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No one here should be telling any (legitimate) business how to run their operations. Label them what bad credit loans no fees no guarantor no broker you want, but there is no reason for anyup-front fee, in my view. And no, commitment fees might be normal for you, but they are going the way of the dinosaur. This is an incredibly competitive business and not something any borrower has to put up with. You may truly be Robert Berg, managing partner at Xpress lending but it would be very difficult to verify. I work i need 1000 dollars now with a lender that has been around since 2008 and has never charged up front fees. We are talking about fix and flip loans in this context not just pure commercial lender.

Hard money lenders are not charging a a commitment fee as a whole. If you are unaware of this then I would say you should preform a SWOT analysis for your company as you are not looking at your competition as a whole. My advice that MOST hard money lenders do not charge an upfront fee is very factual and verifiable. I never said you were a scam and find it odd that you would personally attack people on this site for saying that your company is doing something very openly against the norm. Some other investors said they felt the i need 1000 dollars now program was fishy.

Instead of finding out WHY they said this about your company you choose to attack them. If I was a managing partner I payday loans in las vegas nv would want to contact and interview someone who felt that way, not belittle them. Charging a flat rate of a few hundred dollars to reduce the cost of an occasional bad deal is one thing. If you are attracting so many bad applicants that they become a burdensome drag on your operations, you probably want to change your marketing to attract a set of borrowers that align more with your lending criteria. Charging everyone, because some deals fall through is just punitive to me. No one here should be telling any (legitimate) business how to run their operations.

Label them what you want, but there is no reason for anyup-front fee, in my view. And no, commitment fees might be normal for you, but they are going the way of the dinosaur. This is an incredibly competitive business and not something any borrower has to put up with. Its simply not done these days on fix and flip vanilla loans..

I think lending home charges 150 bucks flat pay day loan online fee to keep the tire kickers at bay. A few thousand to maybe 10k loans I could see but 10s of thousands since 07 I would wonder about that number.. I agree, if you have not dealt with someone, you absolutely cannot make a comment about them.

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It is just very odd that we are now getting 3 posters who have a favorable opinions of the company but are all brand new users to the site. Now here is a quick disclaimer, this is just our experience and what we encountered while dealing with them this may not be your reality, but it certainly was ours.

There will be things in this story that I will exclude due to pending litigation. Just for context, I am sifting through the emails and text messages by date, so I am correct with our timelines and information. Just because this is a real estate forum, I will share the details. CJ shared that they had done borrow money online apps over 30 million dollars in loans and they were looking to expand.

Against my better judgement, I sent it to them via Zelle. This easy fast cash loans means that if we wanted to chargeback the transaction we could not. CJ pressed us to pay via zelle not our business debit cards.

This was odd only because we had already sent them info already. So, we take matters into our own hands and order one from a local company who decides to schedule us for the personal loan no credit history following week. He also pleads with me to continue to write about our experience. She reassures me that they i need 1000 dollars now will do their best as long as the appraisal comes in high. She says she has some paperwork she needs me to sign. She also had problems with sending emails that day. We were a little upset but took this on the chin because our exit strategy was to Refinance and hold. She also answers my question about the commitment fee being deducted from closing costs. I ask Rory about this and she says that was the lender we were using. We ask about why all the hoops and contestants back and forth. The lender that she has been using is making her jump through hurdles for our file. Bear in mind our credit has NOT been run AT ALL throughout the whole process. She asks for business bank statements, my PERSONAL bank statements as well as my partners. We ask how much you need us to bring to the table for closing.

And she acts so deliriously about the escrow payment. We ask about the commitment fees that were supposed to be deducted. She states the lender has got all of our paperwork and is almost done. We call Rory she informs us that the lender things the home is overvalued.

The as is number was 70K and we are purchasing for 75K. She also says lender has a problem with old above ground tanks that leaked oil that was in the appraisal. She wants me to go down there and take pictures and also wants us to write a letter to the new Hard Money Lender explaining the spill.

