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Okay, well I wonder if I know anybody who would know what to do next? Can you track how many banks you called and asked them, can I get alone? You got a six-month runway before that plane is going to installment loans poor credit get off the ground. Hey, a couple of the things on tracking that millionaires tend to do well is one, they track their goals.

Every single day, a lot of millionaires I know write there goals down every day.

They have this habit of writing down their goals every day. Track that every single day or at least once a week. By tracking things, they tend to naturally improve, so track your goals. In fact, that journal that we put on a bigger pockets called the intention journal. Now I want you to make, I think it would be seven lines installment loans poor credit up and down. Now on the far left, left, far left column, because now you have went to columns, the far left column, write down in each square on the far left column, what are some of the habits that would help you get the life you want to get? For example, one of those habits that you want to build in your life might be reading 10 pages a day. You just know if you could just read 10 pages a day, you would be smarter and therefore more successful. Maybe one of them is you want to drink a gallon of water a day, write that down.

Because you know if you just got up a little earlier, that would get you time to focus on your goals every morning, which would then get you time to know what your most important next step is, which gives you time to make those calls that you need to, blah, blah, blah. Whatever habit you want to best loan for vacation condo develop, write those down on the far left column.

Now, the next columns over are for the days of the week, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Then all you need to do is write down in each of those if you did it. Like today was Monday, go through at the end same day deposit payday loans online of the day or the next morning, write down, did you do those habits yesterday?

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This week I did four days where I read my 10 pages. The goal of seven a week, okay, I did four out of seven. The next one down, drink a gallon of water, I did that five days this week. Maybe on my habit tracker, I have date nights with my wife. I have date nights with my daughter, where we go out and do something together. I track that stuff because as soon as I track it, lowest interest personal loan it takes less than 10 seconds every day to do this.

I can be like, hey, out of 75 total possible points for the week, I got 58.

Do you find that that helps you build momentum to making the other 35 easier to do? Just the act of writing this stuff down builds momentum. All four of these things today connect with one other. Has anybody here listening ever been in the situation where they got tired of their room being dirty, so they cleaned up their room and then they thought, you know what, this feels really good.

Then you said, you know what, the kitchen is a mess. The act of now cleaning up the kitchen is almost exciting. As opposed to when you were watching, dancing with the stars with your feet up, the thought of cleaning your kitchen felt like lifting 1,000 pounds.

It can make it, so doing things that installment loans poor credit at one point felt difficult and laborious now feel lighter and easier.

Let me just get the towels out of the way because then the towels are done.

All of a sudden like 20 minutes have passed and the entire pile is done because I built momentum. The fourth trait, scale things, step, whatever you want to call it is what we call mastery. Maybe you buy a couple of properties and let them pay off over 30 or 40 years. Yes, you will become successful over 30 or 40 years. But if you want to short term small loans do this whole millionaire journey in five years, six years, four years, you got to be good.

Tracking is a piece of that and the other things we talked about today are also a piece of that, like momentum decisions, but mastery loans in california really is more than that.

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People often ask why the BiggerPockets Podcast took off and why do we have over 100 million downloads now. The short answer is yeah, we were decisive about it. In fact, today is I think the eighth year anniversary of the BiggerPockets Podcast today. David:I would say that when you and I started doing the podcast together, all of our conversations were about that topic. We came in here and said, okay, we think like millionaires, how do we make it better? I wrote about it in Burr, is you want to online easy loans become a black belt investor. You have to do that thing payday loans on line a lot to start to build up what mastery is. The bigger pockets calculator is a very easy way to get 100 repetitions into where you can learn something. Our buddy Andrew Cushman, is not the most networky type of a guy. I believe he made over 4,000 calls and tracked every one of before he got his first flip. I can promise you, Andrew was much better at talking to people on the phone after 4,000 calls than he would have been when he first started. Then the next part is I guess going through how can you specialize? Well, remember earlier we talked about the crystal clear criteria. Before you start to expand to other things, people here like David and I do a lot of different things. Or get a team of other people who are masters at that thing that can do it for you. You got to be good at this stuff so get the reps in needed to become a master at it. If I thought, how do you know when you develop mastery? It was the mastery that built it and then I realized, okay, I can move on to the next bridge. Brandon:Black belt, for example, Jerry, the guy who teaches a jiu-jitsu to me and David.

So Jerry, did he become a black belt by continually fighting white belts, by continually finding the easiest person to fight? When he moved up in the belts, in order to get better, he had to increasingly fight harder and harder people. Then I shifted the next level, the next belt for me was not even real estate.

I started reading books on that, started studying that, cash loans no credit started talking to people about that. Because the stack forces you out of always rolling with the white belt every single time. That is the easiest way to get yourself into real estate investing. Not go from 16 to 700 or something in the next step. When people are like, I think people oftentimes very bad credit loans no guarantor get overwhelmed at looking at the bottom loans for bad credit in california of that stack or of that pyramid, you could call it. Because once they get to that level, they have the internal identity that can handle those questions. You have an earned the right to have those questions yet. But the point being, is it gives you that confidence at every level and it gives you that momentum as you drive and deeper. But if you can find somebody else who has done that, then you can definitely skip some levels and get their speed, basically jump on their train and learn from them. Is either go through that stack process quicker than normal. Instead of buying installment loans poor credit one a year, maybe buy one a quarter. Not all of them, but many of them do partner with other people. Another really important component to mastery is what we call pattern recognition. Anything you want to cover on before we get out of here? The first is referred to as being unconsciously incompetent. It takes a lot of effort to make sure things go well. These are the guys that you see that are blindfolding themselves, wrestling with somebody in jiu-jitsu and winning every time.