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I am researching whether to invest in Toledo based on a recent BP article I read about the city. One of the first things I have noticed is the city of Toledo itself has a lot of properties that look abandoned. Can I get a recommendation for a home inspector for the Toledo area, especially one that installment loans for people with bad credit has experience working with out of state investors? My wife and I are looking at investing in Toledo, Ohio. After visiting, we have a positive impression of the city, plus with the cash flow potential and the affordable prices, it seems like a great place to... I am hoping to find an answer from someone who has experience with a property in this situation. The home is located in Toledo, is owned free and clear, is vacant, and owner lives out of state. When I get insurance quotes in lower income i need a personal loan with bad credit areas around Toledo, rates seem to go through the roof! Hello All, I would like to invest back near my hometown of Perrysburg, Ohio within the next 3-5 years. Probably in Toledo and surrounding cities like Sylvania, Holland, Maumee, etc. Plan 2600 Amp Service UpgradeI wanted to share a BP first for me... I had a fire in an apartment unit and part of the evaluation from the City of... I currently have two properties in the Old West End (one of which is a duplex that we live in), and manage a third for out-of-state friends. Hello everyone,Not sure if this is the correct spot to be putting this, but just trying to find out the best way to learn or gain more insight from someone on how to start this journey. I am currently looking to buy my first home and I would like to purchase a small multifamily to house hack. Hello BP,Looking at two properties on one lot near El Reno High School (Zip 73036). Hello,I have been looking online at properties in the OKC suburbs, specifically Del City and Midwest City. Does anyone here own section 8 rentals in those towns? I am looking for more information about section 8... I was trying to figure out a possible ARV on a home I might be purchasing. It is in Oklahoma City right on the border of Del City. Hi BP - I am looking to connect with some BRRRR friendly lenders who support the OKC area. Good afternoon all,The forum rules specifically prohibit seeking mentors or Internships. Does anyone else have experience with the DOD SkillBridge program and know of an appropriate way to reach out to someone on... Hello,I am an OOS investor based in CA and am interested in 20 to 30 plex apartment units in OKC. I have some apartments I would like to discuss with any property managersThank you. I see alot of properties for sale on Roofstock in Lawton. Has anyone worked successfully from OOS with a team in OKC?

Would appreciate any recommendations for HVAC installers.

Have a property in Moore that got pretty severe hail damage, and need a few estimates from reliable contractors. In our previous state my husband and I bought and held or flipped 7 properties. The home I am currently considering is in South Oklahoma City, bordering Moore.

We are about to go under contract on a multifamily property in Tulsa. We are in search of reliable, trustworthy general contractors who can help us with the rehab. Hi all,So I went under contract today on a first property in Tulsa. I need to chose an insurance provider to cover the rental property and was wondering if any of you have suggestions. Seems like smaller multi-families go i need a personal loan with bad credit quick in town, compared to even just down i-44 in OKC. Full gut and update of a kitchen, entry way and 4 baths. Earlier this year, I started making plans to purchase my first investment property in Tulsa. Because I am out of state, plans were made to spend some time there. I recently heard about Tulsa and was wondering if anyone has any experience on where it would be good to invest in Tulsa? I built a custom home for a long time client a few years ago on four acres.

She now wants to sell me the remaining property - 3 one acre lots. Hey all, I payday loan to pay rent recently was too busy bidding on another property to notice that a property I did like as well went on the block before I lost the one I went to buy. Not sure if this is the right spot, but since Claremore is close to Tulsa, wanted to see if anyone could recommend a general home inspector for a rental property? I also need someone who can check for termites and... Trying to get some opinions on the neighborhood around Berry Hill (i need a personal loan with bad credit 74107). My refi company has tried for a month and is unable to get a triplex appraised in Tulsa, OK. Lack of comparable properties has been given as the reason.

Good morning all,I was just wondering if there were any other investors from the Tulsa area that are active on BP. I have been learning a lot getting prepared for my first deal. A local HVAC company has been working on the AC unit in my rental since mid July. They came out at least 5 times in total, and told us that there are more things to fix each time.

I am currently living in Tulsa and am interested in starting my rental portfolio. I plan on pursuing a career in real estate upon graduating.

I just bought my first property personal loans for credit score under 500 and have lifelong knowledge of the area market. Hi BiggerPockets,I am a beginner investor based in Beaverton. I am about to make an offer on a 6-plex in Salem and wondered if I could share payday loans huntington beach ca the details with an experienced investor in the area who would be willing to...

