetrock, paint, floors, etc.... Purchase Price: 180,000County accessor: 1292 (this is where we signed the square footage disclosure)Actual square foot age: 1100 - ARV - 215,000 conservativelyWould buy this house house as a live in flip? I am working on a project for BiggerPockets (stay tuned! There is not too much data to go on, simply the median... Here are some tips for getting better results from your unsecured cash loans marketplace postings: If salary loans 1930s you are posting a property, provide details! Photos, location, PRICE, and other pertinent information that any prospective homebuyer...