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Try Indeed out with a free 75 USD credit at Indeed. The BiggerPockets podcast has quite a diverse group of guests that come on the show. Chris started out like many of us, working a stable job for a large corporation. After years of doing music on the side while working his full time job, he decided to take the jump and make rapping and rocking his career.

Chris is the first to admit that this may not have been the best financial decision, and staying on the job for a little while longer could have relieved him of a lot of headaches.

When Chris and his wife decided to move out of their condo to upgrade to a larger home, they brought up the idea of renting out the condo instead of selling.

This opened how do personal loans work Chris up to the world of real estate investing, and as he saw the checks start to come in, he realized that this was a money maker that could help bring in stable income, passively while he worked on his music. Now Chris owns various properties and mainly buys from turnkey companies. Aside from rentals and rapping, Chris developed his own online course to teach other musicians how to successfully market their music in an industry that has such a high barrier to entry. They take massive action while other people take action. Simplifying real estate for investors, large and small. Stay tuned and be sure to join the millions of others who have benefited from biggerpockets. We had how to get money now a good little talk walking around Hawaii and I put one place under contract. His stage name is Manafest, M-A-N-A-F-E-S-T, Manafest. I met him because he was at a real estate how to get money now event that my buddy Seth put on down in Tennessee.

David:Chris does a lot of good for other musicians. He does some online work where he shows people how to do stuff. We got a lot of really good mindset stuff, a lot of really good business stuff and some good at real estate advice specifically when it comes to turnkey verses not turnkey, or cashflow versus equity. Brandon:One of the topics we spent some time on today was knowing your highest and best use when it comes to investing in real estate.

Meaning, Chris makes a lot of money as a musician, also in online education space.

I was working at a Cold Stone Creamery in the very beginning. The way to … The quick tip today, is ask yourself, are you currently focusing on your highest and best real estate use? In your relationship are you your highest and best use? Some people should be out there pounding the pavement, going door knocking. Some people should be sitting there putting their money with somebody else. Some people should be only doing the stock market, not even touching real estate.

Chris is going to share a ton of great stuff today. Lives in Canada but also lives in the US or had lived in the US and invest in US real estate mostly. Without further ado, anything you want to add, David? David:No, just check out his music maybe right before you listen how to get money now to the interview. Pull Spotify real quick and listen to something from a Manafest, M-A-N-A-F-E-S-T. Brandon:My favorite, probably Every Time You Run, I think. While I was living at home, I had a really good job and it was making good money. I funneled that into my music career to kind of really get it started. I went from … I had such a cool place that I worked for. They allowed me to go from five days a week to let me have Fridays off so I could go play more shows. Then I remember I had the guts to ask for another day off and went to three days. Then of course I eventually quit my job and went broke trying to be a musician and make it in music. I easy loans online figured out a lot of stuff, signed a really bad record deal. Learned how to market cash loans austin tx and sell my music on my own and just figured it out.

Our first success was actually in Japan, believe it or not. I was this close, so close, coming off a tour broke during Christmas time because it was a tour we bought onto.

They quick unsecured loans made the time margins so small that dudes were setting up behind me while I was singing, bumping into me. Because we were chatting before, this is David, my song Impossible, that was one of the songs I was performing.

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Push fast forward four or five months, we blew up in Japan selling 10,000 albums a week and breathed new life into my career. Whether they want to start a real estate business, payday loans lubbock tx they want to go flip houses, they want to go start a YouTube channel, whatever that thing is. Then what advice do you have for people today that are in those shoes of like, "I have a stable job right now. But how to get money now if I could go back, I would not have quit my job so fast, man.

I would have taken a few more leaves of that leaf of absences and just slowed it down a little bit. I encourage people to quit their jobs and stuff, but make sure that other income is there first. Chris:I cut that income off plus I went into debt and I also bought another vehicle as well too. Then I signed a record deal which signed all my rights away from my music.

So instead of getting paid every week, the label would pay me twice a year if I sold albums. I encourage people, sometimes you got to feel the fear and do it afraid, but be wise, be prudent. David:I want to jump in really quick before Brandon keeps going. But I thought once I got signed that that was the end of the journey. But how to get money now what I realized, that was the beginning of the journey. David:But would you have taken more time to read through it, maybe sought counsel from other people if you still had your job and you still had income coming in, do you think? Chris:how to get money now Man, I think I was driving around to construction sites installing networks and stuff like that.

I made it work, man, but dude sleeping on the floors, skipping meals, sleeping on hotel room floors and in the car driving through the nights, I would do it differently if I could go back in time. We only hear the highlights of the people who actually succeeded. Something that you like, but that gives you flexibility.

Try borrowing money self-employed as opposed to with the job, all right. I was just reading this book talking about how you choose to be happy now. I kind of miss the fight sometimes, and you sometimes get jaded.

Chris:The first I guess deal we did was our condo when we moved into it. Instead of selling it, we got this idea, I think it was David Bach or some story of this fan. They would buy a house, they lived in it and instead of selling it, they rented it out. I remember we wanted to move into something bigger and we just rented it out. We got a great tenant and he was just awesome, dude. The only time he called was to give us more checks and we had that condo for forever. Then we did it again when in the next house when we moved from Canada to California.

That was a little scarier and we had a manager for that fast cash loans no credit check online one. For some reason when they moved in, they had five or seven or something like that. Then what could you have done differently in that first deal that went wrong? Because a lot of people … Or not the first deal that went wrong. The second deal, I guess you did that just was rough. That is because I put myself first of all into those positions. Then my wife had actually cleaned that house of so much mouse and cockroach poop ourselves, and then we emptied it personal loans compare out. We got it re-rented, it looks beautiful, and today I think cashflow is crazy. But they make you into the kind of person that you later become when you do have to go through them. People will say, but yet unsuccessful people buy them and the risk and the chances of winning are so small. Then you got … I know at some point you got heavier into real estate. Well just from reading books and just diving into it and just getting inspired.

Being in Canada, buying stuff here, buying stuff in the US and just learning strategies of doing it. Chris:I like the turnkey one, because just the easy, quick turnaround. I remember talking with my wife and we started doing it. The first one just went so well, they got a tenant in there.