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And so you could even have a sure thing that is an inside joke, not unexpected, even predictable, still can get a laugh. So that said, unexpectedness, surprisingness, I think often enhances and it often enhances the threateningness, the violation side of that formula. And it is the biggest violations that get the biggest laughs. So the only reason I want to add one thing is how do you get from tickling to satire, right? Peter:So what we believe is the following, is that as humans evolved from our non-human primate predecessors and we started to get language and we started to have these interconnected communities and culture and social norms, the things that can go wrong and the ways that those wrong things can be okay, became infinite.

And so we now evolved to apply this broadly to a whole host of things that can go wrong and can be okay. But payday cash loan by the same token, if I tell a joke to somebody that grew up in the nineties with Chris Rock, they may still laugh. So can you give a couple of just good examples of some of these unexpected findings? So the first book, The Humor Code was this global expedition to crack The Humor Code. It was paycheck advance locations basically, I teamed up with this journalist Joel Warner and we went to Tanzania to try to understand laughter. We went to the Amazon with Patch Adams at a hundred hospital clowns to try to answer the question is laughter the best medicine?

How leaders should be more humorous and how they should use comedy as this tool in the workplace. I created talks that put forth the virtues of this. And as I stood in these ballrooms in front of 500 people and I was telling them to go forth and be funny, there was cash one payday loan part of me that was not comfortable and I was not comfortable for the following reason, that guy. And so if I gave that guy a little more encouragement, I now turn him from a mile of annoyance into a monster. They can be useful to people like you and me and they certainly can be useful for people who run businesses and who are entrepreneurial because what we know and what I teach every single week is that business is hard, business is instant bad credit loans hard, business is hard. We get a false sense of how easy it is because of the Amazons of the world and we read these business books and everything just seems so easy and smart in hindsight, but it is an incredibly risky proposition.

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And actually, the biggest risks also have the biggest rewards. And so how can we learn, what we can learn from the people who go on stage and take risks every single night and are willing to take the rewards and the downsides of that. So we find that this idea of the reversal, so chapter one of my book, Shtick To Business is called reverse it. So comics think in reverse either naturally or they learn it on like day one of the day they decide to become a comic as a great way to create comedy. But thinking in reverse has all these other benefits. So for example, in comedy, it may be the punchline to the joke or it may be a premise to a monthly payday loans online sketch or to a movie.

You have the street hustler and the Wall Street banker reverse roles and comedy ensues.

More recently Trainwreck with Amy Schumer is a reverse romcom, right? Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back. And so that serves as this very fun, refreshing repremise instant bad credit loans of an old idea. Well, in business, oftentimes thinking in reverse can be beneficial in part because it overcomes what we call the status quo bias, right? So this is one of those things that behavioral economists have studied for years. Why is it so difficult to think differently, think creatively? Well, one reason is creative thinking requires a change from the status quo, from the way we do things, right?

For example, Tony Horton, the creator of P90X, at the time the P90X came along, it came at a time where the previous 50 years of sort of health and wellness promises were about how easy it is to get in shape, how easy it is to lose weight. And then you get these really stupid products like the ThighMaster or the shake weight or toning shoes, right?

But not Tony Horton who actually had done a little bit of a standup comedy when he cheap small loans was a younger man. And one of the reasons that reverse has worked so well is that almost no one thinks in them. And now I think for some of us, humor is a bit more innate than others. I mean, you talk about issues of using humor in the workplace. Are there any type of, I mean, should we go out and start literally practicing standup comedy? How do we get better at thinking in reverse or thinking in ways that will help us in the workplace?

So shit storming is designed to fix the problems with brainstorming.

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So the problem with brainstorming is people hold back because the most revolutionary ideas often seem crazy at first. So what happens when you brainstorm is people are reluctant to say something dumb.

Well, who is worried about getting criticized for your idea being not bad enough? It also is a great warmup to a more traditional creative tasks because shit storming is so fun. People build on ideas, they lean into this kind of thing. And then it has this last I think powerful option, which is sometimes someone goes, You know, that might actually work. Tim Ferris, who people know from the 4-Hour Workweek.

Carol:It sounds like so many of these principles are really extremely just building on that whole concept of reversing everything, right?

What are some more tactical things we can do in addition to these practices, these principles? And the reason is to create a benign violation, you actually have to really understand your audience because what an audience thinks is wrong and what they think is okay, is influenced by a instant bad credit loans host of factors.

Well, what that creates in the marketplace is what we call heterogeneity. That is the people have different values, different lifestyles, different needs. And so if you try to create a joke that everybody will find funny, you will create a how are installment loan interest rate loans profitiable after default joke that no one finds funny. And so this is emergency loans with no account why a comic, all they care about is their audience laughing. As I say, in a world of people who want hot tea or ice tea, do not serve them warm tea, pick one or the other. And so I think that that is an incredibly important idea for people in business. But in general, most products, most services, most offerings start very niche. And so this idea of creating a chasm, because I think that it just does such a good job of what could business is to do. Like all the blemishes are gone and all this kind of stuff, but it feels, honestly, it ez payday advance feels like a nightclub. I mean scantily clad people, loud club music, the whole thing, not my scene as you might imagine. Certainly we hear that in the business world all the time like just go try stuff, test stuff, do a quick test.

He has a new Netflix comedy special a couple months ago and I was watching it. So what a comic does is they tell a joke on a stage.

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One of the ways that they get there however, is that every good standup I know has a writing practice that is that they write their jokes instant bad credit loans on almost a daily basis. And I have a chapter in Shtick to Business called right it or regret it. And one of my early readers, she sent me a text message.

And I argue that everybody should have a journal in the same way that every comic has sort of a notebook or some note keeping. So writing will help you record your ideas to keep them for prosperity. That is we too often forget the ideas that we have.

Second, writing helps us clarify our ideas because it slows us down and putting words on paper requires precision. And then lastly, writing can be the basis for communicating ideas. And so as someone in business, you want to keep your ideas. You want to clarify your ideas and you want to be able to communicate your ideas and working on a writing practice can be a very useful way to go about doing that. We talk a lot about communication verbally, but not enough about that slow, steady albeit sometimes painful process of putting pen to paper.

Part of the reason I ended up studying humor was I was interested in engaging in the world with people like you and people like your listeners, but there was already a guy in my field named Dan Ariely who was writing popular press books about behavioral economics is one. And so you can have different types of cuisines on the same street and that that can co-exist. And so my argument is always find differences, find differences, find differences. Find your competitive advantage, your natural competitive advantage and leverage it and exploit it. So when I was in college, I came home one summer and I was just broke. I was broke my whole life till I was in my mid thirties to be honest and I got a job.

There was this guy who ran a business who was an engineer and he bought a farm and he hired me on the weekends to work on the farm. And I remember one of the more unpleasant tasks I had to do was, he had sheep and I would go what are small loans interest rates into the barn and I had a pitchfork and I had to jab the floor of the barn and pull out basically sheep poop that had been there for the whole summer and had dried.