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When I first met Scott, he was living in a neighborhood that I was i need a loan today fine to visit during the day, but would not have how easy is to get loans visited him at night unless he would walk me to my car. And then back to the very beginning where cash until payday fulton mo you said that you had to work with them on their closing timeline, because they had a slightly different timeline than a normal timeline. I just want to chime in there on the artificial timeline. So many people are buying their house because like, "Oh, my lease is expiring and I need to buy a house right now. Just pay the extra a hundred bucks a month or 200 bucks a month to go month to month with your landlord.

Why are you choosing to house hack rather than pay that off? I supported by the way, I just want to hear it from you guys. So I buy probably middle to end of 2018, how easy is to get loans kind of leading up to the wedding, my income was pretty stable overall so we were able to pay bills and everything like that, but still, we were living in a one bedroom, one bath luxury apartment with a pool and everything like that.

I was trying to pull together some type of entrepreneurial endeavor and Ali being in the schools. Ali:That honestly, too, our income was just covering our expenses.

So it would have been a struggle in order to do that.

Ali:Very, very modest saving and every single dollar that we got for our wedding as a gift, we lumped in and used it for the down payment. So literally thank you, everyone that attended our wedding because you helped us buy our first house hack. And so as far as the balancing act between paying off debt versus investing for us, we were super jazzed about the idea of becoming debt-free and that was stemmed back when we started in like take out a loan the Dave Ramsey school of thought but then the more that we thought about it, we were like, well, we also have a really aggressive timeline. Especially during the bull markets, I could have bought more real estate. Ali:So 1200, I think it was expensive for what we were getting, but it honestly was pretty average for a one bedroom, one bath, luxury situation apartment.

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So we were paying about 1200 with our first house hack moving and it had a long-term tenant.

So right there, moving where to find small loans in, we cut our costs of living in half, which was huge. You said you put down 16 000 and what was the purchase price? Josh:Yeah, and that a thing too, right is just on a sidebar. I think our actual down payment was closer to like seven or 8,000 and the remainder was closing costs. But I was like, this is what changes our life, because this is what Bigger Pockets says, changes your life. Especially as someone who was just trying to start their business. Ali, what was your take on the situation from moving in with the house hack?

Ali:So initially definitely expected that my quality of life was just going to go down the drain at this point.

I had very low expectations, but I was very pleasantly surprised. And I think this was the point, especially when we first saw the property. Because you have to live for free from house hacking. Although I proposed it a bunch of times, we did rent out the garage.

So if Scott lived for free, we have to live for free. But anyways, once I got over that and realized, we are still winning, things really started to evolve from there. What happens to your financial position as we move out from this house hack and closer to today?

First of all, Scott was living for free because he was living for free in a neighborhood that your wife would not have felt safe in and you would not have lived in this neighborhood. And Scott, do you ask your wife if she wants to have a roommate now?

Cutting your living expenses and then doing something productive with that money is a win. You consciously made a decision that bettered your financial situation and that is a win.

Ali:And for us, it was really finding that balance. I think if we were in a different phase of life, maybe we would have been more willing to sacrifice our quality of life. For sure but we were, where we were and then fast forward, because of that situation and house hacking, it made us way more in tune with our finances, way more motivated to make that progress.

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Scott:Well, let me ask you something about that because in my experience, my journey was not just house hacking. House 2017 loans for repair super storm sandy 2nd homes hacking is one component of the financial journey and other things are happening too. Incomes are going up, other expenses might be getting paid off. Can you give us the other parts of the financial picture? I think you had started, she had taken a higher paying job- Josh:And so by doing all of this, legitimate payday loans online our confidence to start taking bolder chances on a higher income, because at that point again, we had just been focused on how can we cut our cost of living. And by doing so, especially as a full time entrepreneur, it gave me so much more confidence to grow my how easy is to get loans business organically, versus just taking every opportunity that came at me. Ali:So I think both of our salaries went up, our cost of living went down. And getting rid of the two car payments, that was big too. So Josh gets fired in 2018, a week later, he got in a car accident and totaled his car. And then that same car, I got rear ended on my way to work. It was polarizing in the car ride home because I was , we have a Toyota Corolla and we have a house hack. I was literally just replaying all the podcast in my head.

Mindy:So, I want to focus on Ali for a minute because I know there are people who are listening right now, who are in this position. They identify with Josh, oh, I want to do this but my wife says no.

What was it that he said that got you to think, okay, maybe I could do this. Or- Scott:No, they were under contract and chicago payday loans the horrible one that she would have hated. Ali:I think that it is thinking about your why and the bigger picture. And we talk about this a lot, how easy is to get loans because for me, did I want to drive a beat up Toyota Corolla or move into a yucky duplex? So it was, I know I have to make hard decisions how easy is to get loans because I want more time with the people that I love.

And it was, these are the breaks and I have to make them for myself. So the reality of our situation was my driving force. And once we had that perspective, we accelerated our path to our goals. And this is important when we think about consumer purchases, my time versus my money. It is nice to have nice things, but we have to think about how how easy is to get loans much of our time we spend to pay off those things. So I would go back to the drawing board and I would read, I would listen. And Vicki Robin, your money or your life really was transformative for me because Ali, I vividly remember we were sitting in the parking lot in our car and the heated seats at the time. And we both sat there and we said, okay, what are the things that we value the most? And we what payday loans offer instant funding within an hour literally line by line started writing those things. And then it was how much time do we have right now based on our lifestyle, based on our circumstances to do those things. And honestly, for us, both the biggest one was time with family, whether it be with our parents, aging grandparents and time together.

Well, I want to help with poor credit loans get back to the how and the nuts and bolts here. And why do you choose now to begin applying the savings towards debt as opposed to making the next investment? So our goal going into it was we want to be debt free. And the reason that we prioritized house hacking in the beginning was we felt that would be the best lever that we could pull. So earn more, spend less and that the difference is our income. So by house hacking that lowered our expenses and that we felt would accelerate our ability to pay off debt. And so we closed on the duplex December of 2018 pay weekly loans and then January one 2019, one, we got that first rent check. We had never gotten a rent check before, and that was life changing money right there too.