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And then, when I left the Cardinals and went to the Lions, I started to actually get lessons in Detroit. Well, my last question of the day then, what do you think separates successful real estate investors and those who give up, fail, or never get started? Some people like the idea of small dollar loan rules and regulations going to networking events and doing all that type of stuff, are you actually going to follow up and take action? David:Well, on that vein, for people who want to follow up with you, where can they find out more about you? Outside of that, LinkedIn is a great place, just Hakeem Valles, first and last name. But LinkedIn is probably the greatest place to reach out and find me.

Well, I appreciate having you on the show today, it was phenomenal. Hakeem:Brandon, David, wildly enjoyed the show, thank you so much for having me. Be sure to join the millions of others who have benefited from biggerpockets. Help us reach new listeners on iTunes by leaving us a rating and review!

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Anson has touched on almost every aspect of real estate investing. He flips, he wholesales, and he sells houses as an agent, meaning he has a huge amount of knowledge to share to BiggerPockets listeners. On average, Anson is doing 12-15 flips a year, 10 wholesale deals a year, and a dozen or so sales a year as an agent. Anson has some great advice on finding off-market (and on-market) deals that include driving for dollars, door knocking, and list building. Do you have an accountability partner that can hold you to a high standard to get the work done? Are you systematizing your leads or trying to juggle them all in your head? And we say, like what should people do actionably right now this weekend to drive leads into your business that you cash loans same day can get deals, should you go on market?

Should you go off market, should you no credit check cash advance do direct mail? Brandon:How do you stay consistent over the long haul? You have to be a pro member or a premium member to be part of the group for the book club. Brandon:So if you are interested in that, just go to biggerpockets. I hope you guys enjoy this interview with my good buddy, a real estate investor from the Denver market, Anson Young.

All right, Anson, welcome back to the BiggerPockets podcast. One of the few four Peters here on the show, how are you doing man? In the meantime we had moved down to Phoenix and I picked up a copy of Rich Dad payday loans no teletrack check Poor Dad, which is kind of the basic investor origin story that got me launched off where I landed in Phoenix and said, you know what? New city, new me, kind of had a eat, pray, love moment. Took me about a year to get my first deal but we did that and it was kind of off to the races and that was back in the 2005 days. Moved back to Denver right after that first deal and just kind of started doing fix and flips, wholesaling, got my license a year later and then just how can i borrow money online in canada been doing whatever I can ever since. And then on the agent side doing a dozen or so on that side right now. Brandon:Well, one thing I really like about you and the reason I brought you on the show again today is because you are really good at balancing that lifestyle piece with trying to actually make enough money to live and survive and thrive.

And I have a great life, but not working 80 hours a week. And so I want to really dig in today on the nitty gritty of what are you doing to find deals in this crazy competitive market? And I think how can i borrow money online in canada you above almost anybody else I know have like really nailed that.

But really some of the things that I talk about will really depend on your goals, your end goals, what that looks like, your budget, how much time you have allocated to real estate investing. And so kind of that consistency, stick how can i borrow money online in canada with it, to witness whatever that word is that people are calling it. And so a lot of people quit at month two when they should have stuck with it, because the golden nuggets are in month four or five, six of consistency, at least when it comes to something like direct mail. But I think like kind of the fundamentals of that question are, do you have any kind of accountability?

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I know when I was writing the book I had Brandon to keep me on track. I only made 45, and so like you self identify as a loser. David:And so what I found is the best thing you can do is to humble yourself and jump in with other people that are doing well and talk about it because it brings that 50 number that Anson is talking about to the front of your mind. And I know Anson, that you and I have used it both in our lives. David:If your goal is two units in the next two years, like run that race. I have a 25 year old kid who is just killing me and like just dominating, but then how how can i borrow money online in canada do I not compare? So the real question is, are you running your race or are direct payday loans no brokers you sitting down and watching TV on the side of the road? David, real quick throwing that at you, how do you balance the comparison versus inspiration with what you see in the online world? People like you that are married with kids, so I have more time to put towards it. And frankly, I may even have more ambition because my energy is not split amongst several different areas.

But I do this with other things, I do it with fitness, you see someone in the gym with an insane body. So this goes back to what you and I were saying earlier, payday loans in jacksonville fl Brandon, people are going to have to know what their goal is. I mean, I think I was just scrolling through my podcasts and it just seemed like, and I get it. And so yeah, it just kind of occurred to me like, oh man, some people could be very discouraged by this kind of arms race of things or be absolutely inspired by it, like Brandon said. Because it can help to find a lot of how you find those deals for your first step.

What are some tangible things that people should be doing right now to land that first deal? And then you can get started on whatever you want to do next. If you want to cold call, if you want to direct mail, if you want to go knock on their doors, whatever is in your comfort zone, in your goals, in your budget, all of those things. So once you find those people, then what do you do with them? Once you know who they are and have some information about them, have their address and maybe their phone number, depending on how big the list is and your goals or whatever, I would advise you to start just calling those people. Brandon:Do you find newbies tend to work too hard on non-motivated sellers?

They feel like, oh man, I got these five people that I talk to. And then they hammer those people for like two months and they kind of spin their wheels and waste their time without really doing a needs analysis on, hey, are they actually motivated? Your nature is going to be, how do I take every tool that Brandon Turner gave me and apply it to these five people and figure out which one of these deals is going to work. So if you have no money, but you got some time, driving for dollars is an amazing way to get started with off-market deals.

And so, I think what we were just kind of chatting about on the side there is exactly what I was going to say, which is you can absolutely hire in these things that take up a lot of time. I was like, I really want to own a bunch of mobile home parks and now get into multi-family, even larger stuff. I hired Ryan to go and do all the due diligence and kind of lead things.

And so these guys just kind of took over and they do it way better than I could do anyway. Brandon:And so, but again, I had the money in the beginning to actually do that, which is why I chose that route.

Not everybody has the money in the beginning to be able to do that. Brandon:All right, so first of all, who do you mail these letters to? So lists could be its own three hour thing, but in general, besides the driving for dollars list, of course, we already talked about that. And so when foreclosures are published on Wednesday, everybody who has an internet connection knows that, that property has some motivation online payday loans utah and can be bought basically.

And so as far as niche lists, think more like, okay, utilities shut off list or people who are being evicted, kind of an eviction list. Who can you get in front of, who can you talk to to help you get lists like this? Is it an attorney cousin of yours who has access to court records? One of the counties in installment payday loans online bad credit Denver, the only way to get a probate list is to go down in person and, well this is pre-COVID, but go down in person, you can only pull 20 records a day. And so it was very labor intensive, very time intensive, but I guarantee that we were probably one of the only people who were actually putting in the work to do it, so our competition was much lower.