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So, it was such a fun process to be a part of, and to watch him do that.

Chris:Now, flip side, this is a typical scenario and my guess is that a lot of your listeners are going to identify with this. I feel like he could be a really good buyer for my company. I mean, are you going to tell me the things that are wrong with the company, or are you going to basically position your business in the best light you can? And this actually happened a year ago, this exact scenario, we got a call guaranteed unsecured personal loans no credit check and the woman that ultimately became our client, she had signed us exclusivity in May and the deal was supposed to close in July. That would have been out on the table from the beginning.

Chris:I think, again, you compare and contrast those two stories, right? One of them business owners, very intentional, gave himself enough runway to plan, executed on the plan and got just fantastic results. And that deal, we ultimately got to close, but, I mean, she definitely left money on the table.

We had a situation, Carol and I, with our partner were looking to buy a company last summer. And at the end of the day, six months into it, we started to see cracks of the story as we were doing our diligence, as we were looking at the financial documents, as we were looking at the customer records. So, the same thing can happen, not just with an overoptimistic or a naive seller, but you also have to be careful about dealing with unscrupulous or just not good advisers as well.

I think just a big old takeaway from this whole part of the discussion is the absolute critiality, is critiality a word? I call it, do you want to be responsible for setting the table, or do you want somebody else to set the table for you? And tell me how much preparation you did and how much studying you did beforehand and how much energy you put into that pitch.

And for all of our listeners that are listening to this right now, check out our show notes because we will link to that assessment. That Chris was able to full on quantify the number of hours it typically takes to prepare to sell your business, 1,500.

I knew, suspected, I guess, that it would be a lot, but the fact that Chris and his team have put together a solid quantifiable number that is achievable with a lot of productivity and planning was really awesome. The thing that interested me the new credit card or loan for vacation most in that discussion was the reasoning for not wanting necessarily to sell your business at its peak.

And I imagine that being able to still make a reasonable amount of money, but not have to take on that risk, it just makes perfect sense.

Everybody, thank you so much for tuning in this week. And we look forward to talking to guaranteed unsecured personal loans no credit check you again next week. Since 2007, PPR has managed Real Estate-backed investment funds that have bought and sold thousands of residential mortgages nationwide.

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With expertise in real estate finance, property management, best online loans with bad credit and BRRR investing, they provide investors like you with passive income.

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Mark does a fantastic job of answering these questions and more in a succinct and relatable way. Mark:And so you start by asking yourself questions about what you want in life. And then what you want in your career, in your job. J:Welcome to a real world MBA from the school of hard knocks. Where entrepreneurs reveal what it really takes to make it. I am J Scott here once again this week with my amazing cohost, my amazing wife, the love of my life, Mrs. And I am so grateful that we have the opportunity and privilege and honor to be connected with people doing great things. And for anybody out there that is looking to do bigger and better things, our guest today is going to help with that. And in this book and in this episode, we talk to Mark about all the different skills needed to be successful. Regardless of where you are in the phase of your career and the phase of your business, we talk about it here today and we talk about how you can get to the next level. We explore taking a good hard look at all the areas in which you have interests, passions, expertise and deciding what you personally should be pursuing and how to make those goals and plans that you come up with a reality.

If you want to learn more about anything we talk about on this show, check out our show notes at biggerpockets. We have so many questions for you because your expertise Mark and your experience, you do so many different things and you have just mastered so many different crafts. And interestingly, we talk to all kinds of experts, all kinds of entrepreneurs and our community members always very interested in exploring all different kinds of things as well.

So can you just give loan online application us to kind of set the stage, a high level overview of your various passions and areas of expertise in which you have mastered your craft? So the way I think of my life is I came out of MIT with a couple of tech degrees back in the dot com era and I have that standard career path of software developer going up to CTO, building startup companies.

Both the classic startup companies as well as helping Fortune 500s who wanted to play startup. Now, I was a competitive ballroom dancer throughout my 20s and I used to travel the country, even went internationally a couple times. So that was a side passion of mine that was just a great hobby. But what they would get stumped on is when I would ask a question like, what makes someone a good teammate? And I only learned this because I got interested in this.

At the same time MIT had gotten a wonderful grant by Desh Deshpande and his wife to address some of these same issues. The feedback MIT got at our career office … And this is not just an MIT thing, this is matched at other universities throughout the country.

Corporations were saying, we want people who are leaders, who are good teammates, who can communicate well, strong networks, know how to negotiate, all these great skills.

And of course as entrepreneurs, as solopreneurs, we need them as well. Because I had been interested I got in touch with the person who was starting it. Somehow can we share this with other universities at least?

And MIT of course pioneered online learning and giving away content. Remember when we could get back on planes and fly around?

And I thought I was pulling together about a 20, 30 page summary pamphlet. About 100 pages into it I realized this might not be a pamphlet. And so I reached out, I talked to a couple friends of mine who were very successful authors and did a lot of research online and went down the publishing path. And I would love to dig into that even further Mark. Specifically because like we talked about at the very beginning here, you guaranteed unsecured personal loans no credit check are an expert in so many different fields, you have a lot of balls in the air at any given time. So you mentioned for example, that this was maybe going to start out as a 20 or 30 page little pamphlet or handbook, but you started writing and it became 100 pages. You started taking with other friends who are authors to go down the road of discovering what do I need to do to physically begin publishing.

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For our community members who might be interested in that type of project and that type of undertaking, can you talk us through some more of the steps that you learned specifically about how you focused and set aside that time to publish this book and just any other tips and pointers that you might have on how to channel all of these different initiatives you have into one type of publication? If you are ever going to write a book, one of the most important things to understand is writing is one small piece. And they put together this great story or this great nonfiction book. Perhaps on your own or perhaps through a publisher.

I also briefly was a turnaround CEO of a digital media company. I also spoke with Jill Schiefelbein, Olivia Fox Cabane. Ranging from how to find an agent to thinking about guaranteed unsecured personal loans no credit check trim size. I wanted to make sure I was at least competent enough to understand were we going off the rails? And for anyone who wants to be an author, if you go to cognoscomedia. And I have a feeling I know why Carol asked that question and your answer was absolutely perfect. This is obviously a business podcast and we talk to entrepreneurs from all different types of businesses, all different walks of life. And basically your answer there just highlighted the fact that any entrepreneurial endeavor pretty much requires the same set of skills. You need product discovery and to figure out what your customers or potential customers want. And if I was doing a restaurant, I would do the same approach. But the work I did at Sears for example, I 5000 installment loan for bad best way to get a loan with bad credit credit was brought in by an SVP there and he had a PowerPoint deck and three people who had worked with him at his prior company. But you do that for customer one, two, three and then when you start having it happen regularly, you have to make that more efficient. I typically run a combination of technology, product, data science. But everything else I touch at one point or another.

I really want to dig into one point that you were highlighting there which is super important. You said, what you do to get to customer number one is different than what you do to get to customer number 20 and 50, 100, 10,000 and one million. Mark:The trend that government emergency loans for unemployed has I think become commonplace and is very correct is that MVP, the minimum viable product. The absolute must read book for any type of entrepreneur building a product or even in many cases, services, is Crossing The Chasm by Geoffrey Moore.