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Likewise, happy to connect with folks who are interested in MF in Salem.

My plan for now is to read a lot of books and perhaps get my real estate license. Anyone recommendations for community banks in Salem?

I would like this property to be my first buy and hold property however I live in New Jersey. I have been reading up on long distance investing but wanted... Hi ,We are making our first investment in Salem payday lenders bad credit Oregon but there is a bit ambiguity on where to invest between whispering heights salem oregon vs Northstar 1W series salem oregon, please pour your views and thoughts...

I am considering the purchase of a rental home in West Salem. I know there are a ton of rental homes in 97301, but I am not as familiar with 97304. Does anyone have experience with having units in West Salem and if the... Hey there, I got a lead from someone looking for a lease to own situation, but I only work in the Portland metro area right now. I am looking for a good agent to connect with to help me find Rental Properties in the Winston-Salem, NC area. I am also looking for a good property management company to work with. Does anyone i need a personal loan with bad credit have experience with a good multifamily appraiser in the area? I am going to be moving to the outskirts or Salem in the next month. I would like to start digging into the Salem market and really begin to get some what of a grasp on it....

Hey guys, I found a property in West Salem through a wholesaler and need help from some locals that would be able to advise if this is a good deal or not. Comparables personal loans online approval and ARV have been difficult in figuring out since I...

I need to do a roof overlay on a couple of our duplexes. Does anyone have experience with a good roofing contractor in Salem? Hello,I am starting up my direct market campaign targeting the greater Salem area. I have started to build my list of investors, contractors, and all around people who can support my efforts. I am looking for a knowledgeable realtor in the Salem area. I am hoping to purchase houses for rental properties.

MLS, Direct Mail, wholesalers, driving for dollars? My name is Hans Struzyna and I am located in the Bay Area. I have a friend who owns a piece of land in Salem and she wants to develop it. I see on the forum 4-5 years ago not many people seemed to think it was a great investment area but it definitely has improved a little since... Hello,My son will be graduating from Pitt this Spring and will be working in downtown Pittsburgh. Hello, I bought and have been living in a duplex in Squirrel Hill for almost 2 years. Hi Everyone,i need a personal loan with bad credit My name is Shimon, and I am new to real estate investing.

I Did my research and decidedto invest in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I plan to start by purchasing SFHs, in A-B class areas with a budget of120K...

Looking to add some value and share some knowledge. I am a new investor trying to get some practice analyzing deals (mostly small multi family homes) within the city of Pittsburgh. If you are familiar with the local market next day loans to personal credit loans apply for and willing to... Hi Fellow Investor, I hope everyone is staying warm as it is cold and snowing in many parts of the country. In a prior post I had mentioned acquiring an abandoned property. I live in Highland Park now and have a 3 unit there.

I want to know if anyone can give me some info about the area. Looking for recommendations for tax preparation services in the Pittsburgh area specifically for two income family with 2 rental properties with a sole proprietor LLC. Brad Diggans Hello, I was interested to see if anyone knew of a meet up that is in or around Westmoreland County? Hi, payday loan vancouver Im looking to move some money from stocks over to real estate.

I have been reading up as much as I can but havent started building a team yet. Anyway, theres a house Im interested in buying with cash thats had... Does anyone have any investment experience with Boarding Houses in Pittsburgh? Would anyone be interested in attending a virtual one? Has anyone had success in finding a great property management company for the Greensburg, PA area? Looking to make my first rental property purchase soon and would prefer to have my property and future properties... I talked the i need a personal loan with bad credit homeowner into holding a note on a property during the rehab. I then will re-fi and pay him off and the private money lenders that I found.... I have generally not had issues finding inventory in the other surrounding counties of Pittsburgh (i. Is there a difference in bank HELOCS on primary residence? First time using one so looking for some experienced users and the banks chosen and why.

I am a BP member living in San Francisco and an rental property investor in Tucson, AZ. I recently introduced my Uncle to this site as he and I are exploring purchasing a rental property for his son to live in... I am looking a Property Managers with some good reviews. Hello,l am looking for recommendations for a real estate attorney in Oregon (ideally the Beaverton or i need a personal loan with bad credit Portland Area).

Who have you worked with in the past that you would recommend to the folks in this forum?