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But I realized that if I were an owner of a mobile home park and... The idea of getting into MHP business by passive investment seems interesting. Anyone have ideas on how to continue investing when your money is tied up in a commercial real estate deal? I have a mobile home built 1973 (before the big HUD changes) that has what can only be described as a house built around it. It has a brick "skirting", a 2x4 exterior wall (that wraps around the... Dear expert,My goal this year is to buy a mobile home park with positive cashflows and less stress.

Please advise which kinds of website that I should use to find these off market mobile home parks? I have an opportunity on a 40 acre lot zoned mobile home. I was hoping someone could help me understand how to best analyze the deal, what pitfalls to look out for, etc. I am finally at the point where I have enough capital to purchase a used mobile home. My intentions are to purchase the MH and then spend a couple thousand in renovations (if needed) after the renovations are complete... Hi BiggerPockets,I apologize in advance for this newbie question. I am quite interested in a mobile home park that is listed for sale under a commercial real estate broker. On the broader scale in general Midwest markets, how did mobile home parks fair during Covid (LAST 12 MONTHS)? I have been playing with the idea of buying a MH to rent but would like one on a normal lot of land that I could use for a house or something later on if I... I am new and will probably have a few questions while I am studying and how does short term payday loans work at easy money analyzing deals the next few days. One question I have right now is whats the down side to buying mobile homes for...

How much are you paying per park for liability insurance? I would ideally like to find a MHP and bad credit loans instant decision no brokers owner finance the deal directly with seller. In case I locate one that is listed, are there any workarounds to owner finance a listed MHP? I want to know how to assess it, fund it, recruit investors and how to split proceeds etc. Hi,I recently bought a new mobile home park, my CPA tells me that the non-land portion (road, pipes, water plant, good will) should be depreciated over 28 year. I recently came across a mobile home park for sale, and just wanted to get a few opinions on my thought process here. First of all, this would be my first mobile home park. I would love to connect with others that are investing in self storage facilities. I was thinking about going into commercial real estate.

Are private lenders willing to invest in a great idea.

Dear BP Community, I am teaming with a great agent friend locating properties to buy hold outside of Philadelphia in Pa. We are looking at larger packages of properties, multi family, mixed use. I am looking into a self storage deal near Charlotte NC and from my understanding the numbers look fairly promising and seems like a good location, room for expansion etc. I want a piece of prime land to build my dental practice and house a couple other tenants. Good morning BP,I am looking for some advice or direction on how to structure a deal. Anybody have experience with purchase of Commericial storage units.

I have been offered to purchase a multi unit Commericial storage complex. I am posting to help investors avoid sticker shock when applying for a commercial or multifamily loans. We are looking to diversify part of our portfolio and we are looking into some passive investing options in commercial real estate. Does anyone have a suggestion for a GREAT commercial attorney in RI? This is for a retail property how does short term payday loans work at easy money in Warwick, RI to help with due diligence and contracts. They tend to be in sort of gritty neighborhoods, not necessarily unsafe but not super appealing to retail... I have a self storage owner come to me with an off market deal for his 84 unit business with room to expand. It as has a newer model home onsite a business is renting as an office. Looking for advice from experienced syndicators on what works best to attract investors. My partner and I quick easy loan are investing in RV parks payday loan florida and bringing investors into our next deal. Hello BPI am in the process of searching and buying a Retail strip center in the Greenville SC area so what do you guys think of that asset class performing in that area, What is the going Cap Rate there since retail... I am dealing with an eminent domain of a piece of commercial property. The special tax district trying to purchase the property, is implying that the area I am in, averages a 7. New to the Bigger Pockets community and starting our journey into real estate investing. I found a house that is set to sell at auction in three weeks. Dallas Tx There is a property in my local market that I have my eye on as a potential flip. The current owners are refusing to accept any offer below list as it will require the them to bring money to is it posisble to get some kind of car repair loan the table. I recently purchased a GREAT deal in a foreclosure auction with a ton of equity up front. Bought it knowing that in the state of MI, the foreclosed upon party has until Sept of... Home is a 3bed 3bath opening bid is 127,000First lien is at 506,800Second lien 63,400 The second lien is being foreclosed on. All of these properties have five or more years of unpaid taxes, and can be purchased "over the counter" directly from the county. I have a question regarding owner occupied auction properties. If you acquire a property with the precious homeowner occupying the home can you evict the homeowner upon possession of the property? I bought it in 2012 and as far as I know the unit next to me has been vacant and... Hello any and everyone, my wife and I will be moving close to the L.

Thanks family for taking the the time to inquire my question...

I have a pre foreclosure lead, its a 2bd condo, I have no experience in foreclosure..... What steps can I take , should I contact the owner and try to... Since last year, my partner and I have completed 1 straight forward how does short term payday loans work at easy money rental...

I have never purchased a property in preforclosure, but it seems like a good thing to look into and wondering if anyone has advice. Where do you find preflorclosure listings, and who do you contact first to get... Looking for advice to try and take advantage of a situation.

