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On this episode, Brennan and Nik walk us through the process they used to scale their business and then license it all around the country—and around the world. Make sure you stick around to the end, where Brennan and Nik tell us the single most important metric to the success of your business. Have you been taught to believe that as business owners, we need to tackle all of our business issues at once? And on this episode, he teaches how we can evaluate and prioritize the issues in our business—and also how to FIX THEM! Mike starts with an overview of why identifying the biggest obstacles in your business is important and why so many entrepreneurs make the mistake of trying to solve too many issues at once. From there, he reveals the business hierarchy of if i get a personal loan to pay bills is that considered needs—the five parts of our business that we must in order to truly put our business on autopilot and create a legacy that can be handed down. Then, he tells us how to identify the biggest obstacle in our business, and the methodology of how we can solve that problem before moving on to the next. But Mike breaks it down step by step so that even the most frantic among us will be able to use it to get our business under control and relieve our daily headaches. He helps us realize that the biggest challenge that most of us face as entrepreneurs is figuring out what our biggest challenge is—and then helps us do that! Well, maybe this is the inspiration you need to build something HUGE! Laura Spaulding is a former police officer who was ready to forge her own future. Laura walks us through how she decided on her business path, how she financed it, and how she came to realize that the real opportunity was in expanding it i need cash fast through franchising. Entrepreneur Magazine recently ranked Laura s company as one of the top 10 new franchises, and Spaulding Decon has been at the forefront of the coronavirus cleanup across the U. If you have a strong stomach, make sure you listen to the end, when Laura tells us some of her favorite crime scene cleanup stories... The main message: there is a massive wealth transfer underway in this country. An entire generation of business owners is reaching retirement age, and most don t have a clear succession plan in place. That s the topic of today s show with Nigel Guisinger, an Oregon-based real estate investor who s also owned an appliance store, a glass company, and a laundromat among other ventures. In this episode, you ll learn how to identify business owners who are part of this big shift (think Millionaire Next Door types).

You ll learn how to approach them and open a conversation about succession plans.

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AND you ll hear Nigel s tips for buying businesses using seller financing—an effective strategy he s personally used to great effect. You ll love how passionate Nigel is when it comes to the opportunities available to hungry investors—and the real-world stories he tells to bring these concepts to life. So listen to this episode, then identify a local business you could see yourself taking over someday soon. Don t forget to subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast so you won t miss the next episode... You ll learn which SBA disaster loans are available now, what the terms are, and -- most importantly-- how to apply ASAP.

Yes, there s a lot of money out there for businesses hurt by coronavirus. But the rollout of these programs has been messy payday advance loans for bad credit and chaotic. Banks aren t used to lending so much money, so fast... So it s crucial to know what you re doing when you apply.

Our guest Angela Venti is Director of Practice Growth at the accounting firm Alloy Silverstein. Toward the end of the episode we also speak to one of Angela s clients, Mike Regina, the co-owner of a construction management firm that has applied for these loans. We re doing our best to make sure it s up-to-date if i get a personal loan to pay bills is that considered but guidelines are changing in real-time. As always, work with a professional who can give you professional advice payday loans barrie for your situation. Let us know if enjoyed this episode of the BiggerPockets Business Podcast, and be sure to check out the rest of the podcasts on the BiggerPockets network.

Just search BiggerPockets on your favorite podcast app.... What are others doing during this difficult time to help their communities? On this episode, Stephanie Howard—owner of How and Why—joins us today from her industrial design if i get a personal loan to pay bills is that considered studio. As an international award-winning designer of wearables for companies such as Nike, New Balance, and Reebok, Stephanie started her own firm nearly a decade ago. She previously led the innovation team at Seventh Generation, a company lauded for its focus on sustainability. Her work taps into connecting a large network to design mission-based products—and the current global health crisis is no exception. Stephanie tells us how a family health scare thrust her into the world of caring for a loved one at home. These days, in the midst of COVID-19, her work has been reprioritized to lead a design challenge that each and every one of us can participate in to help others in the unfortunate event that we are faced with a similar circumstance.

