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I am considering taking over my apartment as property property manager. I have allowed my manager to manage the building for the last 5 years, but feel like taking over payroll loan repayment agreement would be a good learning opportunity. I am a licensed Real Estate Salesperson at a fixed rate loan brokerage, and I am tired of all the meetings, trainings, and events. I want a brokerage company that will literally leave me...

I figure prices might bounce back after vaccine in... Hi, I hosted an open house last weekend and one of my colleagues came to help unannounced. The open house was busy so he helped out and show the property with few buyers. What do you NYC people use to determine the value of your property? Hi everyone,I was wondering whether you think it is a good time to invest in multi-families in Manhattan (ranging from 3 to 20 units) or neighbouring areas. I cash advance online direct lenders am located in the Fargo, ND and Moorhead, MN area and I am interested in getting in contact with people who have experience flipping houses! Myself and an interested investor friend of mine from the... Anything from total reno job to move-in ready would work.

My name is Ankur Sahni and I am based out of Long Island, NY. Hi All,We have been investing in Charlotte and suburbs actively for last few years. We are currently expanding to Winston-Salem area also.

We invest in off-market properties to turn-key, depending on the needs.... Hey all - really appreciate the feedback on my first post. Does anyone know where we can get a HELOC on rental houses that still have mortgages on them? I would like to pull some equity out of a couple of rental houses in the form of a line of credit. Hi Everyone,Great to meet fellow Charlotte investors. Thanks for helping make this such a valuable community! I am in the midst of a rehab in Charlotte and am looking for guidance on finding contractors that can work... I wanted to validate some of my thoughts, gather feedback, and potentially make some... Ideally someone that has experience with real estate tax 24 month loans strategies along with stock investments. Please share your success on how you find motivated sellers on a consistent basis.

The property does not have sewer available, but I have contacted the adjoining owner behind the lot for an easement through his property and he is ok with it.

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I am leaving my w-2 paying job that I have been with for 20 years! Therefore, I was wondering if there are any kind of jobs in the Real Estate world that can help me gain good...

Hey everyone, I am in the Charlotte, NC market who plans to invest within a 4 - 5 hour radius of the city. Experienced investor new to investing in the Charlotte NC area investing and am looking for recommendations for local banks who can carry portfolio loans and support commercial financing. Looking for general contractor recommendations for Mecklenburg, Gaston and Cleveland counties.

Please feel free how to get easy payday loans to connect so that we can find out where I can be a benefit to helping you achieve... I found some promising properties in the area, but im concerned with the crime and the level of safety in the... I currently invest in Columbus, OH all the way from California and would love to meet others that are also investing far from home. Columbus hit on a lot of key metrics while looking for a new virtual market so my team and I will be beginning a campaign cash advance loans in the bronx ny shortly. Hello BP community,I recently just moved from Portland, Oregon to Columbus, Ohio to start real estate investing.

I really want to start building my real estate portfolio... I have an upcoming rehab that needs siding, gutters, soffit repairs, floors, drywall, HVAC, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Hello everyone, Newbie here and wanted to get some insight on next steps on our RE journey. We would like to either rent our current house now or turn... North Linden is an area that has seen a lot of interest in Columbus Ohio.

I have done some light to moderate rehab but not full gut job before and your help on giving me rough cost estimate would be highly appreciated. Are there any Columbus, OH members with boots on the ground that can confirm? I have some experience in real estate investing, in Columbus (Grove City) Ohio, and I would love to help someone out who is further along then I am - just get build up my confidence so I can keep moving in real estate.... Is it a normal thing for duplexes to have a single water meter coming in from the city? Looking how to get easy payday loans to convert a duplex into individual condos in Italian Village (Columbus, OH).

Does anyone have experience in this and know what all it entails?

The areas that have experienced the most appreciation over the last decade are all concentrated near the Urban Core of the city,...

What property management companies in Columbus have impressed you and why? Is anyone using a property management company as an out of state investor? I own several properties in the North Campus area and one of them is basically a teardown. I own the lot behind this unit and want to make better use of the land.

I was wondering if there are any meetups or REA meetings that a newbie would be able to attend?

I am also looking at networking with local REI in Bismarck or Fargo... This is a pretty deep renovation, far from anything superficial. Looking for a decent property around University of Cincinnati (duplex or multi family) for students around the campus and also having a positive cash flow.

If there are how to get easy payday loans groups that target this locality please advice,... Hello BP community - Newbie, out of state investor here! I have a 6 unit property under contract in Cincinnati. Is financing at reasonable how to get easy payday loans rates hard to find for such properties currently? Hi everyone,I just wanted to open up a discussion on how a Realtor can best service an out of state investor.

What would be your top 3 priorities for what you expect out of a Realtor? Impact REI will be hosting a meetup this Wednesday at 1 PM.

The discussion will center around goals for this i took out a car repair loan for my ex who wont pay it what to do year, and material and presenters... My name is Joe and my fiance and I are looking to invest in our first out-of-state rental property in Cincinnati, Ohio. We are interested in using the BRRRR method to grow our portfolio there, as well as growing my...

How is everyone feeling out their re-assessments in that market. I have two complexes that are up substantially One is up 20 percent from last year. If you know that they work with any home warranty companies even better. Hi BiggerPockets community,Could someone please recommend a good CPA in Cincinnati OH area that is familiar with real estate business? I just got a property under contract in Cincinnati, Ohio. Does anyone have any good title company recommendations that can handle this?

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I am looking for an experienced general contractor who has experience working with investors, able to renovate properties quickly and cost effectively. Hi, We are a team of investors located in California, we are looking to invest out-of-state in Cincinnati. So far, finding funds and financing has been the easy part.

Bernard is a bit unique so a PM how to get easy payday loans who actually manages properties in that neighborhood and would be my preference. In my initial research, Cincinnati was highly recommended. Hello BP community, my high street payday loans wife and I just moved to the Cincinnati area from the DC metro region and we are just starting our real estate investing journey. My wife has bought, rehabbed and sold 3 homes, but those were...

Hi All -I was hoping to get some recommendations for local Cincinnati realtors who specialize or even partake in real estate investing themselves, particularly multifamily. I had a lot of interest in hearing my story over on the Real Estate Rookie Facebook page regarding my first eviction experience.

Recently I bought a 3 unit in the Incline Distinct of East Price Hill. Its a super old building that needs its slate roof repaired and a complete replacement of the box gutters. Anyone on here have experience with investing in student housing (multiplexes) in Bowling Green?

Would appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction as to where...

I live in Fort Worth and I am looking to make installment loans from direct lenders connections with other investors...

I noticed the square footage listed was significantly lower than what was stated in my appraisal... Hi all,I put my first rental property on the market last week after spending the past 1. If things work out, I will increase my investment in 2021. I have a simple question I tried googling for it but was unsuccessful. Who typically pays for the water, sewer, and garbage in Toledo? Hi All,I have a very ambitious goal to buy 70 cash flowing single family homes in Toledo in the next three years. The problem is: I only have 30k down, which would get me a maximum...