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My wife has family living on a street that we love, but cannot realistically afford. We were alerted by said family member that a homeowner on the street... I came across a property in Howard County, MD that has an open foreclosure case currently. However, the homeowner is believed to have died a few weeks ago with no apparent next payday advance loan how does short term payday loans work at easy money santa clara ca of kin. Florida is one of the top states getting hit hard with foreclosures. I know you should only bid on first instant payday loans no credit check direct lenders position mortgages that are being foreclosed. I have never done a wrap, and want to know if its possible with someone in pre-foreclosure.... We are starting the process of developing a vacant piece of property. I wanted to document it start to finish to hopefully help someone else along the way and also allow us to look back at our success... The lots are all min 20,000 spft and already in a developed... Hey everyone, I am ready to move forward with building an ADU with regards to finances. I am looking for any resources people have used or recommend. So if anyone would like to connect, especially if you are Sacramento... Just out of curiosity how many other young investors are in Memphis, TN? I plan on getting into short-term and long-term rentals through the... What kind of project was it, and how did you find your lender?

HiI am planning to build two, two story single family homes. ThanksReddy My husband and I are seriously considering an opportunity to buy a few acres that are approved for subdivision.

Hi BP,I am new to the investing world and not a home owner yet. I have a good amount of capital saved up but want to make sure I use it wisely. I was wondering if you knew some of the benefits of building your home... Hello, I am considering putting an ADU behind my rental property in East Palo Also. I want to obtain a GC license in the state of NC (wake county) are there any preferred study materials how does short term payday loans work at easy money for the exam that any one could recommend? Mainly do Self Storage, but we had 80 acres and decided now was the time to subdivide. Please review our Subdivision and see if you have any suggestions to have it get traction or to stabilize my expectations. Hello all,Trying to connect with a local architect in the Jersey City NJ area.

I would prefer somebody who has worked with investors before on multi family rental real estate.

Hello, I am new to the community and this is my first post. I secured a multi family lot to build approximately 16 condo units on. Would just like to reach out to the community for any advice or tips on getting funding...

Market price is 600-800k range for a property like this. Wondering if anybody has a template for business plan or performa.

Thanks in advance with any advice or help you can give me. Hello,I own a two family, and upstairs unit and the downstairs unit on a lot of land that runs front to back. How bad would my credit score hurt if I took out 100k against my home? My credit score is 735 and my home value is 609k paid in full. I also would like to know what you would do in my situation?

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I live now in Waseca but would cash loans online no credit check happily drive to Mankato or Owatonna areas as well. Good morning,Any out of state investor looking to invest in the DALLAS TX area and need interest on personal loans boots on the ground. I known a great contractor and I have a really good agent. I just recently did a refinance of 8 homes with a mortgage banking company. I recently discovered Home Appraisal and was hoping to receive some information on the Pros and Cons of going after an Appraisal Certification... If you purchase a property with renters, a lease and property management company already in place, what can you change?

What are so of the best real estate investing seminars to go to?? Currently I am still learning the lingo and what it might take to get a property.

On some days - how does short term payday loans work at easy money we wanna strangle each other and most is good. What is the invitation code for the conference in the whova app? This is where many investors find value in working with a hard money lender. I own small multifamilies currently and am ohio fast cash advance loan looking to get into larger multifamilies.

Hello all I am 38 just bought my first single family home where I currently live in Milford, CT. I became a BP Pro member last month and have been learning about the Brrrr strategy.

Hello all, I hope everyone payday loans from direct lenders is well in these interesting times needless to say... I am looking for a HELOC Lender that can assist me. My name is LUCA and I am a 16 YEAR OLD ROOKIE INVESTOR from Seattle, Washington. I am looking to purchase a single family condo in the city as a short term rental. My realtor came across a home where his client is looking to either rent a unit or sell the 2 family outright (property not yet listed). All units are currently occupied and it has some renovation potential.

Hi folks,Does anyone have a spreadsheet on comparing a current mortgage vs breaking said mortgage and taking on a new mortgage with a much lower rate? I would like to determine the savings, break even point etc etc.... I am looking for advice on how I can secure short term (approx. I will be closing on the sale of my rental how does short term payday loans work at easy money property this March and am... Hey BP -Thanks in advance for the collective wisdom. Any ideas on financing a portfolio of 20 separate properties in a trust. They are illinois installment loans a mix of single family, manufactured and mobile homes. Hey Bigger Pockets,I am guaranteed loans no credit check new to real estate investing and had a quick question.

I am going for the BRRRR strategy to start out and had a quick refinancing question. So, I plan on registering my properties under an LLC... Just got an inquiry in an REO group I host about a VA Vendee loan.

I am looking for the best interest only payment HELOCs out there for my primary residence and for some investment properties I have paid off and would like to have a HELOC in place should another deal arise.