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Huge corporations such as 3M, Nike, Tesla, and many more are making headlines for retooling and repurposing their operations to provide PPEs (personal protective equipment) to hospitals—but each of us individually, as family members, as community leaders, has the power to make an impact.

As entrepreneurs and small business owners, we are innovative, resourceful problem solvers. Learn how YOU can put your expertise to use during this time of uncertainty....

With absolutely no experience in the space, he and his wife worked tirelessly to build a thriving business employing 120 people, encompassing two locations, and generating millions in annual revenue. Leading into the busiest season of the year, Sup Dogs was thriving.

And it continued to thrive leading right up into St. Make sure you listen to the end, when Bret shares hope and optimism around the opportunities that these difficult times will inevitably bring. In this very low interest payday loans online raw, no credit check personal loan real episode, he shares what we as family members, as business owners, as community leaders, need to be doing right now as we make our way day quick cash loans san diego to day and look toward the future.... Every Tuesday, J and Carol Scott ask this question to entrepreneurs of all stripes and delve into stories that go beyond the launch. From hiring and firing to marketing and raising capital, this podcast takes an honest look at the triumphs and stumbles emergency loans for bad credit of entrepreneurship. Tune in—and learn how to treat your business like a business. Max Maxwell is a wholesaler, meaning he finds deeply discounted deals, ties them up under contract, then assigns them to an end buyer for a fee. He goes on to break down the structure of his business and reveal which marketing techniques brought in his juiciest deals.

So, we asked him which skills are most crucial when developing rapport or closing a deal. As a college student, Nick founded a storage business aimed at helping his classmates. Nick and his partner passed up corporate job offers and have since expanded Storage Squad into 11 states and runs a team of 350 part-time workers. So how did Nick go from transporting items in his Cadillac DeVille and cramming them into his apartment... In this payday loans in missouri episode, Cody Berman breaks down the process from start to finish—and opens up about his exact costs and profit margins. He spotted a big opportunity in if i get a personal loan to pay bills is that considered the equipment market and decided to do something about it. Cody goes on to reveal the way he markets Arsenal Discs in online groups, how he handles packaging and shipping, and his tips for entrepreneurs thinking about selling via Amazon.

Peter Awad, co-founder of Mission Meats, breaks it all down in this episode. He also discusses how he got his start hustling in the early days of e-commerce (remember Mail Boxes Etc.? Peter offers borrow money online canada useful insight into what makes a great (and terrible) partnership, how he and his partner came up with the same company name and logo independently(! Plus, Peter describes how Mission Meats is able to test products without a big upfront investment, how he gets instant customer feedback, why ego is the enemy of a profitable business, and how philanthropy motivates him to succeed. And be sure to listen until the end to hear a conversation about passing down business knowledge to the next generation. Wrong, wrong, and WRONG, according to our guest today. Alan Donegan founded the PopUp Business School to teach a different approach—one that encourages entrepreneurs to measure feedback well before they go into debt or get themselves stuck in a rat race of their own making. Alan shares his thoughts on exactly when to quit your 9 to 5 and go all-in on your business. This is one of our most actionable, knowledge-packed shows so far. Be sure to download it and subscribe to the BiggerPockets Business Podcast using your favorite app for more!... Christina Gillick used copywriting to do all three of those things!

In this episode, she shares her story and guides us through a crash course on persuasive writing. In fact, she used this strategy to drive sales in her own business, comfyearrings. Warning: this episode could change the way you think about marketing. A rethinking of the traditional corporate reporting structure.

And listen up for the one thing entrepreneurs often get wrong about social media marketing. So, with guests on a 12-month waiting list, Ru plans to massively scale—right? Listen all the way through to hear what he plans to do next. Looking for that one person who will take your business to if i get a personal loan to pay bills is that considered the next level? This episode is packed with proven wisdom from one of the sharpest business minds in the game. Daniel and Chris break down exactly how they opened their first barbershop in the Tampa Bay area, and how reinvesting the profits allowed them to open 6 more in a few short years.