I wake up to drive the hour to the property and to write this heart felt and factual letter about the oil residue. Keeps saying the lender has the file and we will close soon. Robert also shares that the lender has an issue with our file. We ask about their concerns and none of what Robert was telling us was true. Xpress Loans actually was concerned with the appraisal being fraudulent and that our money came from illicit activities. We call Rory and she sounds pretty down, and we ask for a no-nonsense answer. In a nutshell we ask for about 5K back for the money we have put out so far. From the commitment fees and miscellaneous things, we spent money on because of Xpress loans negligence. We also get a notification on our personal credit reports that it has been checked by a mortgage lender. In closing, this is NOT to bash anyone but only to share our story as factually as we can. When she turned her phone off for a few days, hung out with friends, and spent time in nature, she realized that she wanted more freedom in her life.

After that hiking trip, she returned home to her husband and told him it was time for her to quit. After doing some options trading and making money off of it, she made the decision to leave her job by the end of summer 2019. In August of 2019, they closed on a 4-plex in San Diego. A year and a half later, payday loans instant decision Kristie and her husband have an impressive 24 doors! Kristie walks through the benefits and struggles of owning multifamily properties both in and out of state. She also talks about the different types of funding she used in order to get them under contract, including conventional loans, i need 1000 dollars now HELOCs (home equity lines of credit), and commercial loans. Christie Lesage:I literally think I said I was going to quit my job August 27th or 28th before we even had a house under contract, it was in my mind. Ashley:My name is Ashley loans in baton rouge Kehr and I am here with my co-host, Tony Robinson. We just had to do a retake because I almost called him Tommy boy. Tony, we have had a couple of rookie reply episodes out now, and I want to know how everyone is liking them. You hit up Ashley, hit me up on Instagram or in the Rookie Real Estate group on Facebook, but now let us know what you guys think. We have Christie on, and she set her mind out knowing she just wanted to quit her W-2 job with really no plan in place. So what she did was she found real estate and figured out how that would work for her. Christie Lesage, welcome to the Real Estate Rookie. But before we get into all the meat and potatoes, just tell us a little bit about you.

Christie Lesage:My story started a couple of years back, but it was definitely a slow burn.

Real estate was not the initial answer for me at all. I was in the 9:00 to 5:00 corporate world, working for Hilton with, I would call it a nice cushy sales job because hotel sales at least pre pandemic was pretty fun. You were always entertaining clients and doing fun stuff, going out, eating and drinking. So definitely had a very, very nice corporate world job and was pretty happy with it. And it really, I guess started right when I went on this three-day backpacking trip with my girlfriends to Yosemite. And I i need 1000 dollars now just remember having like the best time of my life, being out in the wilderness and really just taking it all in, having your phone off. And I just remember thinking, wow, this is more what life is all about. I think that really just opened my eyes on how I wanted to take my life more in my control and be able to go and do more things like that. And I remember coming home, and I think it was that exact night and talking to my husband. My father was more of a business owner and he had the 9:00 to 5:00 job, so I just had no, I guess, interest or guidance on that side. And I was really struggling internally with that and was not mentally present at work. And I just remember all those emotions from that Yosemite trip really just… I guess, came front and center again. And I remember being so angry when he was saying that to me, because I felt like I was doing okay.

And we really, really wanted to at the time, or I did at least buy a nice house up on the Hill with the down payment, which we could have afforded at the time, the down payment, but we would have been tied to our W-2 jobs for 30 years indefinitely having that monthly payment.

I did not want to work past the summer, let alone like the next 30 years. So we kind of went and he interviewed two realtors off the BiggerPockets.

I think we should be able to figure this out if your parents have figured this out.

So she was still very new and green and gave us all the attention, but we also figured out what we needed at the time. And I remember we went into the brokerage or firm and sat down and kind of talked with her and her boss.